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Affordable Movers Nationwide | National Moving & Packers

Need to hire movers but can't find a cost-effective, reliable option to cross state lines with your furniture? This guide will help you find the best national moving company for your needs and budget.


national moving company will better servelong distance or state to state move. We call it nationwide moving—movers that do it all, and here is why:


  1. Fast Delivery: With a fleet of trucks and movers, nationwide companies can deliver your items within 1 to 7 days. 

  2. Last-minute moves: Are you moving in a hurry or need a same-day move? Not a challenge for nationwide movers; we frequently do short notice moves.

  3. Packers and Movers: A national moving company has years of experience packing and state moving fragile items.

  4. Affordable: Movers nationwide, like Allied and American National Movers, provide affordable state moving options. 

What is A National Moving Company?

Movers that are nationwide provide their relocation services throughout the United States, and here is how:


  1. Trucks: National movers have several trucks and workers, which makes them readily available and can make them cheaper.

  2. Warehouses: Nationwide movers have several locations and moving services in major states like California and rural areas like Montana.

  3. Experts: Moving companies that provide nationwide relocation services are professionals at packing furniture, especially when it pertains to a state to state move.

  4. Reputable: National moving companies tend to have more reviews and a longer track record of success. This puts a consumer's mind at ease when hiring a long distance mover.

Is Every National Mover Expensive?

While some Major Van lines have premium pricing, many reputable national movers offer competitive rates:

  1. Allied: Established in 1928, Allied's long distance moving costs are budget-friendly, with an average cost of $5,800.

  2. United Van Lines: One of the best national moving companies with moderate pricing. Their average cost for a state to state move is $8,425 for 4,100 pounds of furniture.

  3. American National Movers: Mid-sized national mover with an affordable average cost of $4,800 for across state relocations.

  4. Colonial Van Lines: Cheaper long distance movers with branded trucks. However, their reviews don't exactly scream "best national movers."

How National Moving Companies Charge You

  1. Fuel & Distance: if you're long moving furniture across the country, expect a high bill. National moving companies calculate your costs based on the milage of your move.

  2. Volume: Do you have a lot of cubic feet or a heavy shipment? National movers charge you based on the volume of your shipment. 

  3. Packing: Need a nationwide mover to pack and move a piano, artwork, or fragile item? We charge you for the labor and materials to package and handle these items.

  4. Availability: We charge 25% more for long distance moves booked at the last minute than for moves booked in advance.

Free Moving Quote 

At American National Movers, you get the same reliable moving services you would get from major van lines. You don't have to pay the heavy price tag of hiring reliable national movers and packers. 


Trust that our nationwide relocation services are among the best in the United States. If you're unhappy with our moving services, we'll refund your labor costs. We are sure you will be satisfied. 

Contact American National Movers at 1-800-245-7967 and work with the best national long distance movers near you. 

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