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Are Your Movers Legit? Find Out Now

Finding a legitimate moving company with genuine intentions that align with your needs and budget can be overwhelming. What's worse, major carriers use this to justify their high costs.

Don't worry – there are ways to verify any moving company, and it's easier than you might think! This guide will help you avoid moving scams and find the best movers for your needs and budget.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Understanding Moving Costs

-Many people seek the cheapest local and long-distance movers, but they can get scammed if they are not careful. Knowing the difference between a reasonable price and a suspiciously cheap moving cost is important for a reliable move.

Moving Estimate Scams

Now that you've learned how to verify a mover's DOT number to ensure they're legit let's delve into pricing. Searching for the cheapest movers is common, but you could fall victim to scams if you don't understand your moving costs. Here's how to identify a red flag with moving estimates:


Low Quotes: Reputable moving companies typically quote no less than $5,000 unless the move is small. If movers quote a much lower price than others, it could mean they are trying to scam you with false advertising. Even if a mover with the lowest price has good intentions, it's important to question why they are much cheaper than others.


Volume: A trustworthy mover will provide a precise estimate based on the volume or weight of your belongings. If you've found a surprisingly low price for your local or state to state move, ensure the quoted volume is accurate. Be careful of bait-and-switch scams by movers who give you a low estimate but raise the price later.


Online Presence: Is your moving company real? Scam-likely moving companies do not have a website or have limited information online.


Fees: movers might not disclose all fees upfront, leading to unexpected charges later. Ensure your estimate includes all potential costs, including cubic feet, packing materials, stairs, and insurance. If a mover is reluctant to provide a detailed breakdown of costs, it could be a sign of a scam.

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How Do You Know If A Mover is Legit?

How do I know if a moving company is real? Here is how:


DOT Number: legitimate numbers have a DOT number obtained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Without a DOT number, your moving company is operating illegally.


Website: Your mover's website must be professional and detailed about who they are and the moving services they provide. If your mover does not have a website, they may not even be real!


Google Listing: Did you know that Google verifies real moving companies on their Google Maps? Verify and check if your movers are listed on Google.


Reviews: Did you get a quote from a so-called national mover yet can't find a single review online? Zero reviews indicate a fake moving company. 


Deposit: Did your moving company request a large deposit for your long distance move with a no-refund policy? A legitimate mover may ask for a deposit, but it should be fully refundable if you cancel your move!

Is Your Moving Company Real? 

Finding a reputable mover can be exhausting. Who is legit, who is real, and which company is a scam?


What to Know: While it's true that there are some rogue movers—most moving companies are real. However, are they reputable? That's another story. Research and see what you find on the movers you're considering. 


Ask Questions: Don't assume a mover is legit just because they are in business. Some companies with a DOT number are not worth hiring because of their deceptive business practices. 

Legitimate Movers 

Here are some moving companies you can contact that are 100% legitimate:

  1. Allied: This company has 94 years of experience in the household goods moving industry and is known to be reasonably priced. 

  2. JK Moving: This company is legit they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and several reviews online.

  3. American National Movers: A mid-sized national moving company with good reviews, offering affordable long distance moving nationwide.  

  4. Two Men And A Truck: is a nationwide moving company that has been in business since 1985. However, reports indicate that they have higher costs than the industry average. 

  5. PODS: This company offers nationwide relocation services. They require you to pack and load your furniture. Then, PODS will haul your load at a cheap rate!

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