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Is Eagle Moving Legit?

Eagle Moving Group Company Review

No, Eagle Moving is not legit; Eagle Moving has scammed over 400 consumers; Eagle Moving has a D- Rating with the BBB; Eagle Moving is NOT a moving company Eagle Moving is a moving broker; A moving broker is a middleman, who is not legally liable for any mix up should anything go wrong with your move. This means this company chooses a moving company for you, then charges the consumer (you) and the moving company a surcharge before allowing contact. For example, a real estate agent has a list of apartments for you; however, for you to sign a lease or any agreement, the real estate agent has to get paid a broker's fee. Why pay extra fees when you can find your apartment? Why hire a moving broker when you can find your own moving company? Eagle Moving Group has been in business for 2 years, and this moving company already has several complaints online with the BBB, Eagle Moving Group Inc | Better Business Bureau® Profile (

Eagle Moving Group has several complaints registered on a federal site containing data that display complaints in categories such as; hostage moves complaints, deceptive business practice complaints, final charges complaints, and insurance complaints. Company Detail ( If you are doing business with Eagle Moving Group, expect delays, additional costs, poor customer service, damages, and an overall lousy moving experience.

Eagle Moving Group Scam

You'll get a call from a polite salesman who is eager to get you on board with their "moving company" the salesperson will be knowledgeable and courteous; this may lure the average consumer into signing up with Eagle Moving Group if they do not do enough research. Based on my professional experience, Eagle Moving Group will be operational for another 1-2 years before closing shop; this is my prediction based on the overall decline Eagle Moving Group is experiencing due to many negative reviews being displayed online;

you can find a post on Reddit that have consumers complaining about Eagle Moving Group's bait and switch tactics here Reddit - Dive into anything

Eagle Moving Group has several reviews online from customers who warn of final charges being raised substantially, deceptive business practices, poor customer service and furniture damages. If Eagle Moving Group is already in possession of your belongings, try contacting your mover for any moving logistics, as Eagle Moving Group cannot provide customer service outside of getting you connected with a mover; based on this and several other factors, I do not recommend doing business with Eagle Moving Group if you have been scammed by Eagle Moving Group you can file a complaint with the Department Of Transportation; however this does not get you your money back, in regards to compensation for being scammed by Eagle Moving Group, hire a civil lawyer.

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