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Professional state to state movers

Top New State Movers For Moving Between States

Are you moving between states and need professional movers to relocate your items? Our state to state movers are affordable, fast, and reliable. 

Professional State to State Movers 

Please note that professional state to state moving companies typically have higher average costs than other moving options. As reliable movers, we do not intend to hire cheap labor to haul your furniture. As a consumer, you are well within your rights to shop. However, we will not compete with cheap state-to-state movers with a lot of negative reviews. 

Price Match Guarantee 

American National Movers will match any cheaper quote from another moving company with our price match guarantee policy. However, the mover cannot have a history of raising its costs on the customer's move day. We will only compete with professional moving companies with a proven track record of successful state-to-state moves. 

Cheapest Movers To Another State 

We cannot always compete with the cheapest state to state movers because they do not have the same resources and expertise. However, customers who have used us in the past say that we provide the best value because we aren't too cheap or expensive. As a consumer, it's your job to verify that your movers are legit. Don't let your desire to save money impact your decision-making. 

Interstate Move 

Did you know that the legal term for state to state movers is an interstate move? According to the FMCSA, moving furniture to a new state involves hiring interstate movers with a DOT number. Without a DOT number, your interstate moving company cannot cross state lines with household goods. 

Nationwide movers doing state to state moves in truck

Why Choose Our Moving To A New State movers

Here are seven reasons why you should hire us for your out of state move:

1. Nationwide Movers

Our movers are nationwide, with trucks in every 50 states across the United States. Imagine the moving options our nationwide movers can provide compared to companies limited to a couple of states in the U.S.

2. Years Of Experience  

All it takes is owning one truck or even renting trucks to get a DOT number and call yourself a moving company. Sometimes, the movers quoting you are fly-by-night movers who opened a shop less than a year ago. At American National Movers, each crew member has been with us for at least three years. Our brand has been operational for a decade, and we have successfully performed several state-to-state moves.  

3. Full Service Moves 

We provide nothing short of a white glove door to door moving service. This means a full-service move that entails loading, unloading, packing, moving, disassembly, and reassembly. However, it is your option to choose whether or not you want our state to state movers to pack your boxes. 

4. Flat Rate Moving 

The state to state moving industry has a bad habit of not honoring its prices. So, to stand out, we provide our initial costs flatly. We guarantee your costs will not change, so you don't have to worry about hidden fees. 

5. Expedited Delivery

Once our state-to-state movers load your inventory, we do not make any extra stops while your furniture is in transit. This makes us one of the fastest long distance movers, with an average two- to three-day wait time for delivery. 

6. State to State Moving Coordinator 

Contact American National Movers for a moving coordinator who ensures a successful moving experience. Your moving coordinator will help you track your shipment via text and email. They will also address any questions or concerns you may have. 

7. Three Movers State To State Moving

Our affordable three men and a truck service is perfect for state to state moves. You qualify as long as three guys can pack and move your furniture in a truck. 

The inside of a removal van, showing fabric blankets stacked and a background of cardboard

Long Distance & Out Of State Moving Tips

With several complaints against moving companies, it's important to know these things to ensure a successful moving experience:

Know Your Estimate  

When hiring furniture movers to another state, keep in mind that your initial moving costs are an estimate. This means that if your estimate is not a guaranteed cost, your moving quote will likely increase on move day. 

Binding Not To Exceed Estimate 

Avoid the pandemic of hidden fees in the moving industry by working with American National Movers. We offer flat-rate long-distance movers. The legal term for this is a "binding-not-to-exceed estimate. " This moving option protects you from hidden fees or bait-and-switch moving tactics. 

State Movers Calculate Costs By Cubic Feet/Weight 

Movers from one state to another, calculate your costs by the size of your furniture; this can mean the weight or size of your items. Every moving company has a different rate per cubic foot or weight. A good question to ask your state-to-state movers is: "What is your rate per cubic foot/weight? 


The lower the rate, the cheaper the bill, but as we said, the cheapest state-to-state movers are not always the best hire. 

Check Customer Reviews 

Moving companies with positive reviews in different states prioritize their reputation. They are a safer choice than those without or with many negative reviews.

Packing Services 

Moving companies with positive reviews in different states prioritize their reputation. They are a safer choice than those without or with many negative reviews.

Best Nationwide State To State Movers 

Our nationwide movers are in every state, so we have lower prices than other long distance moving companies. You can check our reviews and references online and see the praise we received from our previous customers. For a successful moving process, hiring trustworthy movers is essential. American National Movers has affordable rates and reliable services, making us a leading state to state moving company. 

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