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How to Move a Piano Safely

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Moving a piano can be a smooth process with the right preparation and assistance. However, moving a piano across town or cross country requires a plan. It's important to hire a reputable moving company when moving a piano. American National Movers being a long-distance and cross-country moving company with extensive experience, we know how important it is to handle your possessions with the utmost care. Additionally, even some reputable moving companies do not have much piano mover experience, be cautious before hiring a mover to move your piano, you may be able to move a piano yourself safely. However, you should not move a piano yourself, the cheapest way to move a piano is by hiring a mover who has piano moving experience, unless you are okay with dents and dings that will come with you moving your piano yourself. Therefore, it is not ok to move a piano yourself, your cheapest piano moving options would be consulting with a piano movie. Specialist and negotiate, A regular mover cannot move a upright piano or any piano for that matter. Again, you should not move a piano yourself consult with a professional piano moving service to move this item, contact American National Movers as we provide professional piano moving services at a much cheaper cost than other moving companies, with American National Movers, we provide the consumer with affordable moving costs without you having to lose quality.

To move a piano safely and efficiently with out scratching then floor or piano follow these tips:

  1. Before moving day, measure the piano and its surroundings, including doorways and hallways. You can then determine if the piano will fit through the door and if any modifications need to be made to the piano or the entryway.

  2. Make sure the piano is stable and secure before moving it. Protect the piano from scratches and dings by securing the lid and wrapping it with moving blankets.

  3. It would be best if you had the right equipment when moving a piano, including straps, a dolly, and moving pads. Moving pianos with skid boards and piano boards is one of our specialties at American National Movers.

  4. A piano cannot be moved by one person alone. Consider hiring professional piano movers or asking friends and family members for assistance.

  5. If you're moving a valuable or antique piano, consider hiring professional packing services to protect it during transport.

Our team at American National Movers understands how challenging it can be to move a piano. Because of this, we offer piano moving services as part of our comprehensive moving service. As a result, you can trust our experienced movers to handle your piano with the utmost care and ensure it arrives safely at its new location. This is truly the best way to move a piano we provide our customers with reliable, professional piano moving services. Contact us today as a reliable and professional moving company; you will be very pleased with the results. In short, Whether you choose to move your piano yourself or hire a piano piano moving specialist, you should determine whether the value of your item is worth hiring a cheap mover or if you should do it yourself. Before you consider affordability, measure the value of your item since anything that requires professional help can be costly.

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