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Corridor of self storage unit with red doors. Rental Storage Units.jpg

Questions to Ask Your Movers

Start by asking your movers: "Is this an estimate or a flat rate" and "How many cubic feet did you quote me for." Remember, when negotiating with long-distance movers, the quoted price means nothing if the estimate isn't accurate. While competitive pricing is certainly a good sign, it's crucial to ask if the cost of your long-distance movers could potentially change.

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Do Your Movers Provide Binding Estimates?

What's the point of negotiating with your long-distance movers if the price is not final?


Did you know that if you received an estimate over the phone, your long-distance movers can change the cost on you last minute? 

Ask your movers for a binding not to exceed quote which legally binds them to the contracted price. This means you won't have to pay extra. 

Are Your Movers State-to-State Movers?

Did you know that not all movers are state-to-state movers? Just because you have a warehouse and trucks doesn't mean you have insurance to do long-distance moves. Perhaps, they focus on moves within the local area? You should ask.

Ask the Movers For a in-home Estimate

If your moving furniture to another state, it would be best to ask for your movers to give you a in-home estimate or at the very least, a virtually survey. So, that you can get a more accurate cost on your long-distance movers.

Ask The Movers For a Lower Cost

Did you know that you can reduce the cost of your long-distance movers by 30% if you negotiate and ask your long-distance movers for a cheaper price? 

Ask Your Movers About Delivery Dates

Some movers have fast delivery times, while other will have you wait up to 21 bussiness days. It's  important for you to ask about a delivery date so that you can guage the reputability of your of your long-distance movers

How Do Your Movers Calculate Prices?

Ask the moving company: "How do you come up with the cost of your long-distance movers" When you understand how the movers calculate the cost, you can compare quotes. Long-distance moving costs may be calculated based on factors including the distance of the move, the size of your items, and any additional services you might require such as packing, storage, or special handling for fragile items.

By asking this question, you can discern if the mover's pricing structure is fair and reasonable, and it can help you budget your move more accurately. It also allows you to negotiate.

Ask The Movers if They're Licenced and Insured 

Did you know that it is illegal for state-to-state movers not to have a license and insurance through the FMCSA, in order to provide state-to-state moving services? Ask your movers if they have insurance, you can verify their complaint history at Just put in the company name or DOT number for details.                      

Ask Your Movers for Reviews and References 

95% of moving scams would be avoided if people would start asking for reviews. Check for feedback online, and ask if the movers are reputable. Hold movers accountable, their online presence is a representation of who they are.  

Ask movers about their complaints online. Do your long-distance movers have alot of negative reviews? If yes, then it would be best to move on and cosider a more reputable moving company. 

Aside from asking questions use your intuition. Do your movers seem knowledgeable? How about their website, is it professional? Remember, if your long-distance movers don't see reputable, it's best to move on. 

Where Are Your Movers Located?

 Did you know long-distance movers will cost more if they're not nearby? Ask your movers about their whereabouts if they seem unreasonably expensive. Better yet, work with a national moving company. National moving companies are always around and never fail to be more affordable than a long-distance moving company with just a few trucks and one location. 

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