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American National Long Distance Movers 

Long Distance Move? We specialize in state to state moves. many people say our moving costs are affordable. Others might say we're a little out of their budget. But, one thing is for certain; American National Movers is reliable. 


Reasonably Priced National Long Distance Movers

Moving long distances is hard, especially if you are relocating furniture to a new state. When you hire a reliable mover, moving is much easier, but many people have some concerns. Our main priority is trust. That is why American National Movers is A+ Rated and accredited with the BBB.

National Moving Company 

National Long distance moving companies are fast and reliable with an average wait time of three to seven days for delivery. In some cases, we may even be able to deliver your items on the same or next day. 

Packers And Movers

Typically, National movers are well-versed in packaging fragile items such as fine china, artwork, and pianos. That's because the bulk of our moving services involve long distance moves. 

Long Distance Moving Costs

Many consumers moving long distance are looking for affordable options. Especially if it's a small load. American National Movers has an average cost of $2,800 for small long distance moves. 

American National Movers  Reviews 

 We created this national moving company to ensure a tailored relocation experience for your in-state and long distance move. With nationwide movers and packers at a fair price, our reviews reflect a 97% satisfactory rating. Sorry about all the statistics, at American National Movers we're nerds in the long distance moving industry. ​Our moving company is nationwide but not the biggest in the United States. We have 25 active trucks ready for small—or large-scale state-to-state moves. Our competitors might say our long distance movers are not legitimate because we're affordable, but our customers say otherwise:​​

We're leveling up in our rankings: Our 4.7-star review rating on Trust Pilot rating shows American National Movers is trustworthy.

American National Movers reviews on a verified Google listing, another factor that proves we're a legitimate moving company. 

You can find American National movers reviews on the Facebook app and tell us about your local or out of state moving needs. 


Moving Will Make Anyone Anxious, But Our National Movers Make It Easier.

Work with movers who provide nationwide moving services so that you can save money. By working with national movers you reduce the cost of your long distance move by up to 25%.


When hiring movers, trust is so important; here is our promise to you:


1. Cheaper National Moving Company:

American National Movers makes moving easier in states with limited long distance movers in Phoenix AZ, Denver, Idaho, and nationwide. Long distance moving costs can be expensive, so we offer affordable rates starting at $2,800 for small moves. Hire us and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind a national mover provides.

2. No Hidden Fees:

Our long distance movers are quoted at a flat rate. Tell us what you have, and we'll give you a binding estimate for your state to state move. We offer this to put your mind at ease. Some long distance movers underestimate your out of state move, but we guarantee it. 

3. Reliable Moving: 

American National Movers will meet your local, long distance, or cross country needs. We will compensate you if we fail to deliver a reliable relocation experience. 

4. Expedited & Guaranteed Delivery Dates: 

On average, long distance movers take 14 to 21 days to deliver your furniture. However, you can work with American National Movers to expedite your move and guarantee your delivery date.

5. Dedicated National Mover:

The movers who arrive and pack and load your truck will be the same men delivering your furniture. Your national mover will update your items' estimated arrival time.   


6. Nationwide Relocation Services: 

With state to state movers in major states like Florida, California, Texas, and New York, our national movers and packers make small loads, large home moves, and last-minute relocations. 


7. 30 Days Free: 

As a national moving company, we own warehouses and a storage facility on the second floor. Since we appreciate your business, we offer 30 days of free storage when you hire American National Movers. 

We're A National Mover, Not Just Long Distance Movers:

We specialize in relocating people like you at a fair price and are experts at what we do. Of the hundreds of long distance movers in the United States, only a select few operate nationwide. Regarding long distance moves, national moving companies are often the better choice. Here's why:

1. Big & Small Loads:

American National Movers has tractor trailers to accommodate large house moves, shared loads, or cargo vans to appease your small, long-distance moving needs and budget

2. Guaranteed Delivery Date: 

Are you moving between 300 and 1000 miles and need your furniture to arrive on a definite date? No worries: our long distance movers can expedite your move and guarantee your delivery date.

3. Last Minute & Same Day Movers:

Moving furniture to another state is not always sunshine and rainbows. Many people need last-minute, long distance transport services for a variety of reasons. But don't worry—we accommodate last-minute and same-day moves at no extra cost

4. High Quality Packing Material, Not Just Moving Blankets:

Some long distance and state to state moving companies just pack your furniture with blankets. But a national mover uses top-tier packing materials, which ensures the safety of your fine art, antiques, glassware, and pianos. 

5. Out Long Distance Movers Are Not Too Expensive:

Long distance moving companies might claim that their high costs testify to their professional moving services and that cheaper out of state moving options are not legitimate. To put your mind at ease, our long distance moving costs are guaranteed. 

6. Accurate Quotes

Several long distance moving companies get bad reviews because they underestimate a state to state move. At American National Movers, our moving rates are 95% accurate.

7. Background Checked National long Distance Movers:

Each mover employed by American National Movers, is vigorously background checked and vetted to ensure you receive a professional moving service. 

Get A Quote: We Love Our Customers 

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