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Expedited Long Distance Moving | Fast Movers

Welcome to American National Movers, our moving services are fast, affordable and of high quality. With us, you can spend less and still get your furniture delivered within two days.

When in the market for long distance moving companies most people are concerned about the costs. Granted, saving money is a key, especially in today's economy, but there's another factor to consider:

How Long Do Long Distance Movers Take

Some long distance movers like American National Movers are fast and deliver your stuff in two to three days. While other movers take 14 to 21 business days, and according to the DOT, it's legal but they still need to deliver your items in a timely matter. 

Here is why:

Moving Companies Shared Truck 

Shared truckloads give movers the right to take 21 calendar days to deliver your furniture. Many moving companies share your load with another person's things unless you tell them not to.

Consolidated moves are cheaper, but it comes at the expense of longer wait times. Sharing a truck with someone else's stuff is common in the moving industry because it's cheaper for both parties involved.

Why Long Distance Movers Take So Long

Some long distance movers take a long time to deliver your furniture because they are not dedicating your route. This can be the case if you are moving during peak season or if you have hired a cheaper moving company.

New models of heavy American big rig semi trucks with a high payload travel in the expanse

Expedited Movers

Avoid delivery windows, ask your movers to expedite your load, and get a guaranteed delivery date in writing.

Another way to avoid waiting a long time for delivery is by checking reviews of movers online before hiring them.

Independent Carriers

Faster delivery times cost more money unless you hire an independent carrier who shares your load and still prioritizes your shipment.

Factors Influencing Your Delivery Window

Several factors can influence the speed of a move:

Season: During peak moving seasons, like summer, there might be delays because of high demand.

Distance: While the name 'long-distance' implies a significant journey, the actual distance can vary greatly. Cross country moves will naturally take longer than one across a few states.

Moving Company: Cheaper moving companies with bad reviews will take a very long time to deliver your furniture, so do research.

Benefits of Expedited Moving

While expedited moving might cost more, the benefits can justify the price:

Less Stress: Knowing that your belongings will arrive quickly can reduce the anxiety of moving out of state and hiring movers.

Convenience: For those starting new jobs or needing to settle children into schools, a quick move can be very helpful.

Safety: Faster moves often mean fewer hands and fewer stops. This can reduce the risk of damage or lost items.


Cost vs. Time

It's essential to aim for a balance between cost and time. If you're on a tight budget, you might opt for a longer delivery window. If speed is important, paying more for a guaranteed delivery date is worth it.

Tips for a Successful Expedited Move

Early Planning: The earlier you book, the better the chances of securing faster delivery times.

Clear Communication: Make sure you clearly state your requirements to the moving company. The clearer your needs, the better your movers can help you.

Flexible Dates: If you have some flexibility on your moving dates, you might find faster options. Sometimes shifting a move by just a day or two can make a big difference in delivery times.

Pack a Survival Kit: Be sure to pack a survival kit with essential items, such as toiletries, a change of clothes, and important documents. This will come in handy if your belongings arrive a day or two late.


American National Movers: Fast Long Distance Movers

Regarding fast long distance moves, American National Movers can do it at a fair price. We take pride in being affordable and reliable, making us one of the best long distance movers in the U.S.

Here are five reasons why you should choose American National Movers:

Good Customer Service Reviews

Before hiring a company to ship your household goods, you have to check their reviews. Online feedback will ensure you have a good moving experience and American National Mover is reputable.

Loading and Unloading

 We pack, move, load, and unload, so don't think that our lower price means less of a service. We do everything. 

Professional Movers

Yes, our movers are professional. American National Movers, ensures that our men pass a background check, and drug tests, and have a authorized work permit.

Several Moving Options

Whether you're moving on a tight budget and want the cheapest move possible or if you are more focused on speed. We have several moving options that will work with your needs and budget.

Flat Rate Movers

We don't play the moving estimate game with you, no hidden fees, no bait and switch, your moving quote is final.

National Moving Company

National moving companies can do what most movers can't, we have more availability, cheaper prices, faster service, and better movers.

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