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What Distance is Considered Long Distance Moving?

For budgeting purposes, it's important to understand what qualifies as a long-distance move:

Quick Answer: Most professional movers categorize any move over 400 miles as a long distance move.

However, smaller moving companies see moves over 50 miles as "long distance" because they have few trucks and movers. Therefore If a moving company says a 50-mile move is a long distance, consider contacting another moving option. This can be an indication of the limited resources causing the movers to charge more for this service.

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What is Long Distance Moving 

Long distance moving involves relocating your household goods far away, usually over 400 miles. You can hire state to state movers or rent a truck to DIY for a long distance relocation. Please note that movers must have a DOT number obtained by the Department of Transportation to cross state lines. In most cases, long distance movers move your furniture between states, and in rare instances, a long haul can be an in-state relocation.

Interstate Move

If your long distance move crosses state lines, the legal term is an "interstate move." The expression " long distance movers " is a simplified term for an "interstate movers."

Understanding Interstate Moves 

An interstate move occurs when you relocate your household goods across state lines. Unlike local or intrastate moves within the same state, interstate relocations fall under federal regulation. Choose a moving company with a valid USDOT number authorized by the FMCSA for interstate commerce. Make sure to choose your movers wisely.

Understanding the Role of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

American National Movers Long Distance Moving Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates interstate moving companies to protect you from moving scams. To legally operate across state lines, movers must obtain a DOT number from the Department of Transportation. A DOT number proves a mover is legit and complies with safety regulations, insurance, and consumer protection laws. You can vet potential long distance moving options through the FMCSA's database at

How Do Movers Calculate Costs for Long-Distance Moves?

Long distance moving companies like Two Men And A Truck calculate your moving costs by the distance of your move. Others charge by the size/weight and distance of your relocation:

  • Distance: Moves exceeding 400 miles are 35% more expensive than short distance moves (1-399 miles.) 

  • Weight and Volume of Belongings: The more household goods you have, the more it will cost for your long distance movers to move them.

  • Additional Services: Packing, unpacking, and temporary storage services can add to the overall cost of your long distance move.

  • Time of Year: Moving during peak season (typically summer months) can be more expensive because of higher demand.

Weight Vs. Cubic Feet

Does it matter if you get a moving quote based on weight or cubic feet? Not really. What matters most is the reputation of your movers. If you don't like the idea of your cost changing at the last minute, opt for a flat rate long distance move.

What's a Flat Rate Long Distance Move?

A binding flat rate quote guarantees that your long distance movers can't change or re-negotiate your costs. With a flat rate, you know you can budget and not worry about moving scams or unexpected charges. Ensure your flat rate move is in writing, as a verbal agreement cannot protect you against hidden fees.

Choose American National Movers

American National Movers can help with your move, whether it's intrastate or to another state far away. We are here to help you, no matter the distance. We're among the best state to state movers that can relocate your items quickly and in good condition. At American National Movers, our several trucks, warehouses, and movers enable us to provide cost-effective and reliable services. 

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