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Are your long-distance movers too cheap? That's probably because they have bad reviews, no reputation, and are a scam. Watch out! Bait and switch movers lure customers in with a lower price, only to scam you on move day.

Cheap Movers

We're not saying that cheap is always a bad thing but before hiring movers you should really check their reviews so that you can stop yourself from being scammed by shady long-distance movers 

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License and Insurance

Can I have your license and insurance, please? We all need it, including long-distance moving companies. Did you check with the FMCSA, for your long-distance mover's license and insurance? If not you could be getting scammed.  

Stop and do your research, it's easy to get scammed by state-to-state movers if you don't plan ahead. Protect your move and check your long-distance mover's complaint history to see what the movers are known for. This can reduce your chances of being scammed by far.

Dirt Cheap Movers

Anything that's too cheap is probably not worth the money. That's why it's cheap in the first place. So, stay away from cheap long distance movers if you care about your stuff.

Negative Reviews

Did you get a low price from long-distance movers, only to fing negative review after negative review? If you don't want to get scammed I think it's best you move on and not hire them. 

Unprofessional Website

If your long-distance movers have a shady website, im sure there moving services would be shady too. Judge your movers website, its their portfolio! 

We covered license and insurance, so your long-distance movers have insurance but does this mean they're legit? No, legitimacy goes beyond the ability to operate interstate and state-to-state moves. This is why it's important to check for reviews before hiring any long-distance moving company. 

If you're worried about the legitimacy of your movers, follow your gut and don't hire them, they're ove 4,000 moving compaies to choose from.

American National Movers is a national moving company that is trusted and well-known for legitimate affordable moving services. So, if you think your movers are a scam, call us!  

Shady movers are more common than you think and moving scams are on the rise. That's why you should work with an American National Moving Company. Were all legit.

Our Services

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Legitimate, trustworthy moving companies have long-distance movers in many states, and with American National Movers our affordable long-distance movers are nationwide. 


What's a mover without storage? illegitimate, how can you claim to be a moving company without moving and storage? Well, our national movers have long-distance movers and storage. 


National moving companies appear more legitimate because they can do what other movers who don't have nationwide movers can't. So, if you want to work with better long-distance moving companies. Work with a national moving company

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How Not to Get Scammed By Movers

So, you just hired a mover, and you are having second thoughts, and you want to know how you can know if the movers are legit and how to avoid being scammed by a moving company.


- The first thing you can do is check for any negative reviews online.


- When it comes to moving furniture between states people will complain if they had a bad experience.


- Moving experts advise against working with long-distance movers if you cannot find any feedback on them.


- The same holds true for reviews that seem too good to be true, and If you come across an organization with only 5-star reviews, they are likely all fake. Reviews can be inflated. 


Even the most reputable moving companies have some complaints. Still, I would not worry too much about this. Review sites are businesses too. Moving companies utilize these review sites as marketing agencies. Granted, you want to make sure there isn't any cause for concern for the movers in question. Many moving companies have a bad reputation because of their estimate process. However, the most important thing to consider before hiring a mover is contract and legitimacy. When you get an estimate over the phone and decide to go with a long-distance moving company due to their low costs. Only to find out the estimate you signed for on move day was way off, and now the asking price is double what you were quoted. These things do happen. That's why ensuring the costs you agree to are as accurate as possible is important. 


Gauge the mover's estimate process. For example, are they asking you for measurements, photos, and videos? Or are they just asking you to state your inventory without having any viewing of some sort?


If their estimate process is not thorough, they may not be legitimate.


On move day, you don't want surprises such as additional moving costs due to an inaccurate estimate. Therefore, Hiring long-distance movers without going over measurements is what you shouldn't do. Several quotes sent by moving companies are inaccurate due to the inexperience of the salesperson assisting you with the logistics of your move. Well, the art of being a moving carrier is lost. Carriers these days are operating as brokers and employing sales reps as independent contractors without liability for giving you a false estimate. Some salespeople will say what you want to hear and give you the costs you want to have, only to raise the price on move day when your back is against the wall. Simply put, do not decide solely based on the cost before hiring a mover. Cheap moves ALWAYS come out more expensive. 
Lastly, how do you feel about the mover's communication process? Do their emails match their website? When you have questions, how swift are their response? Are they professional before and after the reservation process? You got a cheaper cost. However, is your estimated cubic feet align with the size of your home and furniture? You want professional moving services, so  It's judgment day, guys! This is what you should know before hiring a mover and what to watch out for. I hope this helps! Oh, and one more thing! American National Movers is the most reliable, professional, affordable, top-rated moving company due to our expertise and knowledge in the moving industry. I didn't hire anyone to produce content on my website. I wrote it myself! I believe in providing the consumer with the most accurate and authentic approach possible. Call us today and find out why we are the best national moving company nearby.

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