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Affordable and Reliable Interstate Movers

American National Movers has the best interstate movers with affordable prices, and we have good customer reviews. If you don't have much money to move, start packing your own boxes instead of paying your movers for packing services.

Interstate moving companies are similar to long distance movers, except they travel a shorter distance. You should request at least three moving quotes, and ask your interstate movers for a flat rate during your estimate process. - On your move date, you don't want any additional costs, so a binding not to exceed estimate can help you.

People consider movers a long distance moving company for moves across state lines. - Long distance moving companies need to have the proper licenses to do interstate and long distance moves.

American National Movers can make your moving process stress free and our moving costs are not too expensive. Tell us what you need and we got you covered, do you need additional services? Our moving services included: packing services, moving supplies, packing materials, insurance, packing, and unpacking.

Don't rent a moving truck just yet, our moving services are just as affordable as a truck rental. - Our interstate movers and packers offer affordable services for your state to state relocation, including any additional services you need.

Best Interstate Moving Company

American National Movers has the best interstate movers. - We provide reliable moving services and we don't charge a lot of money for short distance moves.

Moving companies that do out of state moves charge way too much money, it's not affordable. Why charge people close to $5,000.00 to travel 50-100 miles? It doesn't make sense. The moving industry can be very expensive and the moving costs are not always justified, it's just pure greed.

People want to work with a reliable moving company but the best interstate movers overcharge for their moving services. - This is why American National Movers will forever be the best interstate moving company, nationwide, we're affordable and reliable.


How Much Interstate Movers Cost

Some interstate moving companies cost more than others. - Movers charge different rates, but American National Movers costs anywhere between $2,000.00 to $3,500.00 for interstate moves. - Compared to what other moving companies charge, this is cheap.

Be cautious of dishonest movers. - They may deceive you by offering a lower price at first. However, on the day of the move, they will end up charging you more. - Before hiring movers, check for reviews online to avoid moving scams.


If you want to hire an interstate moving company, but you're moving on a tight budget call 1800-245-7967 for immediate assistance.

How To Save Money On Your Move

To save money on your interstate move, get rid of the furniture you don't need and start packing your own items. If packing something you can't do, American National Movers offers affordable packing services to improve your moving experience.

Not all interstate moving companies are the same. - Be sure to choose a reliable interstate moving company and try not to focus too much on cost.

When preparing for an interstate move, an accurate moving estimate is important. - If you don't, your moving company will charge you additional costs on your move date. Take your time when going over inventory with your interstate moving company to avoid any additional costs on your move date.

How Much To Tip Movers

You don't have to tip your movers but, it's good etiquette. To tip your interstate movers, give them 15% of the total cost of your move.


Who Has The Best Prices on Long Distance Moving

Moving brokers with good customer reviews have the best prices for long distance and interstate moves. - They have the resources to fit your budget.

Some people don't like working with brokers because they think it will cost more. - This isn't true, moving brokers like American National Movers can negotiate for you and find you the best prices. - Moving carriers hate moving brokers because of this. It's almost impossible to be cheaper than a broker because they have more than 100 long distance moving companies to choose from.

Don't be afraid to work with a broker like American National Movers, we have good reviews and we give flat rates. - Moving long distance is not easy, but if you hire the right interstate moving company, your moving process will be easy.

Small interstate Moves

Not everyone is moving out of state with a lot of furniture but they still want to hire a moving company. Out of state movers sometimes avoid small interstate moves because there's not enough money. - But, with American National Movers we have affordable moving options for big and small moves. Our small interstate moves programs allow you to move affordably while still working with professional movers.


Even if you have just a few pieces of furniture, we can still move you with the best prices.

Why Choose American National Movers

When it comes to crossing state lines, many moving companies may offer promises, but few deliver like American National Movers. Here's why:

  • Experienced with Cross-State Moves: We've successfully assisted many families and individuals in their journey across state lines. Our custome reviews speaks volumes about our expertise in interstate relocations.

  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden costs or last-minute surprises. When you're making the big move across state boundaries, you deserve transparency, and that's what we provide.

  • Skilled Professionals: Our team is well-trained to handle the unique challenges that come with crossing state lines. From understanding interstate regulations to ensuring safe transport, we've got it all covered.

  • Customer-first Approach: Our positive reviews stand testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. We know moving can be emotional and stressful, especially when moving to a different state. We work hard to make it easy for you.

  • Flexible Services: We have moving options for small or large moves, tailored to your needs and budget.

In an industry where many claim to be the best in cross-state relocations, American National Movers truly stands apart. We don't just move your belongings; we ensure peace of mind when you're crossing state lines. Choose us for a hassle-free, affordable, and reliable moving experience.

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