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National Long Distance Movers 

Imagine working with a moving company stationed in every major state and rural areas. Our national long distance moving company provides several moving options and professional movers who carefully move your items. 

natonal long distance movers unloading furniture

National Long Distance Moving Company

What should you do if you live in rural areas like Seattle, Minnesota, or Idaho with few moving companies? You can contact American National Movers. We service 50 states and even accommodate last-minute moves:

- Our company can assist with your move anywhere in the country, regardless of your starting and ending locations.

- National long distance moving companies provide the right amount of flexibility, convenience, and experience. Your relocation may be a significant transition for you, but for us— we do this everyday.

- When you hire national long distance movers, you partner with a company specialized in moving your items far away.

Our National Movers Have Cheaper Rates 

You may be moving from a populous state like California, Florida, or Chicago, and the movers are too expensive. Most people want to find the most reliable, cost-effective option to get their household goods from point A to point B. 

- People often choose a business based on its reputation and the option that offers the best value for their money. Carriers averaging $8,000 for a long distance move typically have difficulty negotiating with customers. 

- Alternatively, our national long distance moving services are 25% cheaper than movers with limited trucks and locations. Our average moving cost is $3,500 for small moves and $6,000 for a full 26-foot truck. 

- Some customers may be willing to invest in the high moving costs some of these long distance movers provide. However, most people say moving costs should not exceed $8,000 to pack and move furniture. Experienced long distance moving companies argue that the high costs are a testament to their level of expertise. But that's just a common sales pitch to justify their inflated costs for long distance relocations. 

National One Way Long Distance Movers 

One good thing about American National Movers is that we don't charge for fuel to return to the warehouse. Once we finish your relocation, we will immediately service another customer. That's the luxury you get when working with a nationwide moving company.  

- As national long distance movers, we have trucks and warehouses nationwide, allowing us to provide one-way moves. 

- One way long distance movers pack and move your furniture to your new home and don't drive back to your moving from state. Ultimately, this lowers the cost of your long distance move by up to $2,000.

- One way movers for long distance moves are one of the better affordable moving options for hiring movers. You get professional moving services and don't have to spend much on gas. 

National Moving Expertise 

National moving companies specialize in interstate and long distance moves. The bulk of our customer orders are for 100 to 3000- mile hauls:

Short Distance Moves 

 - National moving companies consider moving between 50 and 400 miles away as a short distance move. We coordinate our trucks and warehouses to offer you competitive short haul rates. 


- Some moving businesses consider anything exceeding a 50-mile haul a long distance move. However, the correct term for 50-mile in-state relocations is an "intrastate move."


- Short distance moves do not involve any additional stops and we provide same-day delivery. We provide the option for storage or delayed delivery for an additional surcharge of $500.

Long Distance Moves 


People ask why is long distance moving expensive? Carriers restricted to a limited number of states will naturally be more expensive for long distance moves. The longer the distance of your relocation, the higher your moving expenses will be. 


- National moving companies offer fixed prices for long-distance moves. Get an in-home estimate or virtual survey for accurate pricing.

- If you're asking yourself, what constitutes a long distance move? National long distance moving companies consider a haul that exceeds 400 miles as a long distance relocation. In other words, if your move requires more than 3 hours of travel time, movers consider it a long distance move. 

- At American National Movers, our long distance moving services are cheap because we choose the most cost-effective route. 

Nationwide Relocation Services 

When you hire a nationwide moving company, you can trust that they will treat your items with the utmost care. With years of experience hauling furniture long distances, we guarantee a professional moving service. 


Our national long distance movers and packers are trained to relocate fragile items, pianos, grandfather clocks, fine art, and more. We provide special crating for high-value delicate items, moving supplies, and packing materials for linen and glassware. 


With American National Movers, you're not just hiring an affordable long distance moving company. You are investing in a relocation specialist who deeply values your customer service experience. Reap the benefits from our nationwide moving company and save on your long distance move today. 

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