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National Moving Companies For Small Moves

Small Moves Long Distance

Welcome to American National Movers; we'll haul your small, long-distance move without being too expensive. We are the best long distance moving company for small loads and can make your moving experience stress free.


Most moving companies prefer not to ship a few items across state lines (Especially for corss country moves.)


Here's the deal:


Don't bother with DIY moves.


National moving companies like American National Movers provide insurance and cost a bit more than renting a truck.


Not all national moving companies, though. - Some movers are too big of a brand to care for shipping a few pieces of furniture.


The bottom line is:


Even if you have a few pieces of furniture, you can still hire a moving company for small shipments.


American National Movers has a small load moving program that can relocate your small moves cross country or long distance.

Small Moves Specialist

Overjoyed happy mixed race family sitting on floor near big cardboard boxes, looking at ca

National moving companies like American National Movers are small move specialists because we have trucks in many states.


Some movers are more expensive than others, but we're affordable.


The best moving companies for smaller hauls have a van line of trucks. 


This allows us to give you the best price and service.

Shared Load Moving 

Moving companies can combine small loads to save time and money. This is a great option for long distance moves, including larger ones.



Shared load moving companies label and pack your items carefully and deliver your items within a week.


Yes. With a Shared load, you can still have fast delivery times And don't worry about damage. You can get full coverage, regardless of the size of your move.

Full Service Moving Company

For small long distance moves, it's better to hire professional movers instead of doing it yourself.


The reason is simple: long distance moving companies are convenient, do all the work, and have insurance.


Here's the problem: The long distance moving costs. - Consumers have reported, "Sometimes it's better to throw out or sell your stuff and start over."


Not all moving companies are the best at small moves, and if they do, their quotes often exceed the load's value.


In some cases, this is true, but not if you contact a small moves specialist.

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National Moving Companies

As mentioned before, national moving companies are the best movers for shipping a few items.

Whether you want to consolidate your route or have an exclusive truck with straight delivery at a fair moving cost, we've got you covered.


Let's not forget:


National moving companies like Allied Van Lines, United National Vanlines, and American National Movers have a proven track record.


We have a high rating, and to put it simply:


There is no move that is too big or too small.

Moving a Few Items Across Country

Consumers want to ship small loads across the country, and some long distance moving companies overdo it with the prices.


That's why the term "Small long distance movers" is a common search on Google.


So Here is how to ship a few items long distance or cross country:

If you're only moving a few boxes, go with UPS. They are by far the most affordable moving option for boxes.


If you have furniture but not a lot, I cannot stress the benefits of hiring a shared load moving company.


People who used shared load movers say: "My cross country move was 40% cheaper by sharing moving truck space."

National Moving Companies: Best Long Distance Movers For Small Loads

Many long distance movers claim to be the best, but are they the best moving option for small loads? Unlikely.


Here's Why:


Long distance moving companies want higher profits because they have a high overhead.


Consumers who want to ship a few items across state lines want to work with a professional moving company. But, it must be at a moving cost that makes sense.


No one wants to pay upwards of $5,000.00 to move a few items long distance.


Consumers who needed a small move-mover and hired us say: 


​"American National Movers is the best long distance mover for small moves, they're professional, fast, and affordable."

Choose American National Movers For Small Long Distance Moves

Here is Why you should hire our small load long distance movers:


1. Fair Rate: Some long distance moving companies are expensive even if you don't have a lot of stuff. But American National Movers has reasonable rates that will make hiring us easy.


2. Good Reviews: Being cost effective is not our only selling point. We have good reviews, too.


3. Fast delivery: Our delivery times are among the quickest in the moving industry, with some as fast as three days.


4. Packing Services: We don't throw your household goods on a truck and drive; American National Movers has packers and movers.


5. National Moving Company: Working with a national moving company gives you the best value for your money. We are very experienced with interstate and out-of-state moves.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

How Much Small Load Movers Cost

If you're moving from a 1-2 bedroom apartment with just a few items, national moving companies can transport your items for $2,000.00.

Not all long distance moving companies do this.


After contacting moving companies for mini and short-distance moves, the average shipping cost is $4,000.00. With American National Movers, we cut those costs down by half.


Here are four factors contributing to the cost of your small move:

  1. ​Distance: The distance of your move is a major factor in the cost of your move.

  2. Size of items: The more furniture you need packed and loaded, the higher your costs will be

  3. Timing: If you are moving during the busy months, the cost of your long-distance move will be higher.

  4. Long Distance Moving Company: Many long-distance moving companies prefer to avoid small moves. This is why finding national moving companies that specialize in small moves is important.



How Long Will Small Move Long Distance Movers Take?

The answer to this depends on your moving company. Ideally, long distance movers can take anywhere between 4-21 days. So, ask before hiring your movers.

How To Move A Small Amount of Furniture Across Country?

You can rent a truck, use PODS (You pack, they move), or hire a company that's okay with a small move. 


If you don't want to do any work, your best bet is working with a small move specialist.


Do Long Distance Movers Ship Single Items?

Yes, a mover can long haul one item, but the minimum cost for small moves is 2,000.00 so it might not be worth it.

What If My Items Get Lost Or Damages With Shared Loads?

Long distance moving companies for small loads must have insurance for across state relocations so that you can file a claim.

What's considered a Small Moves

Moving companies consider long distance moves between 50 to 400 Cubic Feet as small.

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