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Flat Rate Long-Distance Movers

Did you know that when you negotiate costs with long-distance movers, your costs can change if it's not a flat rate? Thanks to Google, now that we're in 2023, people are becoming aware of long-distance moving scams.  Many people feel scammed by moving companies providing state-to-state moving services because the movers fail to be upfront about calculating your estimates. As the consumer, one of the best ways of avoiding "scams" from long-distance movers is by understanding the way movers calculate costs. Keep in mind if your costs are being estimated, then the cost of your long-distance movers can change at any time. If you are moving on a budget and cannot afford any mishaps, long-distance movers that provide flat rates are your best moving option to avoid cost increases and that hopeless feeling of being scammed by a moving company.

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How Moving Estimates Work 

An estimate is just an estimate that can be changed at any point. According to the DOT, "A non-binding estimate is not a guarantee of your final costs," and "Therefore, the amount of your mover's non-binding estimate may be different from the amount you ultimately have to pay" If you're uncomfortable with the idea of your costs not being a guarantee, then you should work with flat-rate long-distance movers. Long-distance movers that provide consumers with binding estimates (Flat rates) are reputable and can be trusted because they have no intention of charging their customers with hidden fees. 


How Flat Rates Work 

Moving companies with flat rates have the best long-distance movers for state-to-state moves. A flat rate guarantees that your long-distance movers cannot require you to pay more than the amount on the initial estimate. Those moving on a tight budget cannot afford any cost increases on move day, so if you're moving long-distance, moving experts recommend working with long-distance movers who provide flat rates.

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Flat Rate Movers

Finding movers that provide flat rates for long-distance moves is rare. - The bottom line is Flat rate long-distance movers provide consumers with a legitimate state-to-state moving experience. Movers tend to get many negative reviews online because their costs are estimates, but when your long-distance movers can provide flat rates, the customer is almost always happy with the result. 

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American National Movers Has Flat Rate Movers 

American National Movers is known for its ability to provide professional state-to-state moving services while still being affordable. These days for the consumer, it feels like all reputable long-distance movers are expensive, and all the cheap movers are shady. But this long-distance moving company stands out because their movers are affordable with a good reputation and now, they're providing flat rates on long-distance moves. 

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