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Professional Movers For State To State Moves 

Welcome to American National Movers. We're different from other interstate movers because our out of state moving services are affordable for most people.

Packers and movers for out of state move

Movers For Moving Out Of State

Hiring out of state movers involves researching interstate and long distance moving companies. Sounds simple, right? It does, but it's not as easy as you think. 


You are likely looking for the best price or a professional moving company. You may be looking for a reputable company that won't be too expensive. 


Hiring movers for a out of state move is costly, I get it.  


Before hiring movers, you must know your rights and responsibilities to ensure a good moving experience. 

Professional Movers

Not every moving company has the right amount of resources to ensure that you have a successful out of state move.


Sure, most haulers will be happy to try to move your furniture between states, but not all of them are professional. It would help if you always researched before hiring movers and signing a contract. 


Here is what you should know before hiring movers:

Cheap Moves

People interested in interstate shipping want the cheapest option, but it's important to be realistic when negotiating costs. 


Movers want your business so that they may offer affordable moves. However, cheaper doesn't always equal better quality.  


The key is to know the difference between affordable and too good to be true.


 In other words, companies willing to be dirt cheap to long move your furniture can indicate low value.  


Here is what I mean: 

Reliable Movers

Professional movers, that's what you want, but at what cost? You can negotiate for a lower price, but reliable companies won't be dirt cheap either. 


Reliability, branding, and reputation give you more of a guarantee; that's why some long-distance movers are expensive. 


Given the nature of the moving industry, a brand that establishes reliability is within its rights to cost more. 

How Much do Professional Movers Cost?

Prices vary, but affordable professional movers average $800 for local moves and $4,000 for interstate moves.


Please note that I said affordable and professional. Some out-of-state moving companies may offer lower rates, but are they reliable? Probably not. 

Average Long Distance Moving Costs

The average price for your long distance move varies, some companies cost more than others. Expect a wide spread of estimates ranging from $2,500 to $18,000 to haul furniture to a new state.


I wouldn't choose the cheapest or most expensive option; finding a balanced approach is key.

Across State Relocations

Legitimate movers must register with the FMSCA and have a D.O.T. number to cross state lines with household goods. Moving companies legally cannot do interstate shipping without a D.O.T. number. 

Small Load Out Of State Moving 

National moving companies are ideal for hauling mini loads. Cheap Interstate movers who successfully haul small moves own many trucks in many states. 


Other out-of-state moving companies might try to move your small move, but you'll likely wait up to 21 days for your furniture. This is because they don't have enough trucks, resources, and men to ensure a faster delivery. 

Picture of long distance movers getting ready to haul furniture to a new state

How Long Can Movers Take For Delivery

According to the FMCSA, long distance movers are required to provide a reasonable dispatch service. However, by law, moving companies have up to 21 business days to deliver your furniture.


Waiting 21 business days for furniture delivery is not ideal for most people. Before hiring movers, ensure you get an estimated delivery date in writing to avoid long wait times.

Expedited Moving Services

You can ask your movers to expedite your shipment for a faster service. Negotiate a guaranteed delivery date and get it in writing. American National Movers offers this service for an additional cost.

About American National Movers

American National Movers services every state in the U.S.A.; we are a reasonable option for out-of-state moving. 


We know that being too cheap means a bad service while being too expensive limits access for many people. 


This is why we are a good choice: we recognize the need to balance reliable and cost-effective moving. 

Reasonable Movers

American National Movers will quote you at a cost that's within reason. Reasonably priced companies strive to come up with a fair cost that will not affect the overall quality of your long distance move.

Here is what I mean:

accurate representation of how frustrating moving is

Scam Like Companies

Having realistic expectations when negotiating your moving costs is important. Shady companies might entertain being the cheapest hire, but legitimate movers know that reliability comes at a cost.

Moving Between States Cheaply

Saving money on the cost of your shipment is always doable, but tell us what you consider cheap. We negotiate but only compete with legitimate movers, not companies with many bad reviews.


Most cheap movers have many complaints online, and companies with a better reputation tend to overcharge.


They have many complaints online because they try to lure you in with bait-and-switch tactics. Then they change your price on move day so that people will leave negative reviews.


That's where we stand out: 

Good Customer Reviews

Although we are about 35% cheaper than long distance moving companies like Allied Van Lines, we still have a good reputation. Our reviews speak for themselves, and we always strive to make your moving process stress-free. 

Full Service Movers

Our moving services do not lack quality either; your moving costs will always include a full-service move.

Professional long distance movers packing furniture

National Moving Company

With a national reach like ours, we can serve our customers and provide several moving options that suit your needs and budget.


National moving companies are more convenient for out of state moves. We have more experience and availability, and we're flexible. 

One Way Movers

Since we are a national moving company, we can provide you with one-way moves. This means we don't charge you for the costs of driving back since we service multiple states. When a mover does a one-way relocation, you save up to 35% on your out of state move.

Smaller Moving Company

We're not the biggest national moving company in the U.S.A.; we are smaller to midsized, which is good. We do this to tailor your move and ensure customer satisfaction.

Flat Rate Movers

Unfortunately, people know movers that haul furniture between states to change the price on a moving day. That's why we offer flat rates for every interstate and long distance move.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'S)

Here are frequently asked questions people ask before hiring movers for an out of state shipment: 

How To Move Your Stuff Out Of State

Here are some of the best, most popular ways to ship your furniture to another state:

  • U-Haul: Can't afford a professional moving company and don't want to risk hiring cheaper movers? Try U-Haul. The cost of Uhaul varies depending on the size of the shipment and the distance of your relocation.

  • U-Pack: This company has an average cost of about $3,500. You pack everything, load the furniture, and they will haul it for you.

  • Shared Load Moving Companies: D.I.Y. moves are not for everyone, so if you're moving on a budget, try working with shared load movers. This process involves sharing a truck with another customer.

  • Professional Long Distance Movers: Hiring professional movers is always a better option. Especially if you have a lot of stuff or high-value furniture, you should hire movers if it's within your budget.

Is Uhaul Cheaper Than Professional Movers?

U-Haul is generally cheaper than hiring movers, but the cost to rent a truck is not the only price you'll pay. For example, fuel, packing materials, and other expenses will add to your costs.

Can Out-of-State Movers Make Two Stops?

Yes, moving companies can pick up furniture in one house and then go to another location to load more items. American National Movers do this all the time.

Do Movers Have Storage?

Yes, moving companies provide storage. American National Movers offers free storage for 30 days as a token of appreciation for choosing us.

Free Quote For Your Long Distance Move

Moving can be overwhelming, with hidden costs, long wait times, and unreliable companies. That's why American National Movers offers affordable professional services you can trust.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with:

  • Competitive rates: Up to 35% cheaper than major competitors without sacrificing quality.

  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees, just a clear upfront quote guaranteed to stick.

  • Exceptional customer service: We prioritize open communication and go the extra mile for your satisfaction.

  • Reliable deliveries: Get your belongings where they need to be, on time and without delays.

  • Full-service moves: From packing and unpacking to safe transport; we handle it all.

  • National reach: We cater to your needs anywhere in the U.S.A., even offering one-way moves for maximum convenience.

  • Trusted reputation: With positive reviews and a commitment to quality, you can move confidently.

Stop risking bad experiences with cheap, shady movers. Choose American National Movers and experience the difference of a smooth, stress-free move.

 Get a free quote today and see how we can make your relocation a breeze!

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