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Cost To Hire Movers Out Of State Moves

Furniture movers from one state to another moving costs vary based on the company you hire, and the size and distance of your move. Hiring movers to move out of state is not as simple as hiring the cheapest state to state moving company.

Average Cost For State to State Moves

We contacted the best state to state moving companies as well as the cheapest long distance moving options, and here is what we found:


Two Men And A Truck is one of the best state to state movers with a minimum cost of $11,000 for a 1,055-mile long distance move. Expensive right? People consider two men and a truck a better long distance moving company because of their strong online prescence.

Are you Moving Long Distance?

Forbes and long distance movers say a shipment relocating upwards of 50 miles is a long distance move, but this isn't completely true. These are false claims to justify the high costs of moving short distances. These alleged short distance moving companies have a limited number of trucks and movers, so they're too expensive. However, at American National Movers, we boast availability regardless of the size and distance of your move. 

Are You Moving Out Of State? 

If your shipment is moving to a new state, we consider your move an interstate move, regardless of the distance of the haul. The FMCSA requires interstate movers to have a DOT number and insurance to move household goods between states. You can check for your mover's credentials and protect your move here.

Cheap short distance movers

Large And Small Moves

No move is too small or too large for us to haul; we have several moving options to meet your needs. We are eager to serve you and promise to handle every move, big or small, professionally. 

Cheap Short Distance Moving Option 

Many people rent a U-Haul instead of hiring short distance movers to move a small load if the costs are too high. Short distance moving companies should offer cheaper prices for hauls that they can deliver on the same day. It's not your fault a moving company costs more because they don't have enough trucks or movers to be competitive.


Fortunately, American National Movers is a nationwide short distance moving company offering affordable rates for short hauls. We understand that people would rather hire movers to relocate their furniture, even if they are moving short distances. 


The people are even willing to hire small moving businesses for a better price. So, it's not all about hiring the largest moving company in the world. Often, it's about finding an affordable option that can be trusted. 

Three Guys And A Truck 

Our purpose of being cheap short distance movers is to introduce our three guys and a truck option. The three men and a truck moving option is suited for mid-sized short distance moving hauls. 

Affordable Professional Movers 

We cannot stress enough that each team member is background-checked, trained, professional movers. We want to offer affordable and reliable moving services to help establish our brand. 

American National Movers Reviews

No moving company is perfect, but you can rely on us. We have high ratings on Trustpilot and Google, showing that your satisfaction is important. Customers who used us say that our prices are the most reasonable and that our movers are reliable. Without those claims from our customers, we cannot grow, so rest assured we want you happy. 

How Much Our Short Distance Movers Cost 

The cost of your short distance relocation will vary based on this size and distance of your shipment. However, our average costs for short hauls range from $1500 to $4,000. This moving option is significantly cheaper than other short distance moving companies offer. 


Our services include full service movers, loading, unloading, packing, moving, disassembly, and reassembly. We don't charge hourly rates or increase the costs on move day; we move with good— not greed. American National Movers aims for long-term success in the moving industry, and we start by honoring our costs. 

Better Cheaper Short Distance Movers 

With American National Movers, you get a short distance moving option you can trust. We have locations in NYC, Texas, Ohio, Chicago, Florida, California, and many other states. 


The people want an honest group of men with a truck and a DOT number; American National Movers provides that and more. Contact American National Movers today for a free quote. Let us show how our affordable prices and commitment to satisfaction make us the best movers for moving short distances. 

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