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First comes movers then comes storage and when it's to time to pay, you'll see why American National Movers has the most affordable national moving and storage. What else is there more to say? Our movers are national and affordable, savings for everyone!

Do you Need Storage?

Want to hire long-distance movers and need storage options? Working with a national moving company with storage only makes sense. National movers have long-distance movers in every state with storage options nationwide.

National Moving Services

National Movers are just better long-distance movers overall. National moving companies are always available for last-minute moves, big moves, and small moves, and their state-to-state movers are more affordable. So, if you don't hire a national moving company you're making a costly mistake. 


American National Movers has storage in every state. We'll put your stuff in our storage facility for cheap so that you can afford your long-distance movers. Here, Take a free month on us!

Moving & Storage

You'll likely need your movers to put your things in your storage facility. So, hire our movers and use our storage facility, its more convenient 

Packing Services

You're going to want to make sure your items are packed well before you move things into storage so that you can avoid damage. So, use our packing services, it's not expensive!

Mover Packing

Where Can I Store My Furniture Before Moving?

Moving companies do offer storage for consumers because needing a place to store furniture before moving is actually pretty common and movers have the most affordable storage options. 

Moving interstate or between states is not as simple as a local move. In fact, in some states, you don't even need to have insurance to be a local mover but according to the FMSCA, if your move involves moving between states then your long-distance movers need to have insurance otherwise they are operating illegally. 

Long Distance Movers

Long-distance movers can move your things between states and some movers are affordable like: American National Movers. long-distance moving companies have storage too. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and hire movers with storage?

Why invest thousands on a rental, to have to do the move yourself? Renting a Penske is going to cost you, especially if you're moving far away and U-haul has a lot of hidden fees. Just, work with an affordable moving company they're just as cheap as renting a truck and they come with the convenience of state-to-state movers. 

American National Movers is top-rated because their experience goes beyond just packing and moving they have a good reputation, with state-to-state movers who are well-versed and affordable.


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National moving and storage mean you can benefit from national movers with affordable long-distance movers with nationwide storage options. 


No matter where you are national movers can pack and move your stuff at a price some people would consider cheap. It's easier to give you a discount when were already nearby.


Moving companies have the cheapest storage options because the goal is to move you, not hold your items. But if giving you the option for storage wins you over, then why not?

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Corridor of self storage unit with red doors. Rental Storage Units.jpg
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American National Moving and Storage

Long-Distance Movers Free Month of Storage

American National Movers is a highly-rated national moving company with long-distance movers in every major state. Moving between states can come with unexpected delays or changes. Maybe your new home isn't ready yet, or perhaps you need some time to settle in before movers deliver your furniture. If you need moving and storage, working with long-distance movers that can provide you with storage is a wise decision so that you can lower the cost of your out-of-state move.


Do Long-Distance Movers Have Storage?

Yes, most long-distance movers provide moving and storage, and choosing moving and storage services over public storage facilities is wise. Public storage facilities operate on a self-service model, which means you'd have to pay for another round of movers. By working with a national moving and storage company, you can negotiate the costs of long-distance movers and the cost to store your furniture, lowering the cost of your out-of-state move.


American National Moving and Storage

American National Movers has a presence in many states nationwide, allowing us to offer affordable national moving and storage options. While many long-distance moving companies provide moving and storage, our services stand apart because of our cost-effective offerings. American National Movers offers a free month of storage and redelivery, incorporated into the cost of your long-distance movers.


For instance, if your long-distance move costs $3,000.00 we will securely store your furniture in our climate-controlled moving and storage facilities for a month, free of charge. When you're ready, we will redeliver your items to your desired location without additional costs. That's correct, we won't charge you an extra fee to get your items out of storage and into your home. You hired us once, and we'll be by your side until the job is done. You won't need to hire additional movers or worry about coordinating a second move.


Moving Companies With Temporary Storage

American National Moving and Storage can store your items for a few days or months. It does not matter, the best part about it is we are about 50 percent cheaper than other storage facilities because national moving companies have access to many storage facilities across the country. This allows us to provide storage services at a significantly reduced cost than standalone storage facilities, which are more expensive and require more work. We optimize our operations to ensure the best use of our storage space so you'll get high-quality moving and storage for your furniture at a cheaper cost.


Do Movers Go to a Storage Unit?

Long-distance movers can go to a storage unit of your choice or use theirs. Moving experts recommend working with movers that provide moving and storage to reduce the cost of traveling between states. It's easier to work with one company that handles both moving and storage. Long-distance movers that include storage also provide insurance, which is recommended for long-distance moves.


Our Moving and Storage Process

American National Moving and Storage company's process involves you discussing inventory with one of our movers and discussing move dates, storage if required, and requested delivery dates. If you need moving and storage services, we can provide you with a free month of storage and cheap storage rates (if you need your furniture in storage for more than a month). You do not have to pay extra for the movers to load the truck again and haul your furniture once you're ready for delivery. So, you get a free month of storage and a free move by hiring a national moving and storage company.

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