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Affordable And Professional Interstate Movers 

American National Movers is one of the best interstate movers that are transparent with their rates. We do our best to be reasonable with our costs while still being realistic to ensure a successful move.

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Why Choose American National Movers

Here are 7 reasons you should choose us for your interstate move:

1. Reasonably Priced

American National Movers is one of the most reasonably priced moving companies in the United States.

2. Professional Movers

Our cheaper services do not indicate a lack of professional moving services. Our movers have received training and have experience for any type of move.

3. Expedited Moving Services

Not only are we one of the most affordable long distance movers in America. We expedite our moving services with a straight delivery, so no long wait time for your furniture. ​

4. Flat Rate Long Distance Moves

We also don't engage in any bait-and-switch tactics: We provide you with our long distance moving costs at a flat rate. This means that your price is binding not to exceed. ​​

5. Moving to A Different State Movers

We're not saying that moving between states is all that we do, but it is our specialty. As a national moving company, we have more resources to ensure customer satisfaction.

6. Small Loads

We dont discriminate either, American National Movers is happy to haul small loads at a fair price. Our small interstate moves program allows you to move affordably while still working with professionals.

7. Full Service Movers

As you would expect from a professional, American National Movers is a full-service moving company. This means you can expect our service to include a white glove door-to-door moving service.

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About American National Movers

American National Movers values transparency, we're not the biggest company in the U.S. but customers trust us. I've built this company with blood, sweat, and tears and I'll do everything I can to maintain trust, authority, and expertise.

Given the nature of the industry, it's almost impossible to not make any mistakes. Interstate shipping is high risk, even if you hire professionals. We do our best to provide you with a good experience.

I'm not going to lie to any of my customers, moving sucks and there is always that element of fear when shipping furniture.

Whether you do the move yourself or hire professionals, there will always be an element of risk. But, if you hire movers who value your experience you have a better chance of being successful.

A Question mark representing: Frequently asked questions for interstate moves

What Is Interstate Moving

Interstate moving involves moving from one state to another, essentially it's an across-state relocation. Some people refer a state to state move as "moving long distance." However, not all long distance moves involve moving across state lines.

How Much Interstate Movers Cost

Some interstate moving companies cost more than others. - Movers charge different rates, but American National Movers has an average line haul of $4,000 for out of state moves.

How To Save On Your Interstate Move

To save money on your interstate move, get rid of the furniture you don't need and start packing your items. If packing is something you can't do, American National Movers offers affordable packing services to improve your moving experience.

How To Hire Interstate And Long Distance Movers

In the U.S. there is a ton of long distance movers to choose from, finding a business willing to haul your furniture isn't hard. The problem is finding a trucking company that's reputable and experienced.

Here is what I mean:

Brand And Reputation

When hiring movers for another state, branding matters. I'm not saying to hire the biggest moving company in the U.S. but the business should at least have some sort of reputation online.

Here is why:

Legitimate Movers

Legitimate moving companies are easy to find online when you do your research on their services. If you find a cheaper hauler but cannot verify their company information or reviews, this is a red flag.

Let Me Explain:

Avoiding Moving Scams

Any trustworthy company will be on reputable sources like TrustPilot, BBB, or Yelp. Businesses without a reputation have nothing to lose and are more likely to change their costs on move day.

Finding the Cheapest Interstate Movers

American National Movers does not recommend hiring the cheapest moving option because you get what you pay for. However, you can still find professional movers like ours to offer discounts.

Pro Tip:

Before agreeing to a price on an interstate move, make sure that your costs are in writing. The contract must explain how the movers calculated your long distance moving costs.

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Moving Estimates

Moving estimates are not a guaranteed price unless it is mentioned on your order for moving services. Although the term "estimate" is self-explanatory, most people overlook this when hiring movers.

I'll explain further:

Non Binding Estimates

Most interstate and long distance moving companies provide customers with a non-binding estimate. This means that your costs are likely to change on your moving date.

Although the FMCSA requires movers to provide a reasonably accurate estimate a lot of movers fail to do so.

Here is What to Do Instead:

Binding Not To Exceed Estimate

Instead, ask your movers for a binding not-to-exceed quote. This means even if they estimated your cubic feet or weight wrong, they legally cannot change your costs.

Choose American National Movers 

American National Movers is a reliable and affordable option for those seeking a trustworthy moving company. We aim to compete at a cost that's reasonable for both you and my laborers. This ensures that you will have a good interstate moving experience without paying too much money.

In the end, my goal is to change the moving industry and show people a better way to do things. Call us now at 1-800-245-7967 for a free quote today.

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