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Shared Load Long Distance Movers 

Are you tired of contacting long-distance movers to discover their prices are too expensive and unreasonable? You're not alone. The search for affordable long distance movers is at an all-time high. As people are in search of affordable housing options, they also want to work with an affordable long-distance moving company. Believe it or not, they're long-distance moving companies that are not as expensive. You have to do some research beyond the first paid ads on Google. 

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Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

The fact of the matter is many people moving long distance have a partial load, which is considered a small move. Shared load moving companies can piggyback route your partial load into a shared truck to lower the cost of your long distance movers by 40%. So, if you have a small or even a larger move, but you're moving on a budget, a shared load is the best and cheapest way to move long-distance. Shared load moving services are when long-distance movers provide you with state to state moving services and utilize a truck that is already in use. So, that you can have cheaper costs and still get help from long-distance movers.

Moving Experts said "The shared load option is a win-win for all parties involved. It allows long-distance moving companies to maximize the truck's capacity and lower the cost of your long-distance movers"

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Piggy Back Route

Have you ever heard of the term piggyback route? A piggyback route is when long distance movers share a large truck with you and their customers so that the cost of your long-distance movers will be more affordable. A piggyback route is also known as a shared load. In essence, you're sharing a load with someone else for a cheaper bill on your long distance move. Shared load movers are a legitimate way to move between states cheaply without having to rent a truck, and the best part about it is you'll still have insurance on all of your furniture with a shared load. 

Moving House

Move Between States Cheaply 

National moving companies own their own trucks, which means the cost of your state-to-state move will be much cheaper than working with a long distance moving company that subcontracts or rents trucks. Now consumers have the pleasure of working with long distance movers who are professionals at a much cheaper price. 

National Moving Services 

Aside from affordable movers, what else does a national moving company have to offer? National moving companies offer not just lower pricing but a wide variety of interstate and out-of-state moving services to help make your move stress-free.

Our movers are national movers and packers. So, don't worry about packing anything and we got you covered with the best pricing.

State to state movers only do moves that are between states so they have more of an affordable moving option for you than movers who do long-distance moves once and a while. 

If you're moving a small move,  work with affordable long-distance movers. Otherwise, your movers will be too expensive for a small move. So get in touch with our national movers today for affordable small moves. 

Mover Packing
Long Distance Movers 

Long-Distance movers, we all need them but at times they can be so expensive and when it's time to pay the bill, it can be overwhelming. Many people wonder, "Why are long distance movers so expensive" long distance moving companies with limited availability such as trucks and labor, will tend to be more expensive because of supply and demand. But, today there's a solution: Call a national moving company, we own our trucks and we have a lot of them! Our long distance movers are already between states so we can afford to give you a discount.  

Affordable Long-Distance Movers

Affordable movers are important but so is a reliable long-distance moving company and at American National Movers you get both. Remember, quality over quantity is important 

As basic living costs are rising such as rent and food, the need for affordable moving services is on the rise, and if movers don't compete, American National Movers will continue to thrive because we're the most affordable.

It's safer to move cheap with American National Movers because everyone already knows that these long-distance movers are affordable and legit. So, you don't have to worry about credibility. 

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Seniors need affordable moving options too. Especially if their move, involves moving between states. With American National Movers all seniors get 35% off on all long-distance movers. 


If there aren't movers, storage would hardly exist. When they're movers theirs always storage and with our national mover and storage, everything s affordable.


What's the point in hiring long-distance movers if they're not full-service? You're going to need movers and packers and don't let the costs stop you because our full-service movers are inexpensive.

Affordable Long-Distance Moving Company with Good Reviews
If your main focus is hiring a cheaper long distance moving company you could be setting yourself up for failure. The reputation of your long distance movers is just as important as the cost, so before hiring long distance movers based on being more affordable, be sure to check for reviews online. 
Finding a low-cost long-distance moving company with good reviews can be challenging but if you're relentless in your search for affordable movers you may come across American National Movers. 
Secure Packing and Transport
Don't worry, just because you're sharing a truck with someone else's furniture, does not mean your items will not be securely packed and insured. Working with a long distance moving company that can share your route with someone else's is more cost-effective than renting a truck. 
How Much Can I Save From A Shared Load Moving Option?
By using shared load movers, you can lower the cost of your long-distance movers by 40%. The average cost for American National Movers' affordable moving option is between $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 for all state to state movers. For example, if you were quoted $10,000.00 to move a two to three-bedroom from an expensive long-distance moving company, you can expect to pay half of that price when using an affordable shared-load moving option. 
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