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National Movers Are Cheaper For Moving Long Distances 

Why are some long distance movers so expensive, and why do the cheaper moving companies seem shady?


At American National Movers, we understand your long distance moving needs. Consumers want to hire professional movers, but they also value affordability.  


When it comes to long distance relocations, American National Movers is a name you can trust. We have been dedicated to relocating over 60 families from state to state each month for the past seven years. 


Many of our competitors try to say our long distance moving costs seem too good to be true. But after the customer researches and finds our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and good reviews, they know we're legitimate. 


Long Distance Moves: National Movers Have An Unfair Advantage 

There is not much a national mover can't do regarding long-distance moves: shared loads, expert packing, piano moving, last-minute moves, and guaranteed delivery dates



Our movers are nationwide; we have more resources than an average long distance mover may not have: more trucks, availability, experience, and a willingness to negotiate. 



Why Long Distance Movers Are Expensive 

Many other moving companies struggle to meet consumers' demands for affordable long distance movers because they have limited movers and trucks. This means they may have inefficient routes, leading to higher fuel costs and labor hours they pass to the customer.

Peace Of Mind Over A Cheaper Price

Prioritizing hiring trustworthy long distance movers over a cheaper price is invaluable. But, with American National Movers, you get both. We're not saying that our costs are the lowest in the market, but we provide you with the best value for your money. 

American National Movers 

Did you know that national moving companies like American National Movers can accommodate your budget? We designed our business to offer convenience at an affordable cost. 

We have a fleet of trucks, nationwide movers, and warehouses. This luxury allows American National Movers to discount our services on long distance moves without underperforming. 

Better, Affordable Long Distance Movers 

Hiring the cheapest moving company for a long distance move comes with risks. You can get scammed or hire an unreliable company. But, with a nationwide moving brand, you can work with reputable movers and save money. 


Vet Your Movers. Especially For Long Distance Moves 

Don't be gullible when shopping for long distance movers at the best and lowest prices. Some moving companies will say anything to earn your business, even if it's a lie. 


Fact-checking everything includes:


Check Reviews & BBB Ratings

As mentioned above, hiring the cheapest moving option for moving long distance is risky. But, if you do your due diligence before hiring movers, you can ensure a good moving experience. If the moving company has limited feedback or a lot of complaints, don't hire them.  


Reading contracts

Words mean nothing if they are not in writing. Ensure your contract is clear and you agree with the wording on the contract before signing. 


Getting confirmation via email

Don't just settle for contracts, either. Get a trail of communication via email to ensure you get everything in writing. 




Following gut instinct

Do you feel your long distance moving company is shady? A first impression is everything; if something feels off, you're better safe than sorry. Call another mover! 




Being responsible

Moving companies should all be professional. However, it is also your responsibility to ensure the capabilities of your long distance movers before hiring them. 


Years In Business

It is key to hire a company that has been in business for over a few years. National long-distance movers like Allied and American National Movers have a strong online presence. This indicates that the moving business cares about its customers and their reputation

Misconceptions When Hiring Long Distance Movers 

To ensure that you have the best possible moving experience, here is what to know before hiring a long distance moving company:


Moving Estimates 

If your moving costs are not provided at a binding flat rate, your quote is an estimate. Estimates are likely to increase if your estimated volume is not accurate. You can avoid this by asking for a flat rate on your long distance move. 



Delivery Dates

Do not assume that your long distance movers will arrive quickly. Many moving companies can take up to 21 days to deliver your shipment. However, American National Movers can expedite your shipment and guarantee your delivery date. 




Movers do have insurance, but if you do not pay for full coverage, you will be stuck with 60 cents per pound. If your TV breaks, you'll get 60 cents per pound of that item (It's not much). 



Carrier Vs Broker 

For long-distance moves, even some major carriers act as brokers because they subcontract their jobs to one of their "agents."  


Are all movers shady? No. Some people have had horrible moving experiences, but that doesn't mean every mover is scam likely. 


Are brokers scams? No. Whether you choose a carrier or broker, what matters most is ensuring that the option you choose can be trusted. 



All Long Distance Movers Are Expensive 

Plan ahead and don't settle for the first offer; I guarantee you will find a long distance mover that fits your needs and budget. All it takes is some research and patience. 


Start by calling American National Movers; many consumers have reported that we are reasonably priced and efficient. 

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