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Affordable Long Distance Movers Florida

Dear Valued Customer,


American National Movers is a family-owned long-distance moving company in Florida focusing on interstate moves. With seven years of experience and a 97% satisfaction rating, we may not be a major van line, but our reviews speak for our reliability. You can trust us to handle your Florida long-distance move carefully and professionally.


Some long distance moving companies in Florida view your move as a profit opportunity. American National Movers, on the other hand, treats you like a friend.


We understand that finding a reasonably priced moving company for your long-distance move in Florida is important. Not only do we offer affordable prices, but we treat our Florida moving company's reputation like fine china and your furniture like antiques. 

See What We Charge 

Why Our Florida Long Distance Movers Stand Out

Most moving company owners in Florida hire movers and a sales team, then step back. Not me. I own American National Movers and am involved with every Florida long distance relocation we do!

Our Florida movers will provide you with the professional services you deserve. This is how we provide for our families, so we are committed to ensuring your Florida interstate move is successful.

If that doesn't convince you yet, here are 5 Reasons we are one of the best Florida long distance movers to do it:

1. No Hidden Fees

Florida moving companies with bad reviews tend to change long

distance costs at the last minute. At American National Mover, we honor our rates, even if we estimate incorrectly.


2. Expedited Delivery 

Most Florida movers will pick up your long-distance move, take it to their warehouse, and load your belongings onto a tractor-trailer. This process, a shared load move, can take up to 21 days for delivery. Not American National Movers; we provide straight delivery and guaranteed delivery dates.


3. American Owned 

Did you know many moving companies in Florida aren't American-owned? American National Movers is different. We build our business on hard work, honest pricing, and treating customers like neighbors – the American way!


4. State Moving Expertise

With 25 trucks spread across the United States, American National Movers in Florida specializes in long-distance moves at affordable prices. 


5. Transparent Pricing 

We said our Florida long distance moving services are affordable, not cheap. Unfortunately, we lost some customers due to being honest with our pricing. But, American National Movers refuses to do bait and switch moving practices.

Florida movers and packers loading a truck

Good Long Distance Movers Florida 

Not sure if you want to hire us? No worries; we're still here to help. With many Florida moving companies claiming to be the best, how do you know which is good? Here is how:



Estimate Process: 

Did the long distance moving company in Florida review your quote in detail? Reliable movers usually do not quote costs without a virtual or in-home estimate. 



Reliable Long distance movers in Florida are transparent about how they calculate your moving costs. Vague contracts and quotes are a red flag. 



Protect your move and check the complaint history of your Florida long distance movers here to ensure reliability



Did your long distance moving company in Florida quote a reasonable delivery window? Florida movers with a long delivery window for an interstate move are frustrating to deal with. 

Tips For The Best Florida Long Distance Moving Experience 

Major long distance moving brands in Florida are generally more expensive, with an average cost of $8,000 for an out-of-state move. Do your research to find smaller moving companies with good value.

Packing Services:

To minimize damage risks to fragile items, professional movers and packers in Florida are worth considering.



Read reviews before hiring a long distance moving company in Florida. This will help ensure legitimacy and avoid the horror stories you may have heard online. 


DOT #: 

Are your long distance and interstate movers in Florida licensed and insured? Verify yours on the FMCSA website [link here] to ensure legitimacy.



Consider the costs to insure your valuable items for the best moving experience. If you don't purchase full coverage, a Florida long-distance moving company only covers up to 60 cents per pound. 

Picture of packed furniture in our customers home in Florida

Cheaper Long Distance Movers in Florida

Long-distance moving cheaply in Florida comes with risks: unfulfilled promises, damaged furniture, and hidden fees. It seems like all the good moving companies in Florida are expensive, and the cheaper ones are shady. 


No worries, here are the best cheap long distance moving options in Florida: 

  • PODS is a good choice for those who want a balance between low cost, long-distance moving in FL, and DIY effort. They pack and load their container, and they'll handle the long-distance driving. 

  • If you're comfortable driving a truck, U-Haul is a cheap, long-distance moving option in Florida. 


  • American National Movers: with bases in Florida, New York, and California, we offer the cheapest rates for long-distance moving. 


  • Allied Van Lines is a larger national moving company but is generally more expensive than smaller, reputable, long-distance moving companies.

Affordable Long Distance Moving Tips in Florida 

Here are ways you can keep your long distance moving costs in Florida down:



Long distance movers in Florida calculate moving costs by volume. The smaller your load, the cheaper the out of state move. 


Plan Ahead: 

If you need to hire Florida movers for a state to state move, book your job in advance for a lower rate. Last-minute long-distance moves in Florida are more expensive than those booked in advance.


Small Movers: 

Bigger isn't always better when you can save money with small Florida long distance movers. A mid-sized long distance moving company in Florida can provide personalized service and a cheaper relocation cost.


American National Movers: 

We specialize in out-of-state moves from Florida. Our affordable average long distance moving costs are $4,000 for a two-bedroom. 



PODS can be a budget-friendly option for smaller moves from Florida, with an average cost of $2,800.00


Long Distance Movers Expenses Florida 

Why are interstate moving costs in Florida so expensive? Here is why: 



Long distance moves in Florida require several days of work and movers, often more than three, which drives up labor costs.



Longer moves mean the crew and truck are no longer available for other jobs, impacting the bottom line of Florifda long-distance moving companies bottom line. 


Florida movers and packers: 

Pianos, pool tables, and delicate items require special packaging, which increases the costs of your long distance movers. 



Long moves exceeding 1200 miles have an average cost of $6,000. The longer the drive, the higher the cost of your out-of-state move from Florida. 

Cheaper Long Distance Movers in Florida

Consider these factors when deciding on the best moving option for your out of state move: 

Move Size & Distance

Florida's professional state-to-state movers are the best option for large or long moves. DIY solutions are more viable for smaller, short-distance moves.



Florida's cheapest long-distance moving company does not always provide the best value. Before agreeing to a lower quote, ask what the moving services include. 


Your Moving Needs: 

Do you need Florida movers and packers, or are you willing to handle some things yourself to save money?


Budget Expectations 

Balancing your long distance moving needs with your budget is key. Decide what aspects of your Florida move are non-negotiable vs. where to be flexible for affordability.


American National Movers


Stop Overpaying for Your Florida Move! Get Free Quotes Now!

Ready to plan your long distance move from Florida? Don't overpay! Get at least three free quotes to compare prices and find the best fit for your needs and budget! 


This guide will help you navigate the process of choosing a long-distance moving company in Florida and ensure you get the best value for your money

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