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Affordable National Long Distance Movers | State Moving

Affordable movers for long distance, short distance and cross country moves. Our movers are national, so we offer reliable moving services throughout the United States. 

Happy customer after hiring our national long distance movers
American National Movers unloading a long distance move.

American National Movers Reviews 

  • Check out our verified Google listing, another factor that proves we're legitimate. 

  • You can find our movers on the Facebook app and tell us about your local or interstate moving needs.

Think big start small long distance moves

Big & Small Long Distance Moves 

Honestly, many people wanting to hire long distance movers have a small move. So, we created a department for little moves going longer distances.​ As a national long distance moving company, we have a fleet of trucks to cover both large and small moves.​ On occasion we get customers moving 30,000 pounds of furniture out of state, and we have tractor trailers to keep your costs down.​ Our average costs for small moves going to another state is $3,500. Your small moving service costs include packers, movers, loading, and unloading.

happy family after working with American National Movers

National Moving Company Services 

Why don't you consider working with movers who provide national moving services so that you can save money? National movers have more trucks than the average moving company. By working with a national mover, you reduce the cost of your long distance move by up to 25%.​Your search for affordable long distance movers ends here. With American National Movers, you get professional movers at a reasonable price. Our nationwide presence allows us to move you between states at a competitive rate, making us unique. 

National Movers and Packers

Studies have shown that national movers are more skilled at moving and packing household goods out of state. National movers and packers are constantly on the road hauling furniture between states and across the country. ​We trained our movers to package and handle fragile items, pianos, antiques, and fine art. Our national movers and packers use high-quality packing materials to protect your items during the move. 

Cross Country & Long Distance Movers 

The bulk of our move orders are people requesting long distance and cross country moving services. With years of interstate moving experience, you can trust that your items are in goods hands. We've been moving furniture nationwide so often and we enjoy making your relocation stress-free.

Better Affordable Long Distance Movers

I know that you may find long distance moving expensive, but with our national long distance movers—it doesn't have to be. For the average moving company, relocating furniture over long distances is harder. But, at American National Movers, we move furniture to a new state daily. We're not just a moving company; we're a national moving company.

- With years of experience, we ensure a stress-free interstate or short distance move, giving you peace of mind.  

- Our goal is to offer a hassle-free moving experience that meets your needs and budget. Whether you're moving Short distance or across the country, we strive to make it a smooth journey.

- Choose us for your next move, and experience the difference that comes with hiring a national moving company. Experience a cheaper yet a better moving experience with American National Movers

Our Minimum Costs

When in the market for a professional long haul or short distance moving company minimum costs do apply.

Minimum costs for short-distance moves:

  • At the absolute minimum, we charge $2,000 for shipments traveling upwards of 100-400 Miles.

  • In some cases, we may negotiate depending on the size and distance of the shipment.

  • We calculate your short distance moving costs by the volume and distance of your shipment.

Minimum Costs for Long Distance Moves

  • Our national long distance movers truly shine, with an average cost of $3,500 for a state to state move.

  • We calculate your long distance moving costs based on the weight and distance of your shipment. 

  • Our minimum moving to a new state costs are $3,500 regardless of the size and distance of your move.  

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