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Flat Rate Movers Long Distance Moves

Did you know that when you negotiate costs with long-distance movers, your costs can change if it's not a flat rate? Some customers who hired long distance moving companies were upset when the movers changed the rate at the last minute. Many people feel scammed by movers because they failed to be upfront about how a moving estimate works. 

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How Long Distance Moving Estimates Work 

According to the FMCSA, a non-binding estimate does not guarantee your final costs. This means your estimated price may be more than what you must pay.  

As a customer, the best way to avoid a bad experience is by understanding how movers calculate costs. Remember that if someone is estimating your costs, the rate for your long distance movers can change at any time. Not everyone can afford an unexpected price change, and the estimated rate process makes people uneasy. 

How We Calculate Your Flat Rate 

Our long distance movers calculate your flat rate by the size and distance of your relocation. Contact our move coordinators with a list of items to pack and move. Also, let them know the state you are moving from and the state you are moving to. When discussing a fixed price, ensure your inventory and moving information are correct to keep your costs the same. 

Avoid Moving Scams With A Flat Rate 

You get a cheaper price from a moving company, and then on move day, the movers arrive and attempt to double your total cost. I'm sure you heard of the lowball scam in the moving industry, and this can be difficult for people relocating on a budget. 


Ask for a guaranteed price for those of you moving on a budget and cannot afford any extra charges. Flat rate long distance moving companies are the best movers for moving to a new state.

Reputable Movers Honor their Rates 

You don't have to worry about hidden fees when you hire a reputable company. Legitimate companies like American National Movers honor the costs of their long distance move. We don't mind giving you a flat rate because it shows that our long distance movers are genuine. 

Flat Rate Long Distance Movers 

Ask your long distance movers for a flat rate to avoid the hassle or worry of unexpected costs. Customers commonly complain about being charged more on move day. Others call this business practice the bait-and-switch moving scam. 

Work with a flat rate moving company like American National Movers; you can move with peace of mind. Flat rate long distance movers are honest about their costs and are more likely to provide you with a better experience. 

Flat Rate Long Distance Moving: Binding-Estimate 

The legal term for a flat rate on your long distance move is a binding, not-to-exceed moving estimate. A binding quote guarantees that it will not change and must be in writing, not a verbal agreement. 

Please ensure your inventory is accurate for flat-rate movers going a long distance. If you add more things to your list after agreeing on a price, your movers can change the cost. 

Trust long distance movers who offer binding estimates (flat rates); they are reputable and won't catch you off guard with hidden fees. 

Why Long Distance Movers Have Bad Reviews 

Movers that do long distance moves get negative reviews online because their costs change substantially at the last minute. Disputes over moving estimates have left a negative impression, causing some to avoid hiring movers altogether. Customers may feel tricked by low prices that become more expensive on moving day. 

Get A Guaranteed Quote Now 

These days, for the consumer, it feels like all reputable long distance movers are expensive, and all the cheap movers are shady. However, American National Movers is transparent about our long distance moving costs, and we're affordable. Our long distance moving services are the happy medium: we're not too cheap or expensive. Our estimated costs are never too good to be true because we guarantee it on a contract to put your mind at ease. 

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