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Best Affordable Long Distance Movers Philadelphia, PA

Finding reliable long distance movers in Philadelphia shouldn't be a nightmare. We get it—confusing quotes, hidden fees, and online horror stories can overwhelm the process. That's why we created this guide. Whether you are looking for the most affordable option or a trusted national mover, these tips will help you find the perfect Philadelphia movers for your interstate move.

Are Your Philadelphia Long Distance Movers Good?

As of 2024, many people check reviews before hiring a moving company, but is that enough? 


Reviews are a good start, but they only tell part of the story. To truly ensure you're hiring reputable long distance movers in Pennsylvania, look for these key signs:



Estimated Costs: If the mover's pricing structure is unclear, consider another company. Reliable movers in Philadelphia will provide a clear cost estimate for your long distance move.


Trucks: Dependable, long distance moving companies in Philadelphia will have more than a couple of trucks. If the company you're considering using doesn't have many vehicles, they won't give good service. 


Communication: Did the Philadelphia movers communicate professionally in writing and over the phone? Pay attention to details— prompt emails, clear explanations, etc. This shows they take the job seriously.


License: Legitimate long distance movers must have a DOT number for interstate moves. Verify if your moving company has a license and insurance here


Delivery: Please note that some movers in Philadelphia can take up to 21 days to deliver your furniture. Do you want same-day delivery? Or will your moving company deliver your long distance move within a few days?

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Costs for In-state & Out Of State Movers Philadelphia  

Prices for moving services in Pennsylvania vary. It's important to note that the cost of your move plays a factor in your overall moving experience: 


In-State Move: Moves under 200 miles are generally cheaper, with an average cost of $1300.00 in Philadelphia. 


Out Of State Move: Out of state and long distance moves in Pennsylvania vary based on the distance of your move. However, the average cost to move to another state in Philadelphia is $4,000.


Cross Country Moves: Moving across the country from Philadelphia is expensive because of the long distance. Expect an average cost of $6,000 for reliable cross country movers in Pennsylvania.

Best Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia

Allied, American National Movers, and Clemmer Moving are the better options in Pennsylvania:


  • Allied is a major van line and Philadelphia's top long distance moving company. Allied is a good choice because it is a known brand with reasonable costs. 

  • Clemmer Moving and Storage is first on Google for "long distance movers in Philadelphia." However, consumers have written reviews complaining about damages and hidden fees with this moving company, so be wary. 

Best Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia

Whether you're looking for an affordable long distance moving company or the best movers in Philadelphia, follow these tips: 


Volume: For a reliable and affordable interstate moving experience in Philadelphia, ensure your inventory is accurate. Long distance movers calculate costs by volume, so consider decluttering if you're moving on a budget. 


Research: Lack of research on the nature of the moving industry will cost you money. Indeed, you can save money by hiring a legitimate long distance moving company in Philadelphia rather than a shady one. 


Website: Any mover worth considering in Pensylvania has a professional website. Do your long distance movers even have one? Check and see.


Full coverage: Get full coverage on your long distance move from Philadelphia for the out-of-state moving experience. Basic long distance moving insurance is 60 cents per pound, which is nothing. This means if your TV breaks, it's worth $24$ if it weighs 40 pounds. 


Expedited Delivery: As previously mentioned, some long distance moving companies take a long time to deliver. If this is a problem, request expedited delivery for a better experience. 


Small Movers: Would you be okay working with a smaller, legitimate moving company in Philadelphia? Small movers are cheaper and can accommodate last-minute and same-day moves


Major Van Lines: If your priority is brand and trust, consider a national moving company like Mayflower. They have a longer track record of success but are expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Considered A Long Distance Move in Philadelphia?

Most people consider an out of state relocation a long distance move. However, if your haul exceeds 400 miles, your move is also considered moving long distance.


What's The Cheapest Option For Moving Long Distance? 


  • PODS and U-haul are more do-it-yourself options; American National Movers is a full-service, reasonably priced moving company. 



How Do You Move a Small Amount Of Furniture Long Distance?


  • American National Movers has small-move long distance movers in Philadelphia with an affordable average cost of $2,800. 

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