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Nationwide Out of State to Movers

American National Movers can make your moving process stress free. - We have professional movers that are just as affordable as a DIY move. So, don't rent a moving truck yet; American National Movers has the cheapest way to move out of state.

What you see is what you pay; your total cost is final. No additional costs on move day, and just because we are affordable doesn't mean we don't provide additional services. Our moving service includes packing supplies, loading, unloading, disassembling, reassembling, packers, and movers.

With our moving services offered nationwide, you can hire cheap out of state movers that are reliable. We have the moving industry in disbelief. People ask, "How can American National Movers be cheap and legit?" The answer is you don't have to be expensive to be a professional moving company.

Pro tip - You should work with national movers like American National Movers and Allied Van lines for out-of-state moves. Not all moving companies are long distance movers. But, a national moving company only does interstate and cross country moves (They don't do local moves.) This means we're the best out of state movers because of our experience.

Inexpensive Long Distance Moves

Let's be honest here - out of state movers are about packing and moving. There's nothing too fancy about it, so what's with all the expensive movers these days? People are willing to hire a moving company. But, it has to be a reasonable cost and we get that.


Your cheapest moving option is not always the best one. But, there are some affordable movers that still can give a good moving experience.Customer service should always be your main concern. Come moving day, you don't want any unpleasant surprises.


The best long distance movers will charge a minimum of $3,000.00 for any out of state move. Please make sure your moving estimate is accurate because your quote process determines the overall success of your move.


It's important to find a company with a balance. This is where American National Movers come in. We have the best long distance movers for out-of-state moves and we're not too expensive. 

Licenced & Inusred 

To be a long distance moving company, you must have a license and insurance from the Department of Transportation. Movers need a USDOT federal ID number.

The Department of Transportation will also log any complaints a previous customer has had with the moving company. So, It's best that you make sure your mover is legitimate. 

Moving Services 

American National Movers will do any type of move just ask. There is no job too big or small. Even if you're moving across the country, we have affordable moving options that do not lack quality. National Movers having a truck fleet in each state saves you money, so you can charge less for truck maintenance.

Ask about our shared load-moving services to help lower the cost of your movers. This a perfect solution for anyone moving on a tight budget.  

Need moving and storage? We can hold your stuff for 30 days or more for free. Ask about our affordable storage services.

You'll need to start packing your things before you put your stuff in a truck. Long distance moving companies offer packing services to make moving much easier.

Out Of State Movers Cost

The cost of your movers depends on how far your new home is. The further your movers have to go the more expensive it will be. Additionally, the amount of furniture you have plays a factor in the cost of your movers.

Moving companies have been calculating the cost of your move by volume for years. - The best way to save money on moving services is by being a minimalist (Take what you need.)

On Average, you can expect to pay close to $5,000.00 for a reputable mover. If you have a small move, your costs will be around $3,000.00. This is the price you need to pay to work with a reliable moving company that will do the job well.

You get what you pay for so be ready to invest, moving is a lot of work. Anyone offering a really low price on a long distance move could be misleading you.

Furniture Removal Using Truck. Mover With Box.jpg

Best Moving Companies

Many movers claim to be state-to-state movers but they're only a few movers who do it right. We have Allied and Mayflower as the Top 2. Then we have American National Movers at #3 as the most affordable long distance movers.

How to Move Cheaply 

American National Movers has many cheap moving options. But, the best way to move between states cheaply is by sharing your shipment with someone else.


This option, known as a shared truckload, maximizes the space in the truck and lowers the price of your movers.


Before hiring movers, check for customer reviews online, to avoid any potential scams.

Expideted Delivery Services

American National Movers can guarantee your delivery date. Our wait times for long distance moves are three days, which is much faster than other movers.


You can track your shipment in real time and don't have to worry about waiting a long time for your furniture.

Best State to State Movers

Most state-to-state movers are the same, in other words, they provide the same service. Some movers are fancier than others. It's not really fair to say which mover is the best.


Moving pros recommend going with affordable movers and checking customer reviews before hiring them.

Affordable Moving Services

At first glance, moving between States may seem hard and expensive but this isn't always the case. If you hire the right moving company, you can get the job done easily.


State-to-state movers, also known as: "long-distance movers," can move your furniture long distance. The labor is the only hard part (packing.) If you can pay for a moving company like ours you can finish the task. Nothing good comes fast or easy, so take your time when negotiating with your movers, and don't be an impulse buyer. 

You can move between states for cheap, here are your moving options:

  • Upack: you can work with U-Pack this company will ask you to pack all your furniture, and they will drive it between States for you. Be careful with packing tho, since you packed your items, Upack does not provide insurance on your furniture. 

  • Uhaul: U-Haul is a good option for someone who doesn't want to deal with a long-distance moving company. if you work with Uhaul, you will be responsible for packing your stuff and driving it. Keep in mind that Uhaul does not provide any insurance on household goods, or cover gas.

  • American National Movers: American National Movers is one of the best State to State movers, and they have insurance! Hire them if you want a cheap moving solution. 



Moving is a service, not a retail item. This means you can negotiate for moving services. You can lower the cost of your move by simply asking for a lower price.

If your movers refuse to negotiate with you, don't worry. Theres others that will. In America, there are many moving companies. Get quotes and choose the one that suits you best.

Cheapest Moving Company out of State 

You can move out of State for reasonably cheap, but it's important not to sacrifice quality over quantity. Moving doesn't have to be costly, but be cautious of cheap out-of-state movers that may affect your decision-making.

People who hired cheap movers have written reviews of getting scammed, so be realistic when negotiating with your movers.


Experts recommend staying away from "dirt cheap." long-distance moving companies. Instead, work with a mover like American National Movers, who provide reasonable costs.


Reliable movers cost no less than $3,000.00 for out of state moves. Anything lower than that is not worth it. You want someone to deliver your belongings safely, so invest wisely.


Choose American National Movers For Long Distance Move


American National Movers is a good long-distance moving company, many moving companies have negative reviews, but we don't. What you see is what you pay, so forget the estimate games these long distance moving companies play. We're affordable, have insurance, and provide packing services for cheap.

American National Movers is not an average moving company. We have long distance movers nationwide. Get affordable moving services with quality from a national moving company's resources.

National Moving companies are an excellent choice for an out-of-state mover. They're better at handling big and small moves. They can plan the best route and offer cheaper moves because they cover the whole country. 

Areas We Serve


Here is a list of the States we are based in:





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