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Tell Your Budget, And We'll Find The Cheapest Movers

American National Movers is a licensed and insured moving company with the cheapest way to move furniture to another state. Whether you need an affordable long distance moving company or professional movers and packers for a short distance move. We've got you covered.

With so many movers, calling you and the number of businesses to choose from it can be overwhelming for anyone. Instead, you can tell us your budget, and we will provide you with a price you cannot refuse. 

Just so that you know:

Being Cheaper does not lower the quality of our moving services, you can still expect a white glove relocation. We can give you a lower cost because we are a national brand with movers in every state.

Here's how we do it:

Cheapest Movers With a Truck

American National Movers gives you a price that's reasonable for the laborers and the consumer. We own our trucks and handle any move, so you can be sure you're getting the best price and service. 


When you choose a moving company, it's important to remember that the cheapest option is not always the best option. If you go too cheap, you might hire a company that doesn't have trucks or the experience for the job.

Consolidated Moving Company

Shared load moving is a great way to save money on your move without having to do any work. It works by combining your belongings with other customers moving in the same direction. This allows you to share the cost of the truck and fuel.

Benefits of Shared Moving Services

  • Save money on your move.

  • Reduce your environmental impact.

  • Increase your flexibility (shared load moving companies often have more flexible schedules than traditional ones).

Keep in mind:

American National Movers still provides insurance for your furniture, even if you choose to haul your furniture with someone else's. 

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How Much is a Shared Load For Moving?

Consolidated moves are about 40% less than movers quoting you for a dedicated truck. That's why consumers consider us one of the cheapest one way long distance movers right now.

For example:

The average cost for a long distance move without sharing your load is $8,000. But if you consolidate your move, the average drops to $3,500. That's a significant difference.

Affordable Moving Company

We offer discounts to make your move more affordable, including discounts for students, military members, and seniors.

Please Note:

 Our minimum cost for an out of state move is 2,500 and can go up to $7,000 for larger hauls. If you don't have between $3,000 and $5,000 saved for moving expenses, you may even have problems renting a truck. 

How Much Money To Move To Another State?

The cost of moving long distance depends on whom you hire and the size/distance of your move. Some out of state moving companies charge a premium rate, while others charge less to earn your business. 

Pro tips: 

  • The quality of services is always more important than your moving costs. Saving money is great, but make sure your movers are legit before hiring them.

  • Be careful when budget hunting for a moving option with the lowest price. Some low rate moving providers don't have a truck, insurance, or packing materials. 

 Cheap Option For Moving Cross Country

A cross country move is a shipment traveling over 2,000 miles and it costs more than moves of shorter distances. Major van lines generally charge a lot of money, so to avoid this: contact mid-sized moving companies instead. People call them "smaller movers" on Google. 


Essentially, a smaller moving company still provides white glove cross country moving services at a cost-effective price. The same concept goes for out of state moves. 


5 Reasons to Hire American National Movers

1. Transparent Moving Process

  • We offer transparent pricing and a binding not-to-exceed estimate.

Moving companies quoting you over the phone, don't mention that your costs have the potential to increase on move day. But we do things differently; our quotes come with a fixed rate. 

2. Full Service Movers 

  • We are a full-service moving company, so we can handle everything for you, from packing to unloading.

We're rare in the moving industry, with prices below the moving industry standard. We provide consumers with a professional move, and our costs are similar to UHaul without the hassle of a DIY move. 

3. Budget Moving And Relocation

  • Our team of experienced movers commits to providing our customers with the best price and service.

Whether you need cross country shippers or if you're moving interstate or embarking on a longer haul. American National Movers has movers in every state that can cater to consumers nationwidee. 

4. Fast Long Distance Movers 

  • We have one of the fastest delivery times for interstate and long distance moves. We're talking 3 to 5 days max for long hauls. 

Certain companies take a long time to deliver your furniture, Especially if you're looking for the cheapest price. Our movers deliver your furniture within 3 to 5 days, while others can take as long as 21 calendar days. 

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We'll move you right the first time or American National Movers pays you back. 

Finding a company you can trust to haul your belongings is crucial, it's more important than how much you pay. That's why I'm confident that you can't find a better option than American National Movers. We'll get it done right the first time. Otherwise, we'll reimburse you for the deposit you used to reserve your move.

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