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Senior Adult couple happy after hiring our senior moving company. Their items were carefully packed by our senior movers with extra care

Affordable Senior Moves For Local & Long Distance Movers

At American National Movers, we understand the challenges of relocating seniors. It's more than just packing boxes and changing addresses; it's about starting a new chapter filled with possibilities. Whether you're downsizing or relocating to a retirement community closer to family, we're here to make senior moves easy.

Discounted Senior Moving Services

We recognize the emotional and budget concerns that come with senior moves. We specialize in providing affordable and reliable local and long distance movers for seniors ages 55 and over. Our experienced movers handle everything, from careful packing and unpacking of your belongings to respectful downsizing assistance. We know seniors love their things, so we'll help make sorting easier and less stressful.

The Challenges Of Senior Moves

Moving can give anyone anxiety, but it can be particularly overwhelming for seniors. Here are seven common challenges seniors encounter during a move:

  • Emotional Attachment to Belongings: For older individuals, their belongings hold lifetime memories. Senior movers suggest downsizing to save money, but it can be hard for older people to decide what to keep or donate. Letting go of items with sentimental value is hard, even if it's no longer practical.


  • Downsizing: Younger adults are telling their parents to downsize their homes to make their senior move affordable. But this can be a daunting process for the elderly and lead them to stray away from relocating altogether.


  • Physical Limitations: Individuals aged 55 and older can't pack and move heavy furniture and boxes. Seniors with limited mobility may require extra assistance during the moving process. Concerns about physical limitations can add stress and doubt to the entire move.


  • Anxiety: Leaving a familiar home can be hard for an older adult who has lived there for years. Moving to a new place can make you feel nervous and unsure about what will happen next.


  • Budget: Hiring a moving company to relocate your elderly parents seems obvious, but costs are a concern. Seniors on a fixed income or retirement find this to be especially true. Worrying about finding cheaper moving companies makes senior moving seem impossible.


  • Finding Reliable Movers: Aside from price, another major concern for seniors is finding a reliable moving company. Reliable moving companies cost more, but hiring a cheap one with little online info is risky. Trust is important, in addition to a cheaper quote.


  • Lack Of Support: Some seniors have limited support from friends and family because of unforeseen circumstances. Older people might feel overwhelmed or discouraged to move without a strong support system.

Senior Move Specialist

By understanding the challenges of relocating older people, we tailor our senior moving services to meet your needs. Our team of senior move specialists are highly trained professionals dedicated to making your move a positive experience. We offer many services to help seniors during the moving process, including:


Packing Services: We don't just put a blanket on your things and haul your valuable possessions. Our senior packers and movers have certifications to package fine art, glassware, antiques, and pianos.


Move Coordinator: Are you managing a move for your elderly parents? No worries. We have project managers who will coordinate the move. Your parents don't have to be there when the movers arrive; we will see you when we get there.


Junk removal: If you're using senior local and long distance moving services, we can help you get rid of things you don't need. Instead of asking us to take them to your new home, we will remove them for you as part of our senior moving costs.


Discounts: Whether you're moving from San Diego, the Bay Area, Hawaii, Dallas, or Connecticut, our national senior movers can help. We make our moving services affordable for every senior in the USA.


Storage: American National Movers offers affordable storage units for seniors, too. If you use our local and long-distance movers for seniors, we offer 30 days of free storage.

Trustworthy and Affordable Senior Movers

When relocating older people, trust and affordability are major concerns. At American National Movers, our senior local and long distance movers have a proven track record of being reliable. Don't just take our word for it. Check out our reviews online here. 

Best Movers For Seniors

When searching for a moving company for seniors, it's important to find one that is affordable and trustworthy. Allied, American National Movers, and Belkins are reputable moving options for seniors and the disabled. 

  • Allied Movers claims to be senior-friendly and is a trusted brand with fairly reasonable prices. However, large hauls with Allied can range from $8,000 to $14,000.

  • Belkins Van Lines With 12 years in business and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Bekins specializes in senior moving services. Contact them for a quote on local and long distance moves.

  • American National Movers: Contact us for the most affordable prices on long-distance moves for seniors. We have packers and movers in all 50 states, making moving easy and affordable.

Trust Our Senior Moving Services

American National Movers offers reliable relocation services for older adults nationwide. We have bases in Hawaii, Connecticut, Ohio, California, Florida, Texas, and others. Hire us for a good price and work with top local and long distance movers for seniors.

Let American National Movers handle the heavy lifting and enhance your Senior move with our packing and unpacking services.

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