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If you're moving between states and have a lot of furniture, consider hiring movers. State-to-state movers also known as "long-distance movers" or a "long-distance moving company" are a good option if you have a lot of stuff and need help with packing your belongings. Especially if you're a busy professional, single mom, or a senior citizen. But there's a lot to consider before hiring long-distance movers...

A full-service long-distance moving company is not worth the costs if you're only moving a few things or if the cost of your long-distance movers supersedes the value of your items. Your movers might not be worth it if you're on a tight budget, regardless of the complexity of your move, reputable movers cost a minimum of $4,000.00 if you cannot afford this then hiring a long-distance moving company is not worth it.  

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Ask yourself: "How much money am I willing to spend on long-distance movers" One of the most important things to consider about movers is how much money you want to spend, if your budget is too tight it might not be worth it. Remember cheap moving services might not always be worth it.  

Consider The Value of Your Movers

The bottom line is reputable long-distance movers might cost a little bit more than your budget, but considering the value of a reputable mover, hiring movers are worth it. if you can afford the costs of a long-distance moving company, go for it.

Moving and Storage 

Consider the convinience state to state movers have such as moving and storage. You can get up to 2 month free of storage. 

Consider Your Movers Reputation

Do yourself the favor and consider the long-distance movers reputation and check for any unneccesary negative reviews. Before hiring your movers make sure they're reputable.

Consider your  Movers Online Precence 

Consider your long-distance movers precence online go on Google and type in there company name. Did you get any feed back, how is there website?

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Company

Here is how to hire the right moving company:

- Insurance: Reputable movers have insurance got to the FMCSA website and check to see if your movers have insurance before hiring them.   

- Estimate: Reputable long-distance movers are upfront about your estimate and will be honest with you about the process of the cost of your movers.

- Reviews: Are your mover legit? Ask Google and check for reviews, a easy way in spotting shady movers is by checking reviews. 

- Website: Before hiring movers did you check their website and is it professional? Consider the overall presentation of the mover's website so that you can gauge the reputability of the moving company.  

How Cheap Are your movers?

You have to consider the cost of your movers, if they're too cheap they could be making a mistake on your estimate or even scamming you. Reputable long-distance movers are not so cheap, anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. 

Have you ever heard of a hostage move? That's when a moving company holds your items for ransom for more money. If your movers weren't too cheap, they would not be charging you more. 

Moving scams usually come from people who were moving on a budget and got lured in by a low price. The problem is, if your estimate is not "binding" your movers will charge you more. Don't let movers bait and switch you.  

Should you Hire a Moving Company

If you're not willing to invest in a reputable moving company, you should not hire one. Otherwise, you will run the risk of being scammed by a rogue mover whose only goal is to prey on your vulnerability. If people would just focus on the quality rather than price. Moving company scams will be cut by more than 50% as many scams come from movers who are advertised as cheap. 


Shady moving companies acknowledge the fear of the consumer not wanting to pay a lot of money. So, they lie to you about the initial costs by typing up an estimate spiel that will increase on move day. If you disagree with the additional costs on move day, the movers leave, and you're stuck without a moving company. Often times the consumer winds up paying for the additional costs due to an expired lease or a sold home. Don't put yourself in this situation. If you do not want to pay for the cost of a reputable moving company, consider doing the move yourself.

Simply put, the cheaper the move, the cheaper the service. So please be prepared to invest in professional moving services. Of course, our services may not necessarily come "cheap." However, American National Movers is quickly becoming known for our ability to provide consumers with affordable moving services without you having to sacrifice quality. 


Before hiring a mover, ask yourself, "Am I making this decision based on costs?" If you answered yes to that question. Consider taking a step back. Hire a moving company based on expertise rather than cost. Do this, and you will likely have a positive, moving experience.

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