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How Long Can Movers Take For Delivery

Updated: Nov 7

Long distance movers expediting a customers move

Why Do Long Distance Movers Take So Long?

Most moving companies consolidate your move to give you a cheaper price, but this comes at the expense of longer wait times. This means you'll share your load with multiple customers, adding several days to your delivery window.

For an expedited move, ask for an exclusive truck so you don't have to wait a long time for your furniture. Remember that a dedicated truck is more expensive at an average cost of $6,000 for long distance moves.

Why Are Movers Always Late?

Don't panic if your movers are running behind schedule. Unfortunately, a moving company being late is normal. Movers are usually late because of things beyond their control, such as traffic, weather, and trucking issues.

You can lower the chances of long wait times by hiring a moving company with a better reputation. Avoid businesses with multiple complaints of delayed delivery.

Saving Money Vs. Saving Time

Saving money is a priority for many people moving between states. To meet the consumer's demands, moving companies combine your load for a cost-effective move.

Do not assume that you are paying for an exclusive truck. Most companies combine your shipment and load it onto a trailer. This is why there are many complaints online about people waiting a long time for their furniture.

Shared Load Moving Companies

Shared load moving is a great way for someone who wants to move their stuff cheaply, but not if you have a lot of furniture or time restraints.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of shared load moving:


  • Lower cost: Shared load moving is often significantly cheaper than a dedicated truck.

  • Reduced environmental impact: Sharing load moving can help to reduce the environmental impact of moving.

  • Flexibility: Shared load moving can be a flexible option for people who are not in a hurry to move. Wait a few weeks for delivery, but save money—a good trade-off.


  • Longer delivery times: Consolidated moves take significantly longer than hiring a dedicated moving truck.

  • Limited control over the moving process: With shared load moving, you will have less control over the moving process.

  • Potential for damage: There is a high risk of damage when sharing your load. This is because the movers will be loading and unloading your belongings multiple times.

How Long Does A Moving Company Have To Deliver?

By law, movers should deliver within a "reasonable time," typically up to 21 business days for long-distance routes. Always confirm pickup and delivery dates in writing on the bill of lading to safeguard against disputes.

Resolving Disputes With Your Mover

The FMCSA cannot resolve disputes with your mover once you agree to and sign the terms and conditions. Do not sign blank or incomplete documents. Be sure you get a delivery window or guaranteed delivery date in writing on your bill of lading.

You have the right to take your mover to court or request arbitration from your mover to settle a dispute. Going through arbitration is more affordable and convenient than filing a civil lawsuit.

Hostage Moves

If your mover won't deliver your shipment unless you pay an amount you never agreed to, do not call (888) 368-7238 for help. Movers cannot change moving costs once your belongings are in their possession.

Expedited moving services, happy customer

Expedited Moving Services

Expedited moves usually involve a guaranteed delivery date. Your mover must enter those dates on the order for service and the bill of lading. The mover has an obligation to provide the service described in the bill of lading.

Hiring A Legitimate Moving Company

Unreliable companies are easy to find. It is your responsibility to check reviews to ensure your movers are legit.

When planning for a out of state move, picking the right moving company is like choosing a teammate for a class project. You want someone reliable, not someone who'll bail on you last minute.

Here's a checklist to make sure you're hiring the real deal:

  1. Check Those Reviews: Checking reviews can give you the lowdown on the company's work ethic.

  2. Look for the DOT Number: Legit movers have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Like an official ID for moving companies that operate across state lines.

  3. Insurance is Key: Accidents happen. That's why insurance matters. Make sure your moving company has it to protect you from damage.

  4. Reputation Counts: Movers with good reviews value their reputation. You are more likely to have a good moving experience with a company with them.

Reputable Moving Companies

Reputable moving companies cost more, and consumers moving on a budget often fall victim to hiring dishonest movers. Do not let your desire to save money alter your judgment. You should always hire based on quality rather than just what's cheaper.

Choose American National Movers

When moving, you want a trustworthy company to handle your belongings carefully and deliver them on time. That's why you should choose American National Movers. We have a proven track record of providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to making your move as stress-free as possible.

American National Movers can deliver your belongings within two to three days at a fair price. We will also work with you to create a personalized moving plan that fits your needs, budget, and delivery date.

We are proud to be one of the most affordable moving companies in the industry. We offer various pricing options to fit your budget, and we never charge hidden fees.

Contact us today for a free quote and experience the American National Movers difference. We'll make your move a breeze!

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