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Long Distance Move? Get A Guaranteed Delivery Date

Updated: Mar 7

Imagine this: you finally arrive at your new home after a long distance move, excited to settle in. But then, you discover your belongings won't arrive for weeks! This often happens with traditional long distance movers who mix your stuff with others, leading to delays.

Expedite Your Move For a Guaranteed Delivery Date 

To avoid delays with your delivery, you must ask your movers to expedite your delivery date. This process involves providing you with an exclusive truck or prioritizing your route on your shared load move. An additional fee for expedited or guaranteed delivery will be added for express long distance moves. 

Why Movers Take Long To Deliver

Long distance movers arriving with furniture after promising a guaranteed delivery date

Most moving companies consolidate your move to give you a cheaper price, but this comes at the expense of longer wait times. This means you'll share your load with multiple customers, adding several days to your delivery window. 

For an expedited move, ask for an exclusive truck so you don't have to wait a long time for your furniture. Remember that a dedicated truck is more expensive at an average cost of $6,000 for long distance moves.

By Law Long Distance Movers Have 21 Days to Deliver 

By law, your long distance movers have a maximum of 21 business days to deliver your furniture to your new home. That's a long time to wait for a professional moving service; most people expect a quicker delivery.

Shared Load Moving 

Ninety-five percent of long distance moving companies shared their load in an 18-wheeler to reduce expenses. But, this option will add several business days to your delivery window and will likely leave you dissatisfied. 

Some businesses are transparent about their delivery process when sharing your load, but other movers are vague about it. They'll tell the consumer five to seven days and forget to mention that their furniture can take 21 days to arrive. 

People are paying a lot for moving services and waiting almost a month for their belongings to arrive. This is a problem in the moving industry. 

If money isn't a problem, consider paying your long distance movers to guarantee your delivery date. The typical extra cost for this is $2,000. 

Is it Normal For Movers To Be Late?

If you did not pay for express or guaranteed delivery services, it is normal for your movers to be late. As mentioned, hauls that are not expedited share a truckload and can take up to 21 days for delivery. 

Several reviews online show that delays with long distance moving are common, even with major van lines. However, if you pay for a guaranteed delivery date, you are entitled to compensation if your movers are late. 

Benefits Of Guaranteed Delivery 

several trucks ready for a expedited delivery service

Guaranteed delivery is a service from movers that makes sure your things arrive at your new place by a set date. Movers achieve this by using an exclusive truck for your shipment, bypassing the delays associated with shared loads. While it comes with an additional cost, it offers several benefits like:

Peace Of Mind: With expedited shipment, you will know where your household goods are from start to finish. When a mover expresses your delivery, your belongings remain on the truck and do not get unloaded multiple times.

Convenience: One of the most common complaints in the moving industry is the long wait time for delivery. Expedited delivery minimizes the time you spend without valuable possessions, making it easier for you to make arrangements. It also reduces the amount of time you spend without your household goods. 

Efficiency: Using a dedicated truck means your items get full attention, reducing damage risk and speeding up delivery times. Without an expedited long distance move, your items are at risk of damage and extreme delays. 

Tracking your Shipment: Expedited long distance movers provide constant updates on the delivery of your furniture. This makes the added costs for this service worth it because you know where your items are. 

How To Ensure Guaranteed Delivery Dates

Communication: Always communicate clearly and never assume the delivery time for your items to arrive at home. Tell your long distance moving company your delivery expectations up front for the best possible experience. Whether you want a guaranteed delivery date or an expedited shipment, communicate that clearly with your mover.

National Moving Company: Businesses like American National Movers and Allied have more trucks, movers, and locations than the average mover. Working with a national mover gives you a better chance of getting a guaranteed delivery date. This is because national moving companies have enough trucks and resources to offer express delivery services. 

Early Reservation: Book your long distance move early to give movers time to accommodate express delivery requests. Otherwise, you will have difficulty securing a long distance moving company that offers guaranteed delivery dates. 

Get your Guaranteed Delivery Date in Writing 

The guaranteed delivery date does not bind unless your long distance movers note it and state it on your contract and bill of lading. If you do not have a written delivery date, you can not hold your movers liable for being late.

Getting a promised delivery window is a luxury; most companies can't offer this service because of their limited resources. A moving company with limited trucks or a full schedule will likely have delivery delays.

Is Guaranteed Delivery Right For You? 

While a guaranteed delivery date is convenient, this service may not align with your budget. Reputable moving companies can still deliver your things fast even if you don't pay for a guaranteed date. If a specific delivery date or dedicated truck is important to you, then this option might be worth exploring.

Ready for a Faster Move?

At American National Movers, we understand the importance of a smooth and stress-free relocation. We offer guaranteed delivery services to ensure your belongings arrive promptly and safely at your new home. Get a free quote today and know when your furniture will arrive for peace of mind. Contact us now.

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