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Movers hate Moving Brokers Because We Are Affordable.

Long distance moving companies don't want you to know this, but brokers like American National Movers have the cheapest moving options.


Why do some moving companies don't want you to know about brokers like American National Movers? It's simple: We are too affordable for the movers to compete.


The moving industry hates brokers, but you can find a reliable moving option through a moving company broker. Some carriers call brokers "scams," suggesting we don't move your items ourselves. The reality is we connect you to reputable, cost-effective long distance movers. - This method offers a better deal and advantage for those seeking quality moving services at a lower cost.


Moving brokers have many movers available, making it hard for carriers to compete with them in long distance moving.


Some carriers say moving brokers are scams, arguing that we don't move your items ourselves. - We arrange transportation and find movers reputable and cost-effective to do it. People might see that as a downside, but it's a major strength.

Are Moving Brokers Legit

Some ask, "Are moving brokers scammers?" It is legal to be a moving company broker. We hold a license and insurance, and the Department of Transportation regulates us.


The theory that long distance movers who are not brokers are better is false. - Ultimately, it boils down to customer reviews and who's more reliable.

Moving companies that are brokers can get you a price that's almost 40% cheaper. - This has led moving carriers to publish posts and say that we aren't legitimate; this is not true.


With a moving company broker, you can work with professional movers who do full-service moves at a lower price.


Moving brokers need a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This license allows us to arrange transportation for long distance and interstate moves. So no. - long distance moving company brokers are not scams.

Long Distance Moving Brokers

Long distance moving brokers have access to reputable movers who are not too expensive. Some think a moving company broker is a scam because they don't physically move items, but we arrange the transportation.


Long distance moving brokers connect you with reliable movers, so working with them is okay. - Check customer reviews online before hiring any moving company.


Moving companies don't like brokers because we make it hard for them to compete. - We are an umbrella of long distance movers offering low-cost moving services, which is frustrating to a carrier.

Moving Brokers Vs. Carriers

So, what's the best moving option, a moving carrier or a broker?


1. Scope of Network

  • Brokers: Brokers have a network of long distance moving companies nationwide, giving you many affordable moving options.

  • Carriers: Carriers operate with their fleet, limiting them to their specific capacity and coverage.

2. Pricing Structure

  • Brokers: We have access to movers at different prices and can provide you with reliable moving services that are not too expensive.

  • Carriers: Carriers set prices based on their costs, leading to more consistent but possibly less flexible rates.

3. Service Approach

  • Brokers: Movers who are brokers act as the middleman and have many movers to choose from with flexibility for customers.

  • Carriers: Carriers handle everything from start to finish, which is a selling point, but carriers charge more for their moving services.

4. Flexibility in Service

  • Brokers: Given our network of national movers, we can find the best long distance movers for your needs and budget.

  • Carriers: long distance moving carriers offer moving services based on their set expenses.

5. Transparency in Process

  • Brokers:  Brokers are legit, but knowing which moving company your brokers selected is important. - A legitimate moving company broker will provide customer service throughout your moving process.

  • Carriers: With carriers, clients have a singular point of contact, so you don't have to communicate with two companies.

6. Relevance of Reputation

Brokers and Carriers: Reviewing customer feedback and ratings is important before choosing a broker or a carrier.


In Summary:

Whom you hire depends on your needs and budget. However, a broker like American National Movers gives cost-effective moving solutions, making us a strong alternative to traditional carriers.

Why Choose American National Movers

Customers who shop around for a moving estimate are often concerned about the high moving costs. - it seems unreasonable.


Many people who get moving quotes from American National Movers appreciate the lower moving estimate.


Jessica Lawerence stated, "One moving company quoted me $17,000.00, for a long distance move and I can't afford that. But, American National Movers offered a much more reasonable rate."


At American National Movers, you can work with professional movers with 35% off on interstate and long distance moves. We will provide you with a written agreement that includes a fixed price. - This means you do not need to worry about additional costs on your move's day.


Our affordable moving services maintain high quality, and We offer full service movers, packing services, storage services, loading, unloading, and furniture assembly.


American National Movers is as cost-effective as a truck rental without you having to do any work. Many people are okay with hiring professional help if it's not too expensive. - With us, it doesn't have to be.

Call us to work with the top long distance movers near you.

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