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Affordable Long Distance Moves That Don't Lack Quality.

Before owning a moving company, I would hire movers too. Remember, I'm a human too, and just like you, I hired movers.


When moving to a new state you'll experience a roller coaster of emotions, especially if you're going alone.


A lot of times relocating is exciting but hiring long distance movers isn't, it's stressful.​ When considering movers a lot of people ask, who is the best state to state moving company? And what's the cheapest way to move long distance?


The truth is, no long distance moving company is perfect and things happen. 


Legitimate movers, still have complaints online so if you see your long distance movers with complaints, don't panic. 


Even the most reliable movers have negative reviews. I hired movers and gained knowledge. Now, I'll share valuable tips for moving long distance.

You Get What You Pay For

Moving on a budget can affect your decision-making. Some people, like me, can get too focused on finding the lowest price. 

Cheap moving companies are often the worst.


So, look for affordable movers, but be cautious of any warning signs. 

Professional movers cost more but they provide excellent customer service and make your moving process much easier.

 Anything of high quality costs a little more but it's usually worth the money.

Try not to think about the money too much, in the moving industry cheap moving companies always cost more. 


If you're only moving a few items work with our small moves department or consider a truck rental to save money.


But, if you have a lot of stuff it's a good idea to invest in professional state to state movers.


Moving Out OF State Alone

Moving to a new state alone is more common than you think so you're not alone. If you don't have anyone to help you move between states, hiring a moving company is your best moving option.  


Attempting to long haul furniture long distances is extremely time-consuming, if you have the money just hire movers.


I once tried moving without professionals and it cost me a lot for truck rentals, packing materials, and damages. I would never move to a new state or even down the block without professional help, you shouldn't either.  


Get at least three moving quotes from long distance moving companies, check reviews then go with the most cost-effective option.  Reliable moving services will always cost a little bit more, but that's okay, it'll be money well spent.


Average Moving Costs

Don't let your budget alter your judgment, here are realistic, average costs of movers:


Local Moves: Moving within the same state ranges from $800.00 to $2,500.00. The harder your job the more money it will cost. Local movers typically charge you by the hour but you can ask for a flat rate.​

Long Distance Moves: Long distance movers are obviously more expensive than moving just a few miles away. Moving companies that do state to state moves have an average cost of $3,500.00 to $10,000.00. Large homes (3 to 5 bedrooms) tend to be in the $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 range.

Smaller Moves: Moving from a smaller home can still be expensive with some movers, but not with us. For small moves we have an average cost of $2,000.00 to $3,000.00.


Cross Country Moves: Moving across the country is expensive, with a minimum cost of $5,000.00 for a coast to coast move.

Dont Forget About Insurance

Moving trucks don't get along with bumpy roads and if you're moving long distance, they'll be bumpy roads ahead.


Movers must have insurance for State to State moves, check with the Department of Transportation to verify their license and insurance.


Even with the help of a long distance moving company, damages can happen, based on many reviews online, it's evident.


So, ask for full coverage from your movers for complete protection in case of damages, or you'll regret it.

Expidited Delivery

Some movers are slow and make customers wait up to 30 days for furniture, even after paying a lot of money.


Ensure your long distance movers have a direct delivery without any stops, or else you'll become extremely frustrated.

Some people ask, "why do long distance movers take so long?" Some movers take long because they don't do a straight delivery.

Receiving the run around when calling a moving company for an estimated time of arrival is sad.


I've been there, so American National Movers will speed up your delivery for the fastest delivery times.


Our movers will arrive in a few days. If it's too fast for you, don't worry, we also offer national moving and storage services.

Big Moves Need Tractor Trailers

Some moving companies don't have big trucks for large homes, so they send two smaller trucks instead. This can be more expensive than using just one truck.


Additionally, make sure your movers own their truck and aren't using a rental, or else that expense will fall on you.


Be cautious when hiring movers for a lot of furniture, as some may hold your furniture hostage for more money.


They're some horror stories people have experienced when working with movers who could care less about you or your furniture. The best way to avoid this is by checking for reviews online.

Choose American National Movers For Your Long Distance Move

Moving to a new state will leave anyone anxious, I understand, I've been there.


This is why you should work With American National Movers for your long distance move. 


When getting in contact with our long distance movers, you'll feel a sense of comfort, my movers are very personable. 


National Movers are in every state, we provide moving services at a fair cost to everyone with the fastest delivery times. 


My movers and packers are trustworthy, polite, drug tested, and have undergone thorough background checks to make your move stress-free. 


We are one of the most affordable long distance movers that you can trust.

Areas We Serve

Here is a list of the States we are based in:

- Texas

- Illinois

- Florida

- California

- New York

- Minnesota

- Michigan

- New Jersey

- Tennesee

- Washington

- Georgia

- Oregon

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