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National Movers in Westchester

Moving is not easy, especially if you have a lot of furniture- Hiring a Westchester mover is a wise decision. Approximately 3,600 Americans are looking for movers in Westchester; moving services are in high demand, yet there are limited movers to choose from, but that's why we're here. National Movers serves the entire Westchester County with affordable prices that do not lack quality.   

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mover in Westchester?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hiring a moving company. However, if your goal is to work with a professional moving company (you should), you can expect to pay between $975 to $3,000.00 for local moves and $2,500.00 to $7,500.00 for long-distance moves. Some movers are cheaper than others, but I must warn you: you get what you pay for.

How to Save Money on Movers.

Saving money is always on the mind of a consumer needing moving services. There are ways you can save money. Just be careful. A lot of unreliable moving companies advertise as cheap. Nonetheless, here are 5 ways you can save money on your movers in West Chester: 


1 - Get rid of furniture you don't want or need. Movers calculate cost by cubic feet or by the hour. The more things you have, the more your movers will cost.


2 - Negotiate. Service-based businesses are all bidding on your move. We don't recommend hiring the cheapest movers in Westchester, but you can still negotiate. Movers are negotiable.


3 - Book your move early. Last-minute moves always cost more money, so give your moving company time to schedule your move, and you'll receive a discount. 


4 - Pack your boxes and Glassware. Full-service movers are more expensive than a moving company that packs and loads furniture. Pack your boxes and Glassware, and you'll save money on your movers in Westchester.


5 - Use off-peak times. If your moving dates are flexible, consider shifting your move to the middle of the month (the end of the month is more expensive) or during the fall and winter. Demand for movers is typically lower during these times, which could mean lower prices for you.


Are Movers Worth it?

Yes, movers are worth it. They can be expensive at times, but it's the cost you have to pay to ensure the safety of your furniture that a Westchester moving company can provide (packing and insurance.) Hiring movers is not worth considering if you're moving on a tight budget. Some of the worst moving companies are the only ones willing to move you for cheap. 

How Westchester Movers Calculate Costs. 

Movers in Westchester calculate costs by the hour, cubic feet, and/or the weight of your shipment. When getting a quote from a moving company, remember that your initial costs are estimated, which means the price can change. If you're uncomfortable with that, there are movers in Westchester, like American National Movers, who can give you a flat rate, so you don't have to worry about surprises. 

Is it expensive to hire Movers in West Chester?

Moving services in Westchester County are in high demand, and there are few local movers within your area to choose from. With limited competition, movers charge more for moving services (supply and demand). So, hiring a mover can get expensive if you don't contact movers within your local area. Movers not based in Westchester market services in your area, the fuel costs to travel to your county will fall on you. Contact local movers like American National Movers to save money on your move.  

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