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Are you considering long-distance movers or did you already hire them? Before hiring movers, the main thing you want to do is check for reviews and insurance do not hire a mover solely based on them being cheap. It's easy to spot shady movers, that's what reviews are for! 

Are your movers legit? Let's find out go to the FMCSA Website to protect your move and input your mover's DOT number or business name to check for insurance and/or any complaints registered against them.

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Are you worried about the reputability and legitimacy of your movers? Consider working with a national moving company. They have a nationwide moving presence and are more reliable for interstate and long-distance moves.  

National Moving Services 

When it comes to interstate and long-distance movers, a national moving company is more reputable, legit, and affordable. So, if you're questioning your current movers or have yet to find long-distance movers to hire get in touch with American National Movers today!

Imagine state-to-state movers nationwide with national moving and storage in every state.  

Need movers and packers? That's what long-distance movers are for. Especially national movers we pack, move and we're affordable.

State-to-state moving services nationwide because our movers are national & we're generous so here take 35% off on your long-distance movers 

Long-distance movers are convenient and well worth the cost for big and small moves but the main cause for concern is, the legitimacy of your movers. If your movers have insurance then they're legitimate but that doesn't mean they're reliable. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and legitimate movers have an online presence with good reviews.  

Avoid Moving Scams

Moving scams are on the rise and some moving companies are hungry and they plan to prey on a family's vulnerability to want to hire affordable long-distance movers. Do yourself the favor and go with the mover who's upfront about the costs, not the mover who is trying to mislead you with a cheaper price.

If you found a cheaper moving option. Stop and check for reviews. If the out-of-state moving company has a reputation for changing the price on move day then, that cheap mover will come out expensive in the long run.

If you're concerned about being scammed or being overcharged by your long-distance movers then ask for a flat rate so that your costs can be binding and eliminates the risk of being price gauged on move day.


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Not a lot of long-distance movers do small moves but we do. National movers can move a small load at a fair price. We're the cheapest long-distance movers for small moves.


Moving on a budget? Work with our reputable national moving company. We provide shared load-moving services so that consumers can move between states at a cheaper price


American National Movers has been around for a decade, they're legit and one of the most affordable long-distance movers in America.

What to Know When Moving

The most important thing to keep in mind when moving between states is that the cost of your long-distance movers should be the least of your concerns, especially if you are moving far away with a lot of stuff. The moving industry calculates its costs by weight or cubic feet and  85% of the time the costs given to you are just an estimate. With that being said the advertised price could go down or up. So, if you hire long-distance movers solely based on them being cheaper than another moving company, without considering the reputation and legitimacy of the long-distance moving company, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Rogue movers prey on the consumer's budget, so it's important for you to be well-informed when shopping around for a long-distance moving company. The cheapest price is not always the best price and this statement is true with almost everything that you purchase. Especially when it comes to state-to-state moving services.


Understandably, you may be tempted to choose the long-distance movers that offers you the lowest quote. However, it's vital to remember that in the moving industry, the price is not everything. In fact, an unrealistically low estimate could be a red flag, as it often indicates that the movers might cut corners, overcharge on the day of the move, or even be fraudulent.

When you're entrusting your valued possessions to a moving company, you want to be confident that they will treat them with care and respect. This peace of mind rarely comes with the lowest bidder. So, as you evaluate long-distance moving companies, make sure you're considering all aspects - their reputation, their track record, the services they provide, and the assurances they offer, not just their quoted price.

Remember that a good moving company will be transparent about their pricing and services. They'll explain all potential costs, avoiding any last-minute surprises. A reputable mover, like American National Movers, also offers different insurance options to protect your belongings during transit. The safety and security of your possessions should be a priority for your movers.


As you're shopping around, make sure to ask plenty of questions, read the fine print, and understand what you're signing up for. It's crucial to get everything in writing - the estimate, the contract, and any other promises or agreements made during your discussions.


Ultimately, your moving experience should be about more than just the cost. It should be about having a smooth, worry-free transition to your new home. Choose a moving company that will be a reliable partner in this significant step of your life, one that offers you the best value for your money, not just the lowest price. Be vigilant, be informed, and make the right choice for your move.

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