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Movers Vs Brokers | Long Distance Moves

Moving long-distance and terrified of hidden fees? The internet is full of conflicting advice – are brokers scams, or are movers the real risk? Before you choose, let's bust some myths and learn the difference between brokers and movers.

Never Hire Broker For Long Distance Moves?

moving companies don't want you to know this, but brokers like American National Movers have the cheapest long distance moving options.

-Yet on several websites, people say, "Never hire a broker and never pay a deposit. Reputable movers don't require a deposit for long-distance moves." Is this true? 


-Remember that these statements come from competitors with huge marketing budgets, so take what you read online with a grain of salt. 


-Feedback and reviews show that the issue with hiring moving companies is not just brokers, as consumers have experienced. 


-American National Mover is a moving company broker; we have an A + rating with the BBB. We have been providing long distance transport services for seven years. Our movers have long distance relocated over 5,000 out-of-state moves, and guess what? We're a national moving brokerage company.

Moving Broker Vs. Moving Companies

Whether you choose a traditional mover or a broker, the key is finding a trustworthy company that won't rip you off. But, people have had bad experiences with both moving companies and brokers. Hiring a long distance mover over a broker does not guarantee a good moving experience.

-Even the largest national moving companies have a history of complaints. Pinning all the blame on brokers over moving companies is not the answer to horrible moving experiences. Vetting your movers properly is the best way to avoid hiring a bad moving company. 




What Brokers Do

  1. The moving company broker is registered with the FMCSA and licensed to arrange the transportation of household goods. Long distance movers insure brokers, but brokers themselves are not insured. 

  2. Moving brokers have a significant advantage: a broker has access to affordable long distance moving rates. Cheaper price and a reliable service? With a moving broker, you can achieve this. 

  3. Getting a quote from a long distance moving broker would make your costs about 35% cheaper. This is because brokers work with independent carriers that are more affordable than major long distance movers.

  4. A moving company brokerage like American National Movers has faster delivery times because we employ independent carriers. These carriers have a DOT number, long-distance moving trucks, and a smaller, faster operation

  5. Consider the benefits of working with a broker who can connect you with professional long distance movers at discounted prices.





What Carriers Do

  1. Carriers have licenses and insurance with the FMCSA, so you may be entitled to compensation if any of your items get damaged. Remember, standard liability insurance is 60 cents per pound (not much). Consider paying a deductible for higher coverage. 

  2. Carrier moving companies might have a better line of communication with the ETA for long distance moving delivery. Remember that being labeled a "carrier" is not enough to be considered a reliable long-distance mover. 

  3. By working with an actual moving company over a carrier, you deal with one company instead of two.

  4. Carrier moving companies are more trusted because they are more well-known for spending more money on advertising. Some people value branded trucks, boxes, and uniforms for peace of mind. 

  5. The media says all moving carriers are better than brokers, so working with a carrier seems safer. 

Why Do Big Movers Trash Talk Brokers?


American National Movers is a well-known brokerage with positive reviews. Consumers trust our long distance moving services. ​ We specialize in long-distance moves at affordable prices. Yet moving carriers say all brokers are bad and that you should NEVER hire a broker. ​ These national moving companies are not brokers but are subcontracting your long distance move. They are carriers operating as brokers, yet they tell you to avoid a moving company brokerage. 

Movers Hate Brokers Because Our Costs Are Cheaper 

-Although these statements are false, we can't be too mad because we all compete for your business. Long distance moving carriers know they can't compete with a broker with a nationwide reach of long distance movers. Think of us as a moving coordinator, and we'll find you the best mover for your needs and budget. A carrier? can only present you with one price; if you don't like it, they lose your business.

Are Brokers The Real Problem?

-Again, there are good and bad moving companies, so the media should paint a different picture. Both moving company brokers, and long distance mover carriers provide long distance moving service. As a consumer it's important to ensure that you're dealing with a trust worthy moving company: regardless of it being a broker or mover. 

Moving Brokers Can Connect You With Cheaper Reliable Movers 

-You can find a reliable moving option through a moving company broker. Some carriers call brokers "scams," suggesting we don't move your items ourselves. The reality is we connect you to reputable, cost-effective long distance movers. - This method offers a better deal and advantage for those seeking quality moving services at a lower cost.

Brokers Are Not Just Cheap; We're Reputable Too.

  1. People are constantly looking for the cheapest, reliable long distance movers. Brokers could offer you the best prices on your long-distance movers. 

  2. The BBB has given American National Movers, a moving company, high ratings and accreditation. So, is the claim that every broker is a scam? 

  3. Nope, and we're living proof. We don't just offer some of the lowest prices on out-of-state moves; our nationwide movers are reliable. 

Carriers are NOT Saying The Full-Story.

Each moving company might make a mistake, whether a mover or a broker. Avoiding a broker is not the issue.  Consumers must vet their moving options carefully before relying on a long-distance moving service for their furniture. Good brokers and movers exist, but there are also bad companies, so choose wisely! 

Long Distance Moving Brokers

-Think Long distance movers are expensive? A moving brokerage can help you. We have access to reputable, and affordable long distance movers. Some people believe moving company brokers are scams because they don't do the physical moving, but they coordinate transportation.


-Long distance moving brokers connect you with reliable movers, so working with them is okay. - Check customer reviews online before hiring any moving company. Moving companies don't like brokers because we make it hard for them to compete. We are an umbrella of long distance movers offering low-cost moving services, which frustrates a carrier.

Why Choose American National Movers

-Customers who shop around for a moving estimate are often concerned about high long distance moving costs. But with American National Movers, you can hire reliable long distance movers at a fair price. And that's what it's all about moving cheaply without the lack of professional moving services. 

-Jessica Lawerence stated, "One moving company quoted me $17,000.00, for a long distance move and I can't afford that. But, American National Movers offered a much more reasonable rate."


-At American National Movers, we're professional long distance movers, and our average cost is $4,000. 


Think Or Costs Are Too Good To Be True? 

American National Movers will provide you with a flat rate on your long distance move so you dont have to worry about hidden fees. Our affordable moving services include full-service movers, packing services, storage services, furniture assembly, loading and unloading, and furniture assembly. Get a quote from a reputable broker with affordable access to the best long distance movers.

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