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Long Distance Movers  Tips & Costs.

Long distance movers move furniture between states. A move of over 100 miles is called a long distance move. 

An interstate move refers to moves that cover a short distance.

Long distance movers are a good choice for moving furniture between states. If you have the financial means, we recommend hiring long distance movers. It's worth it.

People who move to another state without hiring long-distance movers often regret their decision. This is because their belongings often get broken or the task becomes too overwhelming for them to handle. 

Are you trying to get in touch with cheap moving companies? Be careful, you always get what you pay for, especially in the moving industry.

Average Cost Of Long Distance Movers 

The average cost for long-distance movers typically falls between $2,400.00 and $5,000.00. The cost of long distance movers is affected by many things: the amount of stuff, the distance, and the required services. Get quotes from three moving companies to understand the average cost of hiring movers for an out-of-state move. Heres a more detailed explanation:​


Volume: More stuff means more money, so if you have a lot of furniture, be prepared to spend more money.

Distance: The distance between your old home and your new one affects how much it will cost.

Additional Services: Do you need movers to pack your furniture, Or do you need full service movers? Additional services mean more money.


How Much To Save For A Long Distance Move

You should have between $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 saved to cover the costs of movers and any other unexpected costs down the line. It's important to get a few moving quotes so that you can compare and contrast. Affordable long-distance movers charge around $4,000.00 to $7,000.00, However, you should also consider additional costs like Travel expenses, fuel, and food. In a perfect scenario, having $10,000.00 saved is perfect for a long-distance move.

Cheapest Way To Move Furniture Long Distance 

Some long distance moving companies offer shared load moving services. This service lowers the cost of your movers by a significant margin.​


The cheapest long-distance movers may not offer the best value. Cheap prices may seem appealing, but good service, reliability, and peace of mind usually require a fair cost. Always consider the reputation and reviews of your potential long-distance movers along with the cost.​


At the end of the day, it's about finding a balance when hiring long distance movers. Research, compare estimates, and understand what each mover offers to make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

Are Long Distance Movers Worth The Cost?

If you have lots of furniture and need to move far away, it's worth paying for long distance movers. Moving far away requires a truck and a few people. However, not everyone has access to these resources. As a result, the moving business has become very popular.​Renting a 26-foot truck with Uhaul or Penske ranges from $2,500.00 to $3,300.00, which is still expensive. Spending $3,000 on a truck alone seems crazy, and that doesn't include fuel, tolls, and packing materials. I suggest hiring a moving company instead.

Cheapest Long-Distance Moving Company 

The public chose American National Movers, making them one of the cheapest long-distance movers in America. Perhaps it's our shared load-moving option? Consumers moving on a tight budget love our shared load movers.​ Aside from being affordable, we have so much more to offer. Our movers offer moving and storage services nationwide. We specialize in long-distance moves and have excellent packing services. The moving industry does have some scams so be careful. When considering a moving company, consistency and reliability is key. Are your movers reliable? Be sure to check for any negative reviews on movers before hiring them.

Long Distance Movers: A Wise Investment

Hiring State State Movers for a long distance move is smart because they're more experienced in moving furniture between states. Some people use the term "state to state movers" to refer to long distance movers. These services are essentially the same, just with different names.

To save money on long-distance movers without sacrificing quality, choose a national moving company like ours. Our network of nationwide movers will handle your move with professionalism and care, ensuring your peace of mind.


Packing Services | Long-Distance Movers

Packers and movers are in high demand because people don't have the time and energy to pack themselves. Not everyone is in good health and as you get older hiring movers becomes a necessity. American National Movers offers cheap packing and moving services for seniors, busy professionals, and big families. Hiring movers can greatly benefit these individuals.

Allowing your movers to pack everything is a good idea, if you pack things yourself movers aren't liable for damage. On the other hand, if you have your movers pack everything, they're liable for damages.

How Do State-to-State Movers Calculate The Cost of Your Long-Distance Move?


Long-distance movers calculate the cost of your move by weight or by cubic feet. The method chosen often depends on the long distance moving company's preferences.

When a moving company calculates by weight, they weigh the empty truck, load your things, and weigh the truck again. This method may not always be very accurate.

As far as estimates go, It is difficult to guess the weight of your items before arriving on move day.

I would suggest hiring a long-distance moving company that charges based on cubic feet. This means they measure the size of your furniture or items. ​

Before Hiring Movers


Before hiring movers check for reviews. Moving scams are common. A Google search shows experiences from previous customers who used the mover before will tell you.

It's also important to have an inventory list to get an accurate quote from your long-distance movers. If not, dishonest movers might scam you with a low estimate. Trustworthy long-distance movers will ask about your furniture in detail to give you an accurate price. 


Here's a breakdown of who can n benefit from hiring long-distance movers:


Senior citizens: Long-distance movers are worth it for seniors due to the physical strain of packing, lifting, and transporting belongings. Senior moving services are in high demand for that reason.


Our moving company offers affordable services to help seniors with their move. Long-distance movers assist seniors throughout the entire process. This allows seniors to concentrate on settling into their new homes.

Busy professionals: Finding the time to plan a long-distance move can be nearly impossible for busy people. Hiring affordable movers like American National Movers can save busy professionals time by handling every aspect of your long-distance move.

Large families: Hiring long-distance movers is worth it for large families, especially those with young children or infants. American National Movers' best long-distance movers can ease this burden by providing reliable, low-cost moving services. 

Movers For disabled: People who have difficulty moving or have disabilities may need help from professional movers for long-distance moves. Long-distance movers can provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure a smooth and safe relocation.

People with valuable items: Movers can pack and move valuable or delicate items like antiques, artwork, or electronics over long distances. This specialized handling can offer peace of mind to those concerned about the safety of their belongings during the move.

Why is Long-Distance Moving So Expensive?

Long-distance movers are typically more expensive during the busy months of May through August. However, there are still some affordable options.


Long-distance movers can be expensive for several reasons, but not all long-distance moving companies are expensive.


For example, American National Movers provides inexpensive long-distance moving services nationwide. Enjoy the benefits national movers can bring: high-quality moving services at affordable costs. 

Here is why some long-distance movers are expensive:



The distance between where you start and where you go is a big reason why long-distance moves cost a lot. Longer distances require more fuel, time, and resources, resulting in expensive moving costs.

The distance between where you start and where you go is a big reason why long-distance moves cost a lot. Longer distances require more fuel, time, and resources, resulting in expensive moving costs.


Long-distance moves involve significant labor, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking. Long-distance movers need to hire trained and skilled personnel, contributing to your long-distance move's overall expense.

Equipment and vehicles: 

A safe and efficient move requires good moving equipment, such as trucks, packing materials, and protective gear. Maintaining and operating this equipment can increase the price of long-distance moving services, making it more expensive. 

Insurance and liability: 

Reputable long-distance movers carry insurance to protect their clients' belongings during transit. Moving service providers often factor the cost of insurance into the overall expense.

Licensing and regulations: 

Long-distance movers must adhere to strict licensing requirements and regulations, which can increase their operating costs. We pass on these expenses to customers in the form of higher prices.

Time-sensitive moves: 

If a client requires a time-sensitive move, long-distance movers may need to prioritize their resources, resulting in expensive costs.




Flat Rate

 American National Movers is a flat-rate long-distance moving company. Hire these long-distance movers to move you to another state at a flat rate. You should ask the long-distance moving company you are negotiating with for a flat rate. If the moving company doesn't offer a fixed price, it raises concerns about their ethics.


Flat-rate long-distance movers are popular among customers who want to avoid unexpected cost changes during their move. American National Movers is an affordable moving company that operates nationwide. They provide fixed-price options for long-distance moves to ensure client satisfaction.


Customers seek flat-rate long-distance movers for several reasons.


Transparent pricing: 

Flat-rate long-distance movers provide a clear and upfront service cost. This means that clients can better plan their moving budgets without worrying about hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

No surprises: 

We charge clients a fixed price for their move, regardless of the duration or weight of their belongings. This removes worries about costs going up.

Customized services: American National Movers offers tailored moving options to meet each client's budget. A flat rate includes all services like packing, loading, and transportation in the initial quote. This means there won't be any unexpected costs on your move day.

Stress reduction: 

Knowing the total cost of a move upfront can help alleviate some of the stress associated with long-distance moves. Clients can focus on settling into their new homes instead of worrying about changing moving costs.


Flat-rate long-distance movers like American National Movers provide affordable services without compromising quality. Clients can enjoy a seamless moving experience without breaking the bank by providing affordable long-distance moving services. 

Break down Of Costs 1-5 Bedrooms

Here's a breakdown of the average costs of long-distance movers based on the number of bedrooms.


1. One-bedroom apartment/house: 

The average cost of long-distance movers for a one-bedroom home is between $1,800 and $2,500. This estimate includes packing, transportation, and unloading of items.

2. Two-bedroom apartment/house: 

The average long-distance moving costs for a two-bedroom home range from $2,500.00 and $3,500.00 This estimate includes packing, transportation, and unloading.

3. Three-bedroom apartment/house: 

If you need long-distance movers for a three-bedroom home, costs range between $3,500.00 and $4,500.00 This estimate includes packing, transportation, and unloading.

4. Four-bedroom house: 

The average cost of moving a four-bedroom home long distance ranges between $4,500.00 and 6,000.00 including the cost of packing, transportation, and unloading.

5.Five-bedroom house: 

Moving long distances with a lot of belongings in bigger homes, like those with five bedrooms, can be costly. Moving long distances with a lot of belongings in bigger homes can be expensive. The costs of hiring movers can exceed $6,000 and even reach $8,000 or more. The final amount depends on the specifics of the move.

Why Choose American National Movers


American National Movers is a national moving company, and national moving companies handle a large volume of long-distance moves nationwide. This gives nationwide moving companies a way to lower the costs of your long-distance move. 


Here's why you should choose our national moving company for your long-distance move:


Discounted long-distance movers: 

American National Movers does many moves in the US, so they offer affordable long-distance moving services. 

Efficient Route Planning: 

American National Movers has loads moving in and out of state. As a result, you benefit from affordable long-distance moving services. 

Shared Truckloads: 

American National Movers offers shared truckload services as an affordable moving option. This service reduces the transportation costs for each client, making your long-distance move more budget-friendly.

Skilled Labor Force: 

American National Movers invests in training our employees, ensuring they have the necessary skills to handle moves efficiently and safely. Our skilled labor force can lead to fewer mistakes, damages, and delays, providing a smoother moving experience.

Exceptional Customer Service:

 Our team is dedicated to giving excellent customer service, addressing your concerns, and making sure your move goes smoothly.

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