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The Most Affordable Long Distance Movers

When you think of affordable moving services, American National Movers stands out. Customers consider us the most affordable long-distance movers in the U.S. Our nationwide movers provide moving services in all states.

American National Movers Rates

First, we'll start by talking about costs:

Our average moving costs are well below the industry standard, making us the top choice for affordable, long-distance moving.

Affordable Moving Company Long Distance

Our family started as two men and a truck, now we're local in every state and our family manages it. We're An affordable long distance moving company that will handle your furniture like our good reputation.

In other words:

My movers are NOT here for a quick buck, we're thinking long term, and your reviews matter. We'll get it done right, or American National Movers will pay you.

We're the most affordable long distance movers nationwide. Even in states like Ohio, Denver, Chicago, and Georgia. Yet It doesn't stop there; our low cost moving options are in NYC, Seattle, DC, and more.

We can continue and continue, Long story short, wherever you're moving from or to, we service it.

How We Can Afford To Be Cheaper

National moving companies only do state-to-state and interstate moves, which makes them one of the cheapest moving options. Our priority is to provide you with a good moving experience without overcharging you for our moving services.

Some people may wonder:

How Can American National Movers Be Cheap, While Others Are Expensive?

Some long distance moving costs are more expensive because the movers quoting you have higher rates. They don't have to but their costs are higher costs because it's their choice. 

Granted, a hauler will calculate your costs by the size and weight of your items as well as the distance. However, they may charge higher rates and they succeed because they have permission to do so.

Some businesses argue that they charge more because they're more reliable. However, you shouldn't have to pay an average cost of $8,000.00 to move a 1 to 2-bedroom between states.

That's why we're here to help:

American National Movers decided to be more affordable. We know that the high demand for moving services means nothing when you're too expensive.

Why We're The Cheapest Moving Option That Can Be Trusted 

People want a cheaper way out while still working with a reputable trucking company. We Get it, that's why we built this business off the desire to be the top choice with the best prices.

Here Are Our Rates

  • Small Moves: Average cost of $2,500

  • Large Moves: Average cost of $5,500

Our prices are comparable to a DIY move, earning us the title of the "best cheap long-distance movers."

Cheery young international couple with cute golden retriever dog sitting on floor of new h

How To Find The Cheapest Long Distance Movers

Hiring a full service moving company can be costly, so people look for cheap moving companies to save money.


The cost of your movers does not determine the overall success of your move. Some of the worst moving companies try to lure you in by being the cheapest long distance movers.

Here is an example:

Moving is a big life event, and it's crucial to choose a company that aligns with your needs and budget. With American National Movers, you can relax knowing you'll get a fair price without any unexpected charges.

Be Weary of moving estimates of less than $2,000.00 for a state-to-state move. Hiring the Cheapest movers may seem appealing. However, the most affordable long distance movers charge between $2,000 to 3,000, minimum.   

Keep in Mind:

The worst moving companies stem from unrealistic prices, that's why people call American National Movers the best for saving money. We're affordable and we get the job done right.

Moving companies quoting below $2,000 for an interstate or out of state move is likely going to be unreliable. Always check online reviews and ensure the company is legitimate before hiring based on cost.

Simply put:

Don't let your budget alter your judgment when hiring movers. Saving money is good but make sure your long distance moving costs are realistic.

What About Insurance?

Nobody plans on losing or breaking their belongings during a move, but accidents happen. That’s why insurance is crucial.

Yep. Even the most professional movers with the best reputation can break your furniture. So, If a moving company offers you a dirt cheap rate they probably don't have insurance. Are you okay with that?

One of the best things about hiring a long distance moving company is insurance. So what good is the cheapest moving option without insurance?

By the way:

American National Movers is one the most affordable long distance movers, with insurance. We'll get it done right or we pay you back. - That’s why we offer different insurance options to fit your budget and peace of mind.

Average Cost Of Affordable Moving Companies Long Distance

Moving on a budget is common, but be reasonable and always check online reviews before hiring and signing a contract.

You don't have to hire expensive movers. - Some long distance moving companies are cheaper than others, just make sure they're legit before agreeing to a cost.

Simply put:

A low moving estimate is good to an extent. Some moving companies offer discounts, but it's hard to find reliable movers for long-distance moves on a budget under $2,000.

The average cost of what legitimate affordable moving companies charge per bedroom:

  • 1-2 bedroom: 2,500.00 To $3,999.00

  • 3-4 Bedrooms: 4,000.00 to $6,999.00

  • 5 bedrooms and up $7,000 to $9,400.00

Moving Services Are Negotiable

You can haggle with movers, after all a moving quote is a bid. - Sometimes, you can get a lower price by negotiating your costs.

Large brands may turn you away but you don't have to hire the biggest moving company for a good moving experience.

Mid-Sized To Small Moving Companies

You don't have to hire the biggest company for a a good moving experience. The most affordable long distance moving companies are sometimes small brands and they still have good reviews.

If you're relocationg on a budget, consider hiring a smaller moving company to save money.

For Example:

Large expensive long-distance moving companies have no real motive to serve consumers on a budget. This is because calendars fill quickly and they tend to avoid jobs with low profit like smaller moves or interstate moves.

Smaller moving brands can still offer quality moving services at affordable rates. A small business doesn't mean that they're not reliable or reputable, some businesses just prefer to keep things simple.


Moving Cheaply

There are several ways you can move between states while keeping your costs reasonably low. If you have limited time or need help packing, hiring movers is your best bet.

Hiring a long distance moving company like American National Movers is as cost-effective as a DIY move.

DIY vs Professional Movers

Some people think that a DIY move is always cheaper than hiring movers but this isn't always true. When you factor in the costs for truck rental, gas, and tolls, the moving costs to DIY add quickly.

For example:

Renting a 26-foot Uhaul truck averages around $3,800 while hiring us for a long-distance move averages around $4,500. With a marginal difference of $700, you might find it worthwhile to hire professional movers instead of renting a truck. 

Advantages of A National Moving Company

Two things come to mind for long-distance moving—cost and reliability. American National Movers specializes in offering the best of both worlds

National moving companies like American National Movers are in almost every state. Plus, we only do interstate and long distance moves so it's easier for us to be cheaper.

We have moving options that meet almost any budget and the reason is simple:

When you have movers in every state you can optimize your routes and charge less for long hauls and it's legitimate. When there's a truck coming towards the state you are moving from or to, you're in for a discount.

Packers And Movers

American National Movers is one of the best options for state to state moves because nationwide brands are experts at packing.

What good is hiring the cheapest moving company if they break your furniture? Reliability is more important than price. This is why you should do your due diligence before hiring the lowest-priced moving company.

Shared Load Moving

Nationwide movers can haul big or small loads and we're happy to come up with a plan that works best for your needs. For example, if you don't need a full truck, a consolidated move is the cheapest long distance moving option.

Please note:

Sharing your load is an moving option, not a requirement. We offer affordable exclusive moving trucks too.

Affordable Moving And Storage

Hire American National Movers and we'll provide you with 30 days of storage free of cost. That's our way of appreciating your business. Additionally, If you need your furniture to stay longer than a month, note that: our average monthly cost for storage is $200.00

Avoid Expensive Long Distance Moving Companies


Some long distance movers charge higher prices simply because they can. These movers often target high-profit jobs and may not be interested in smaller or mid-sized moves. They have plenty of business already, so they can afford to set their prices higher. This makes them pricier than small moving companies that will value your business more.

For example:

  • Allied Van Lines has an average cost of $8,000.00 for a 1 to 2-bedroom.

  • American National Movers has an average cost of $2,500.00 to $3,999.00 for a 1 to 2-bedroom.

That is a 50% difference in cost yet, we still provide the same service with good customer reviews to prove it.

How To Keep Your Costs Down

When moving between states, people often consider two things: cost and quality. Everyone likes a good deal, but remember you get what you pay for. However, there are ways to save money.


it's wise to think about the services you need versus the ones you can do without.

For Example:

Do you need your movers to pack your fragile? Or can you pack up your stuff yourself to save a few bucks?


The price of your long-distance movers varies based on factors like distance, item size, and extra services. If you have a lot of furniture your costs can exceed $5,000.0. 

If you're low on money for moving, reduce what you have, and don't ask movers to move large and heavy things. This will help you save on costs.

For example:

If the value of your item is not worth the shipping costs, consider putting it up for auction. If your moving costs exceed the value of your furniture, then it is not worth moving long-distance. 


Hiring a moving company is not good for those who are only moving a small number of boxes and furniture. In some cases, selling your stuff and buying new furniture is your best bet.

Choose American National Movers For Cheaper Moves

American National Movers is the best affordable long-distance moving company for interstate and out of state moves.


We understand that cost is often a significant factor when choosing a moving company.

Contrary to popular belief, not all long-distance movers are expensive. We understand that moving can be a stressful experience. That's why we offer cheapest long-distance moving options and we're the best at doing it.

Here at American National Movers, we provide nationwide coverage to offer you the most affordable rates in the United States. You can count on us to handle your belongings carefully and respectfully throughout the process.


Avoid aiming for the cheapest mover; instead, look for a business that offers reasonable prices and has good reviews.  Overall, moving to another state is a reasonable investment. Whether you hire movers or rent a truck and DIY, be ready to invest.

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