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Affordable Small Moves Long Distance & State to State

Small moves, anyone? American National Movers is among the best national moving companies for small moves going long distances or to another state. 

Please Note: Long distance and state to state moves considered a "little load," will cost no less than $2,500 with American National Movers. 

Some may find the price mentioned above reasonable, while others might say it's expensive. However, when hiring movers for a long distance move; big or small—you get what you pay for.  This guide will explain why: 

See What We Charge 

What's Considered a Small Move? 

At American National Movers, we consider a small one —to two-bedroom move with a few pieces of furniture a small move. Listen, we get it. You want the benefits of hiring professional long-distance movers for your small move, but many are expensive. 


But is your Budget Reasonable?

Despite the volume of your items, long movers also consider the distance of your move when quoting your job. We have countless customers who want to move a small load to a new state over 1500 miles away for less than 2,500. However, that's not realistic; here is why:



Professional movers charge for their expertise. We compensate our movers handsomely even for small moves to ensure customer satisfaction. 



Small, long distance and across the country moves cost a lot of money on fuel. That's why many moving companies quote minimum costs of $2,500 if you're relocating furniture to another state. 



This section does not apply to us because we are a family-owned long distance moving company. However, major van lines typically charge more for small long distance moves because of their overhead. 

State to state moving: unloading a mini move in a customer house

Small Move Going Across Country? Here Is What To Know

If you have a small move that exceeds 1500 miles, expect to pay between $2,500, to $3,800. Anything lower than that should be a cause for concern.


Often, the cheapest moving company for your mini-move might not be reputable. Many movers might quote unrealistic prices for a cross country move and completely un-deliver. Here is what I mean:


Cheapest rate:

Although wanting the lowest price for an out-of-state small-load mover is normal, you must ensure your movers are legitimate. The cheapest long distance moving company can quickly turn into a nightmare!


A cheaper long-distance moving cost always comes at the expense of something. For example, PODS is one of the cheapest state-to-state movers for small moves, with an average 1.5-star rating on Yelp. This doesn't mean PODS is not a legitimate option, but when you pay less, you get a lower level of service. 

Hidden Fees:

Did you get the affordable price on your small long distance move, or are your movers misleading you? Ensure your moving costs are binding and not estimated for the best relocation experience. 

How Much We Charge For Small Long Distance Moves 

Just because you're moving a few pieces of furniture to another state does not mean your moving costs will be dirt cheap. Especially if your small move is far away, like a cross country move. You also must ensure that you hire a reputable long distance moving company, regardless of whether you have a small load.  


Here's a realistic cost breakdown for small loads:

  • Minimum Fees: Long distance movers for small loads charge at least $3,500 for moves within 1500 miles, often $4,500+ for coast-to-coast hauls.


  • Don't Forget: Hiring reputable long distance movers, no matter how small the job, protects your wallet and belongings.

Is Hiring Long Distance Movers For A Little Move Worth it?

It all depends; ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I Replace It?: Are your few pieces of furniture easily replaceable? Selling and buying new furniture might beat hiring long distance movers for a mini move. 


  • Stress Factor: Will renting a moving truck and doing the drive make you miserable? Affordable moving companies for small out of state moves might be worth the cost for peace of mind.


  • Anything Precious?: Don't risk damaging your valuable possessions to save a buck. Long distance moving companies offer insurance and are experienced with state to state logistics for small moves. 

Best Long Distance Moving Companies For Small Moves

Here is a list of the best moving companies for long distances and small moves:


  • Allied: Nationwide reputation and budget friendly but might be pricier than smaller long distance movers.



  • Shared Load Moving: Think of this option as carpooling for your belongings! Shared load moving companies are professional movers who reduce the cost of your small move by 30%. A shared load move is a favored cheaper option for small out-of-state moves because the movers still provide a full service move. 


  • U-Haul: Everyone knows that U-Haul holds the crown for being one of the cheapest moving options for a small haul. But, Be realistic about the effort and extra costs (gas, tolls, etc.) involved in long distance truck rentals.

The bottom line: When moving a small load long distances

Thoroughly research your long distance movers, regardless of the size of your move. Look for reviews, check their credentials, and get clear quotes to avoid a long-distance moving nightmare.


Moving a small load long distance doesn't mean sacrificing quality or overpaying. Reputable companies like Allied, American National Movers, and U-Pack offer affordable moving options tailored to your budget.

Remember, the cheapest price isn't always the best deal. Prioritize finding a small long-distance mover committed to excellent service. Ready to make your small move a breeze? Get your free quote today!

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