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Because we have so many long distance moving trucks, it's easier for us to be cheaper.

Best Affordable Long Distance Movers

Affordable interstate, cross country, and long distance moving services throughout the United States. Move your household goods from state to state at a reasonable price. We are not advocating being the cheapest long distance movers, but most people say that the price of our moving services is fair.

Out Of State & Long Distance Movers

All we do is long distance and out of state moves, and that's why we have the best prices. Our moving trucks are constantly relocating furniture between states. With a wide range of national long distance movers, other companies are struggling to keep up with our low costs.

Happy Young Male Movers Holding Cardboard Boxes Standing In truck after  finishing a affordable long distance move.

Why Is Long Distance Moving So Expensive? 

Brand: When hiring a long distance moving company, you're not just hiring three men and a truck; you're hiring a brand. Each brand has its rate that they charge for the services, and if it's from a large brand, expect to pay a premium rate. 


Inflation: As basic living costs continue to rise in America, so do the costs of fuel, labor, and materials. 


Mileage: Long distance moves that are far away tend to be expensive because of the difficulty of the haul and fuel cost. 


Volume: Larger moves that require a full truck have an average cost of $7,000 because you have a lot of furniture. The more household goods you have, the more packers and movers you need, which adds to your total moving expense. 

How Long Distance Movers Calculate Costs 

Fuel: For hauls that exceed 1000 miles, gas will cost the moving company an average cost of $700.00


Labor: Assuming you want to work with experienced movers, the going rate for labor is between $200 and $500 per man. 


Packing Materials: Long distance moves with many household goods will cost the mover at least $600 for moving supplies. 


Misc Expenses: Extra costs like employee wages and insurance costs will increase the total expense of your move. 

Our Affordable Long Distance Moving Cost 

A cheaper, legitimate long distance moving company charges a minimum of $3,500 for an out of state move. This amount covers operating costs and allows for a profit when moving furniture. 

Remember that getting a low cost on your long distance relocation means nothing if the movers do a bad job. Aside from looking for the cheapest out of state movers to relocate your things, work with moving companies like American National Movers. We offer the right balance between experienced laborers at a lower price. 


Please note that hiring out of state movers for a long distance move may not be the cheapest option, but it can be cost effective. 

For the best long distance moving experience, ensure that your costs align with the value of your furniture. I would not recommend hiring the cheapest company if you have high-value furniture, but I wouldn't recommend the most expensive mover either. 


  • Our small long distance moves traveling upwards of 400 miles have an average cost of $3,500. 

  • Household goods moving out of state and exceeding 7000 pounds have an affordable average cost of $5,500.

Cheapest Long Distance Moving Options

Aside from hiring a full-service moving company, here are some other cheap long distance moving options. Please note that a cheaper price comes with a lower level of service and no insurance: 


Small Brand: Pending reviews, a smaller carrier can be just what you need for a cheaper long distance move. A small moving company can still provide the same level of service larger brands provide. Small movers are keen to earn your business and will offer a competitive rate to win you over. 


U-Pack: Pack your belongings and put them in a container from U-Pack. The average cost for a state move with U-PACK is $4,500. 


PODS: An alternative to U-PACK is PODS. They are more expensive but provide more moving options and larger containers. Pack and Load your items, and then PODS will hire a contractor to move your items long. 


Shared Load: Consolidate your shipment with another customer's items in a single truck. The beauty of a shared load mover is you don't have to pack, load, unload, or move anything. Furthermore, hiring a licensed mover ensures that they insure your household goods.


U-Haul: Your last choice is to rent a truck and hire workers to help pack and move your belongings. Please note that U-Haul prices have increased and are not as cheap as they once were. With U-Haul, you can expect to pay an average of $4,000 to move your furniture to a new state. 

Cheap Long Distance Moving Scams 

With so many long distance moving companies eager to earn your business, how do you know who to hire? It's hard. People want the best price and a better service, but does it work that way? 

As a customer, try to forget about finding the cheapest long distance moving company and ask yourself, "is this moving company legitimate." 

So, many Americans get scammed by long distance movers who lure them in with a cheap price. Only to be double or triple charged on loading and unloading day. 

At American National Movers, our long distance movers are budget friendly and have good reviews. Our competitors think that our moving costs are too good to be true. But that's not the case. We strive to be competitive, and our moving business continues to grow. 

Most Affordable Long Distance Movers 

Your search for a reliable long distance moving company at a reasonable price can end here. Consumers who used American National Movers reported saving up to $4,000 on their out of state move. 


The best part about working with American National Movers is that our cheaper long distance moving costs come with a professional service. As a moving company offering national moving service, we are one of the best long distance movers in the U.S.


  • We tailored our long distance moving costs to ensure quality services while catering to your needs and budget. 



  • Our average wait time for delivery is three to five days, which is much faster than what other companies offer. 


  • American National Movers is licensed and insured, so you can trust that we follow the rules set by the FMCSA.

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