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American National Movers Reviews

Before hiring a mover, I understand why consumers want to check the moving company's legitimacy. American National Movers does not believe in review inflation. We refuse to pay "nonprofit organizations" such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau hefty monthly fees to appear more "professional" online. This is another story, but it's deceptive for review sites to appear as nonprofits for high ranking. Yet they charge the business owners to receive an "accreditation badge" Shouldn't the consumer be told that an accreditation badge is paid for, not earned?


That is why American National Movers wants no part of shady deceptive business practices. You can find live organic reviews on our website. Please remember that not everything is gold when seeking professional moving services - Our work speaks for itself. If you don't believe us, check out our pictures and videos on our website. On our website, you will find warehouses, fully functional trucks, and videos of our movers providing the professional moving services we strive for. At American National Movers, we believe in word-of-mouth business. This is our bread and butter. Therefore, your customer satisfaction is essential for our success in the moving industry. American National Movers is highly rated due to our ability to provide you with professional moving services at affordable costs.



We truly do have our competitors nervous. So we decided to meet customers in the middle, Instead of charging inflated moving costs due to an inflated online presence. Then when you check reviews of many of these moving companies, you can see that they usually only have 5-star and 1-star ratings. Which means many of the reviews are likely fake. I would pay more attention to the 1-star ratings. You may even find previous customers warning you about how fake their reviews are. However, if you insist on seeing American National Movers reviews, click the review tab on the lower-hand right side if you are on a desktop.


Additionally, you can click the review widget below if you are on a mobile device. Our reviews are authentic. You may even find some 3-star ratings, as you cannot please everyone, given the nature of the business. We do hope you understand. However, you can rest assured that American National Movers believes in long-term thinking. We did not put all of this time, energy, and effort into this to have our business short-lived. You can be sure you will have a professional moving experience if you hire American National Movers.

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