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Affordable Long Distance Movers Chicago | Expert Moving

Nationwide, affordable Chicago relocation services for long distance and out of state moves. This guide is to help you find the best long distance moving companies in Chicago for your needs and budget.

How To Find Reliable Movers Chicago

With so many brokers and carriers in the moving industry, how do you know if your movers are good? Here's how to tell:

  • Communication: Did the Chicago mover respond quickly to your inquiry and provide a clear, detailed quote? Slow responses are a major red flag!


  • Website: A professional website shows that the mover takes its business seriously. Reliable long distance moving companies in Chicago have websites that display their relocation expertise. No website, or a poorly designed one, is a bad sign.


  • Reviews: Reviews Matter! To confirm the reputation of your Chicago movers for long distance moves, don't just rely on 5-star ratings. Read all reviews and notice trends. Look beyond the overall rating and pay attention to what customers are saying.



  • Estimate: Did your packers and movers in Chicago give you an accurate estimate? Look out! Make sure your long distance movers are honest about their moving costs. Honest companies provide transparent estimates upfront and explain their pricing clearly.

Best Long Distance Chicago Movers Costs

Allied, New City Moving, American National Movers, and Midway Moving are among Chicago's top long distance movers. Moving costs vary, but here are a few examples to give you an idea:


Allied: Moving company quoted us $6,000 to move a two bedroom apartment for movers from Chicago to Denver. For a large moving company like Allied, that's a fair deal!


New City Moving: These movers quoted us $4,000 to relocate a 1.5 bedroom for movers from Chicago to New York. New City Moving is a mid sized moving company with a good reputation.


American National Movers: Our Movers from Chicago to Florida charge an average of $4,000. However, many long distance moving companies may charge more. 


Midway Moving: We were quoted $7,000 to move a 3-bedroom apartment from Chicago to Miami movers with Midway. 

Why is Chicago Long Distance Moving So Expensive? 

Moving a long distance from Chicago naturally costs more than moving within the same state. Here's a breakdown of the main factors that affect your price so there are no surprises on moving day.


Here is a detailed explanation: 

Mileage and Fuel: Fuel is a major expense for movers; the further you travel, the higher those costs. Plus, the overall logistics of a long distance move are harder than a shorter haul.


Time is Money: Long distance moves often take several days or even a week, meaning you're paying for multiple days of labor.


Heavy Loads: If you have a lot of stuff, expect high long distance moving costs in Chicago. Heavy shipments require more trucks and movers, which naturally increases the expenses of your move.


Packing Services: When moving out of state, it is best to invest in Chicago movers and packers for fragile items. Additional packing materials add to the overall cost of your move, but they are worth it for peace of mind.


Timing Matters: Like airlines, movers charge more during peak season (summer). If your move is flexible, consider an off-season move for potential savings.

Finding A Cheaper Moving Option

While reliable movers are worth the investment, we understand budget is a major factor. Here are a few alternative moving options if you're looking for the most affordable way out of Chicago:


U-Haul: Renting a truck for moving long distances is a cheap out of state moving option but takes a lot of time and effort.


PODS & U-PACK: For costs similar to U-Haul, you can pack and load your furniture in Chicago and hire PODS to haul it.


Small Movers: Independent carriers and mid-sized moving companies are good options for affordable long distance movers from Chicago. Be sure to use this guide to vet them carefully!


Negotiate: Our long distance moving company in Chicago would not have grown without your business. Movers are happy to negotiate to meet your needs and budget and earn your business.

Chicago Long Distance Movers Guaranteed Delivery

Did your Chicago mover tell you 14 to 21 days to deliver your long distance move? Want a faster move? Here's what you can do


Communicate: Do not assume that your long distance movers in Chicago have fast delivery times. Communicate your wants and needs so that there are no issues while your items are in transit.


Expedited Delivery: For added costs long distance and interstate moving companies can express your shipment.


Guaranteed Delivery: Long distance moving companies like American National Movers in Chicago offer guaranteed delivery dates. This is a premium service that we offer to ensure customer satisfaction.

Chicago Long Distance Moving Quote

This guide aims to help you find professional movers without spending a fortune. Some people say you have to spend thousands for reliable long distance movers, but that's not true. ​

Today, you can hire a professional moving company and save money. National moving companies like Allied and American National Movers offer dependable services, accurate quotes, and fair rates.

Sure, you have to invest in a seamless moving process. However, some Chicago long distance moving companies are willing to accommodate your budget.

Follow the advice in this post, and rest assured that you will have a great moving experience on your upcoming move.

Call American National Movers for a free quote, and let our Chicago furniture movers move you to any state.

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