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PODS Moving Analysis  

Are moving PODS Cheaper than U-haul? While prices may vary from the market, generally, PODS are more expensive than renting a U-haul truck. Even U-hauls U-box container systems are usually cheaper than PODS. In the battle of moving trucks vs. PODS, which one is best? For some, it may simply come down to cost. While containers offer convenience, they’re not for everyone. Sometimes hiring a full-service mover is a better route for you. Not everyone can afford to spend countless hours packing a three-five-bedroom home. Things to keep in mind PODS does not offer insurance on damages. The persons transporting your furniture goods will not be a PODS employee. The persons transporting your furniture goods will be an independent contractor contracted by PODS moving. Make your decision on the level of fragility your move is. Damages often occur when transporting items traveling upward of one thousand miles. You should probably hire a mover to mitigate the risk of damages. If you’re only transporting wood and boxes and don’t mind the risk of damage paying for a PODS container may be a better option​​What we unlockedPODS moving is a legitimate business offering moving and storage services to the consumer. PODS moving costs are sometimes significantly cheaper than a moving company offering a full-service move. Upon researching the business, we discovered several negative and positive reviews from the consumer. Expect damages and delays when using PODS. Sometimes your only customer service is your rented container. Customer service is minimum, and the “movers” contracted to transport your furniture goods have no accountability. Nonetheless, PODS is a legitimate business and deserves a fair rating.​Our conclusionSalespeople employed by PODS moving should be more upfront to the consumer. Upon review, I discovered salespersons not being upfront about their no insurance policy. PODS is in no way a moving company. When hiring PODS, you agree to be the mover. Upon completion, PODS will hire an independent contractor to drop your shipment. Salespersons affiliated with PODS do not make this clear to the consumer leading to frustrated buyers. We recommend getting a quote from PODS and getting a quote from a long-distance mid-sized moving company. Select the option you can afford and feel more comfortable.



Have you been forced to move at the last minute? Do you need to find a mover right away? Finding a mover at the last minute can be very difficult. It is best to hire a mover 30 days before your planned pick-up date to get a more competitive rate and have an easier move. Make sure to hire a reputable mover who is ready and willing to handle your moving project. Prices are based on availability.In some cases, reputable moving companies will not accept a move that is due within a few days; serious clients will not look for a mover with only a few days to go. It is essential to give yourself enough time to research and schedule your move with the best moving company near you. Even if you find a last-minute mover near you, expect to pay 30 percent more than if you hired a mover in advance. With America's National Movers, you can find a last-minute mover near you for free. Our top-rated moving companies will provide you with the best service possible so that you can enjoy a stress-free moving process.

How To Hire A Moving Company. 

Multiple moving companies are willing to compete for your business. Keep in mind that your quote is based on inventory and cubic feet, be sure to be as accurate as possible when discussing moving inventory with your mover. 

Once you find the best moving company for your moving needs. it is vital to set up a contract with the mover that you both sign to ensure that you receive the promised services. It is important to have both verbal and written communication with your mover to cover yourself in any disputes. After discussing inventory with your mover, the mover will give you a quote. Be sure to inquire about what the services include. After reading over your contract, you would be required to sign it. In most cases, moving companies have the option to sign the contract electronically. Provide your moving company with your pick-up and drop-off addresses and your required pick updates before signing your agreement. 

Moving companies usually require a deposit to reserve a truck or space for your move. Otherwise, the moving company may not feel comfortable with dedicating a space without payment. All deposits made towards moving companies are required to allow you to cancel and receive a full refund on deposit within five business days of your upcoming move. This gives you more than enough to reconsider or cancel your moving services If need be. If you are looking for a cheap moving company, I advise you to do ample research before hiring a mover. They’re some reliable, competitive moving companies near you.   

"Cheap Moving Company Near Me"

Sometimes the cheapest route is not always your best option. There should always be a common ground; you always get what you paid for.  Frequently the lowest price is attached to unethical businesses providing moving services. I want to stress the importance of reviewing a company online, checking for past experiences, and reading positive and negative experiences. Ask yourself what the reviews of the cheapest moving company are stating? Are all the customers complaining of the end costs increasing? Are all the customers complaining about extreme delays in delivery? Take all of this into consideration. Often the least advertised price is the more expensive one in the long run. America's National Movers will provide you with all of the tools you need to allocate the cheapest long-distance, local, and interstate moving company near you. Top How much does a long-distance moving service cost? A cheap one would advertise at the rate of $900.00 for a “full-service move” if a “full-service mover” quotes you $900.00 for moving services, do not go with them it is a bait and switch practice, and you will pay a lot more than that in the long run. Some consumers are willing to take that risk. Why? Everyone’s situation is different; some people are only moving a few items, boxes and are in no rush for delivery. Your moving quote should always be realistic; if it sounds too good to be true, then more than likely it is. You should expect to pay a minimum of 2400.00 no matter how small your moving needs.

Before Hiring A Moving Company 

The Quote


Certain moving companies can be costly. Others can be very competitive. Therefore, it is essential to verify what your moving services include with your moving quote. Be sure to ask your mover how much volume/space you’re being quoted. Sometimes moving companies can be dishonest and reserve you for a smaller space to appear more competitive than their competitors. In turn, this lures many moving victims into signing up with an unethical business that will price gauge the consumer at pick up and delivery. Unfortunately, this is very scary for a potential customer. However, they’re many reputable and ethical moving companies that offer moving services near you. Verify a moving company at a registered database and enter the moving company’s DOT number to check for any recorded complaints. Aside from checking for reviews online, the FMCSA provides you with a handy search tool that you can use to protect your move. Click on to get started. 


When hiring a mover, it is crucial to check and verify reviews. However, no company is perfect, and complaints are bound to happen. No matter the brand, there will always be complaints. What’s important is to check dates as well as analyze tendencies. There are always two sides to a story, and if a mover has a proven track record of pleasing the majority of their customers, you will likely have a good experience.

 On the other hand, there is no reputable business that has been in business for a while without negative reviews. If you come across a moving company with minimal reviews online and no bad experiences, you will likely deal with a very new company. The best businesses in the United States all have negative experiences serving multiple clients. However, the more clients a mover helps, the more experienced the mover. These are all factors that you should look into before hiring a mover. 

Moving Company Size 


When hiring a Mover i would recommend that you look into hiring a mid-sized moving company offering full-service moving services. Although mid-sized moving companies offer competitive rates at the same value as a more prominent van line, a smaller moving company may show a more attractive price. Do not hire a small mover, moving company scams come from small moving companies. You can expect to pay on average upwards of $3,500.00 for an entire service move if you’re interested in hiring a mid-sized moving company.  If you’re interested in hiring a major van line, you can expect to pay upwards of $8,000.00 for a full-service move. Your pricing depends on a variety of factors, such as dates and inventory.

How To Find A Long Distance Moving Company

A wide variety of moving companies are at your disposal, and thanks to digital marketing, it’s easy to find the one that’s near you. We can search “moving companies near me” in our search engine, and we will find several moving companies located near you. In any case, not every option is ideal when it comes to long-distance moving. Therefore, I would like to emphasize the importance of hiring a reputable mover who the Department of Transportation licenses. Verify a mover’s registration at We can use this search tool to protect your move, verify movers’ track records, check for tendencies, and mitigate risk. A low advertised price isn’t always the best thing to look for when looking for the best moving company near you. We need to ask ourselves, at this price, what do my services include? You will always get what you pay for in life. Lower price can equate to damages, false promises, unethical businesses, lost items, burglary, and extreme delays. Comparing and contrasting quotes with long-distance moving companies is essential.

You should look for reviews on moving companies before hiring them. Don’t look for reviews if your entire house is already in the moving company’s possession. You will discover that the mover you hired is illegitimate, with multiple negative reviews online warning you about the same issue you currently face. When you are quoted $1,500.00 for a long-distance move traveling upwards of one thousand miles. Be aware that you will not be moving in an exclusive moving truck. Do you have a flexible delivery schedule? Do you need the furniture immediately? Nonetheless, Americas National Movers provides you with all the reliable resources that you need to check moving company reviews and verify credentials for free.

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