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Professional Affordable Packers & Movers Manhattan, NY

Are you seeking professional packing and moving services in NYC at a reasonable rate? You're not alone. Moving within Manhattan can be shockingly expensive, with even small moves costing $2,500 to $6,000 or more! Many now wonder if investing in a moving company in New York City is even worth the costs.


When hiring a moving company for a short—or long distance move in New York, you're paying for convenience and peace of mind. Hiring the cheapest movers in NYC is an option, but they won't have the same resources as a mover that costs more.


Finding a Manhattan moving company that balances affordable costs and reliable services is key. If you want to hire an affordable, trustworthy moving company in Manhattan, keep reading this guide.

Expensive Moving Companies In Manhattan

American National Movers has made a list of the most expensive movers in New York:

  • Flat RateWhat once was an affordable option you can trust. However, the Flat Rate movers now has several review complaints for high costs and hidden fees.

  • Morgan Manhattan: Morgan is expensive, with an average rate of $4,000 for Manhattan moves. They cater to consumers moving fine art, antiques, and high-value furniture. If you are a small load mover, a college student, or even want to save money, avoid Morgan Manhattan.

  • OZ Moving: An established name in Manhattan moving, but their average cost of $2,500 for local moves makes them out of reach for many. OZ Moving is not concerned about losing customers searching for a lower price. They have many referrals and repeat customers.

  • Imperial MoversImperial quoted me $1900 to move from a one-bedroom apartment in New York to Brooklyn. That sounds a bit high for a local move, which might make you wonder why, but people still use their services.

Affordable Movers New York

We have addressed some of the expensive short and long distance moving companies. Here is a list of affordable movers in Manhattan:

  • Peace of Cake Moving: Great prices for moving within the city, especially for small moves. However, customers have reported that their long-distance rates are slightly expensive.

  • American National Movers: Our specialty is affordable, reliable, short- and long-distance moves. FYI, Our average New York to Brooklyn cost is $950.

  • Roadway Moving: company has long provided reliable moving services in Manhattan. Their website claims to offer affordable pricing for moves within NYC. 

  • Man With A VanSometimes you move a single item in NYC, like a couch, dresser, or bed. Contact Man With A Van; they have the best prices for small moves in New York.

  • Dumbo Moving: They tend to be more affordable than movers like OZ or Morgan Manhattan. However, it's important to note that recent reviews have been negative; check them out on Yelp [link] before getting a quote.

What To Know About Cheap NYC Movers

-The cheapest movers in NYC, like Man With A Van, are great for a few items. But if you need a whole apartment moved, their small vehicles may mean multiple trips (and ultimately a higher cost).


-Cheaper NYC moving options lack the insurance requirements that many large NYC apartment buildings require.


-Choosing the cheapest moving company in Manhattan may save money, but you may receive lower-quality service. 


-Verify your estimate is accurate before hiring a moving company based on a lower price. You should also ensure the company has no reputation for hidden fees or excessive damages. 

About Our Manhattan Movers 

Do you need affordable NYC movers, especially for NJ-to-NYC (or vice versa) relocations? American National Movers is here to help! 

  • Packers: Our packing and moving services in NYC guarantee the safety of your items, or we will reimburse you

Get A Quote

Plan ahead and call a few Manhattan movers to ensure you get a fair deal. Remember that last-minute moves in NYC are generally more expensive, so aim to book your move early to save money. 


We hope this guide helps you find the best short—and long-distance movers in New York for your relocation needs and budget

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