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Are My Movers Legit

Legitimate movers can be found on Google easily and are not too cheap. If you've come across long-distance movers who claim to be more affordable but lack an online presence, chances are your movers aren't legit. Remember, reputable long-distance movers do not market their moving services based on being cheap. legitimate moving companies have much more to offer than a cheaper price. 

Affordable Movers Good Reviews

An affordable moving option is nice, and if you found a cheaper long-distance moving company, then great. But do your long-distance movers have good reviews? Remember, the cheapest price isn't always the best price, and cheaper movers tend to have a lot of complaints online.. 

Reviews can prevent anyone from dealing with shady movers, as consumers are starting to review long-distance movers online before hiring them. Simply put, check reviews. If your movers have a lot of bad reviews online. Your movers aren't legit. 

Protect your move. Did you find any hostage complaints against the long-distance movers you've considered? if yes, then your movers aren't legit. Legitimate movers do not hold belongings ransom for more money.

On-Site Estimate

Legitimate movers want to give you an accurate quote as their reputation depends on it. Are your movers willing to give you an onsite or virtual estimate for a more accurate quote? If you answered no, your movers are not legit.  

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Innovative modern logistics warehouse center complex building exterior bay gate semi-trail
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Are your Movers too Pushy?

Did your long-distance movers give you an expensive quote and then dramatically reduced the price if you booked immediately? This is a red flag - a common bait-and-switch tactic that illegitimate movers use to deceive customers. Legitimate moving companies, conduct their business transparently, and legit movers don't rely on shady sales tactics to win customers. In fact, reputable long-distance movers often have a steady stream of business and don't engage in haggling over prices.

Did Your Mover Scam Anyone?

Put Google's search engine to good use. Enter the name of the moving company you're considering, followed by the word "scam." Are there any alarming results? If you find reports of the company being involved in scams, then it's a strong sign they aren't legitimate movers

Legitimate Movers 

Are you considering a long-distance moving company?


You have much to consider before hiring long distance movers. One of the common concerns people have is not knowing how to verify if a mover is legitimate. Before hiring a long-distance moving company, you want to know that your movers are legit so that you can avoid any potential scams. Unfortunately, not all long-distance moving companies are created equal; some may even try to take advantage of you. So, how do you know if your long-distance moving company is legitimate? When looking for a trustworthy moving company, there are a few factors to consider beyond the obvious "licensing and insurance."


 How to Know if Your Mover is Legit:


Not all long-distance moving companies are created equal; some may even try to take advantage of you. So, how do you know if your long-distance moving company is legit?  



Check For Reviews Online: Legitimate moving companies have feedback online. Whether it be on the long-distance movers' website or if they have some feedback on Google with reviews that display authenticity, your movers are likely legit. Illegitimate long-distance movers typically do not have any reviews online. 


License and insurance: Long-distance movers must be licensed and insured by law. A legitimate long-distance moving company will have proof of license and insurance. To check the legitimacy of your long-distance moving company, visit to verify if they have insurance. 


 Legitimate Contract: legitimate movers will have a professional contract with a breakdown of all the costs of your long-distance move. Illegitimate long-distance movers will try and scam you with a wordy contract that does not thoroughly explain the logistics and cost of your move. 


Cubic Feet: Some bait-and-switch long-distance movers will try and scam you by lowering the cubic feet of your estimate as a tactic to scam you. Legit movers will go over cubic feet with you and be upfront about the cost of your move. If your long-distance moving costs are much lower than other long-distance moving companies, likely, your movers aren't legit. 


Flat Rate Long-distance Movers: Many legitimate long-distance moving companies will happily offer you a binding-not-to-exceed quote. In simpler terms: Flat-rate long-distance movers have no hidden costs allowing you to budget for your move without surprises. Your long-distance moving company is likely legit if willing to provide a flat rate for your move.


Payment Process: Shady moving companies will try and scam you and ask for cash before they move you. Do not pay your movers cash before meeting them. Illegitimate movers will ask you to Zelle or wire money before meeting you. If you insist on paying cash or Zelle, request receipts of all payments made. Legitimate movers do not require cash upfront, and if a long-distance moving company asks for a deposit, make sure you pay with a credit card. Again: do not Zelle, Cash App, or send any Wire Transfers to any moving company before arrival.


Website: Before hiring a long-distance moving company, check the quality of their website. Then assess whether or not the mover's website is professional. If that long-distance moving company does not care about the overall appearance of its website, they are not legit or even worth hiring.  


Cheap Movers: Everyone wants to hire a cheap long-distance moving company until the mover breaks their furniture and takes 21 days to deliver your stuff. Movers who aren't legit are often associated with suspiciously low costs.


Email: Shady moving companies have unprofessional emails that do not match their website's domain name. One of the easiest ways to check if a mover is legit is by ensuring that their email matches the domain of their website. 


Packing: On pack-up day, legitimate movers are extra careful with your belongings and take their time packing. You will sense a great deal of professionalism when watching your movers pack. If your long-distance movers do not pack professionally, they are likely, not legit. 



Trust American National Movers For Your Move


 American National Movers takes pride in providing high-quality, affordable moving services and is considered one of the market's most reliable long-distance moving companies. Consumers have reported: "American National Movers is more reliable than an expensive long-distance moving company. This national moving company is in high demand with limited availability since everyone wants to utilize their budget-friendly long-distance moving services. 

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