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Affordable Moving Services New State Movers

American National Movers specializes in interstate and long distance moves across the United States. This makes our out of state moving options cheaper, better, and faster

moving to a new state movers

National Movers State to State Moves 

Working with a national moving company improves your chances of professional moving experience. For example, American National Movers is in every state and offers reasonable prices.


Many people who used us have reported that we are one of the affordable moving companies you can trust. With a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, it's hard for most people to say no. 

Reliable Moving Services To Another State 

Remember, it's not just about finding affordable movers but also reliable ones. Ensuring the safety of your furniture is the key to a successful long distance relocation. 


You may be able to find the cheapest movers for moving to a different state, but are they reliable? Sometimes, you have to pay a little extra to ensure the safety of your belongings. 

National Home Movers State to State 

Our national home movers excel in state-to-state services, providing professionalism and value for your money. We specialize in long-distance moves with a focus on interstate moves. 


That's not to say that we don't do in-state moves; the point is that we're movers who do everything, and we are good at it. 

Interstate Moving Services 

Some call us "moving to another state movers," but the legal term is "interstate moving." This process involves crossing state lines, and all interstate moving companies must have a DOT number and insurance to do these types of shipments. 

expedited delivery for a interstate shipment

Expedited Delivery Moving Services 

Skip the long wait times for delivery. In select areas, we deliver your furniture in 1-3 days so you can start living in your new state sooner. We noticed that most customers would rather get their furniture faster, so we decided to expedite your shipment. 

One Way Moving 

In states like Chicago, CaliforniaTexas, and Florida, we offer one way moving services for long distance moves. This means you save on costs because our destination is in your new state. 

Expedited Delivery Moving Services 

One way moving is one of the many perks of hiring a national moving company. Our national reach allows us to provide you with several out of state moving options. 

Shared Load Moving Services 

For example, national moving companies have trucks in every state, so we piggyback move smaller loads. This cheaper moving process involves a few customers sharing the costs of one truck.

Professional Moving Company 

Whether you share a truckload with another customer for a small move or if you're moving from a large home. You can expect our professional movers to treat your shipment carefully. 

I say that because some interstate moving companies don't favor small, long distance moves, but we don't mind them. Our moving options can relocate your small shipment at costs similar to U-HAUL

Small load moving going between states

Flat Rate Long Distance Movers 

Forget hidden fees and inflated quotes. We offer guaranteed flat rates on your state to state move, giving you peace of mind from the start. In other words, your initial estimate is binding, not to exceed. 

10 Years Of Experience 

We have years of experience in the moving industry, and we are not just three men and a truck; we are full-service movers. Our out of state moving services include a white glove door to door move.

Full Service Moving Company

Reliability, budget-friendly, and professional moving options are our priorities. We include packing, moving, disassembling, reassembling, loading, and unloading in your full-service move. 

Moving to a New State Movers 

Not every company has enough resources to provide you with a professional new state move. 


Owning a truck does not make someone experienced. I know people are on a budget, but hiring reliable movers is important for peace of mind.  


Finding trustworthy movers who value time and budget is essential. While DIY moves seem appealing, the time, energy, and hidden costs of a moving truck rental can pile up. 


This is where American National Movers come in. With our positive track record and focus on customer satisfaction, we ensure a hassle-free moving experience. 

Happy mover from American National Movers

Moving Between States Cheaply 

Please don't take this wrong, but the cheapest state to state moving company is not always the best hire. Often, you could be dodging a scam-like company by looking past their low moving costs. 

Bait And Switch Tactics 

Shady movers tend to lower your cubic feet to appear cheaper than legitimate businesses. Either that or they lack the experience and tools to make hiring them a good idea. 

We refuse to partake in the moving estimate spiel. We guarantee that whatever we quote you over the phone or in person will not change. 

Expensive Long Distance Movers

Don't let a reliable moving company overcharge you for their out-of-state moves, either. Sometimes long distance moving companies use their reviews as leverage to charge more for their services. 

What To Know Before Hiring A Moving Company 

Moving to a different state is a life-changing decision, and most people involved in this endeavor may feel anxious. 


Trust, legitimacy, and expertise create a reliable moving company. That's why we commit ourselves to providing you with the best experience for your new state move. 


We may be unable to ship everyone's furniture, but we hope this page will help you make a well-informed decision. 

Here are some things to consider before hiring movers for a new state relocation:


  • Volume of Items: When moving to another state movers calculate your costs based on the size of your shipment. Before hiring movers, provide an inventory list for an accurate quote.  


  • Nonbinding Estimates: Most state to state moving quotes are non-binding. This means that your long distance moving costs can increase on moving day. 


  • Binding Estimate: To avoid unexpected charges, you can ask your movers for a binding not to exceed estimate. This means you will be provided a flat rate for your long distance move. 


  • Delivery: Interstate moving companies should deliver your furniture within a reasonable time frame. However, by law, new state movers can take 21 business days to deliver your items. 


  • DOT Number: Moving companies must obtain a DOT number to cross state lines with furniture.

 Movers vs. UHaul 

Renting a U-Haul versus hiring a state to state moving company is a common debate. People have a specific budget in mind that most companies can't match, so they turn to DIY moving options instead. 


Let's break down the pros and cons of both:

pros and cons of Uhaul VS. Movers


Here are the pros of a U-Haul moving truck rental:

  • Cost-Effective: U-Haul is often cheaper for small, short-distance moves.


  • Flexibility: You choose your pick-up and drop-off times, making it easier to fit into tight schedules.


  • Control: You control your items throughout the process, from packing to transport.


  • Variety of Sizes: U-Haul offers various truck sizes, allowing you to choose the best fit for your move.

 Here are the cons of a U-Haul moving truck rental:

  • Hidden Fees: Extra costs for fuel, mileage, and tolls can quickly add to your final costs. People with a lot of stuff say that the cost of hiring movers vs. Uhaul is not too far off. 


  • Labor-Intensive: As part of a DIY move, the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking is up to you. 


  • Potential Damage: Without professional packers and movers for state-to-state moves, the risk of damage is high. 


  • Time-Consuming: Saving money is good, but renting a truck and doing the work yourself costs money and is time-consuming. 


Here are the pros of hiring movers:

  • Convenience: Movers handle every moving aspect, from packing to transport.


  • Expertise: Professional movers have the training and equipment to transport items safely.


  • Insurance: Many moving companies offer coverage options for your belongings.


  • Time-Efficient: With a team at work, the moving process is often faster and more streamlined.

Here are the cons of hiring movers:


  • ​Cost: Initial quotes might seem higher compared to DIY methods.


  • Less Control: You have to trust the movers with your belongings and rely on their schedule.


  • Communication Issues: If not researched well, you might end up with a company that doesn't meet your expectations.


  • Booking Issues: Finding available movers can be challenging, especially during peak moving seasons.

State to State Movers Quote 

 American National Movers is your go-to choice for all your interstate relocation requirements. Our national out of state movers, coupled with professional moving services, ensure a good move.


Our new state relocation specialists aim to make your long distance moving experience at a rate that makes it hard to say no. 


Get a free quote on your interstate relocation today. American National Movers will move you regardless of where you're moving from or to. 

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