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Affordable Professional NYC & NJ Movers And Packers

People are relocating between New York and New Jersey and looking for reputable options at a reasonable rate. Please note that some of the cheaper moving options in NYC lack the proper insurance required by many NYC buildings. 

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Costs of Moving Between New York & New Jersey

What To Know About Long Distance Movers in New Jersey

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Best & Affordable Movers For NYC & NJ Moves

Here are some affordable moving options for long distance moves in New York and New Jersey:

  1. Peace Of Cake Moving: With an expansive fleet of vans, this company is one of the cheapest for small moves within NYC.

  2. American National Movers: offers affordable state to state moving expertise to and from any state, including New York and New Jersey Moves. 

  3. Moshe Movers: This smaller business has good reviews and is cheaper than larger brands.

Hiring Cheap Movers in NYC & NJ and Avoiding Scams 

On Reddit, consumers ask, "Is every cheap moving company a scam or provides bad service?" Another customer asks, " Why are almost every moving company so terrible with bad reviews?"

To many people, it seems like you're hiring the best out of the worst when hiring a moving company, particularly for long-distance moves. Here is what to know: 

  • Reviews: Manhattan and New Jersey get bad reviews due to the nature of the business. To ensure your movers are legitimate, ensure your NY and NJ movers have minimal complaints about hidden fees. 

  • DOT #: Protect your move and check if your New York or New Jersey movers have any registered complaints against them here

  • Estimates: Understand how your NYC and NJ moving company calculates costs to avoid disagreements on move-day costs. 

  • Things Happen: No moving company is perfect, so please try to understand that things can happen. Just because a Manhattan or New Jersey mover has some complaints does not mean they are a scam. 

Tips to Keep Your New York & New Jersey Moving Costs Down 

  1. Downsize: Smaller moves relocating between NY & NJ have an average cost of $900. So consider downsizing your move for a cheaper price. 

  2. You Pack:  NYC to NJ movers and packing services can potentially add $700.00 to the total cost of your move. Consider packing your boxes and glassware to avoid those charges.  

  3. Book Early: An early reservation can differ between a reasonably priced move from NY to NJ and a higher rate for booking your move at the last minute. 

  4. Negotiate: Don't hesitate to ask for a lower price on your move. Even the best movers for NYC to NJ locations are willing to negotiate. 

  5. Reputable movers: Often, cheap movers for NYC and NJ relocations are expensive due to damages and hidden fees. Remember, hiring cheap movers can be an expensive mistake. 

About Our Manhattan And New Jersey Movers 

-American National Movers is among the best moving companies to cross state lines with your furniture. We take pride in providing you with experienced movers without a lack of trust and professionalism.

-We are generally 25% cheaper than the OZ Moving, Roadway, and Morgan Manhattan brands. Yet we still provide the same high-quality moving services you deserve. 

-Get a quote from our competitors and us and see why our movers from NYC and NJ are some of the cheaper, better movers near you. 

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