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Last Minute Long Distance Movers | Short Notice Moves

Are you relocating at short notice? No worries. American National Movers is one of the best last minute movers for short—and long distance moves. This guide helps you find a reliable mover for a same-day or next-day relocation.


Cons With Last Minute Moves & Solutions

Before we get into the problems with hiring a moving company at short notice, don't panic. American National Movers has built a reputation for being reliable, and reasonably priced with last minute availability. 


If possible, avoid calling long distance moving companies last minute. Planning ahead for a smoother moving process is better. Here is why:

  • Costs: Last minute long distance moving companies charge more because of the difficulty of servicing a job on short notice.

  •  Solution: If you need movers at the last minute, try to give them a one—or two-day window for a lower cost.

  • Reputable Movers: Finding a reputable moving company on short notice is tough because most trust long distance movers have full schedules.  

  • Solution: If you're moving long distance in a hurry, check the reviews of your moving company before hiring them. 

  • Estimate: Getting an accurate moving estimate in a hurry is hard. Doing this at the last minute increases your chances of your relocation costs being underestimated. 

  • Solution: To avoid extra charges during your same-day or next-day move, schedule a video call with us for an accurate price. 

Budget-Saving Tips for Last Minute Movers

Worried about the cost of a last minute move? Here are some ways to save:

  • Pack: Go to U-Haul and buy boxes; they are cheap ($3.00 per box). Then run home and start packing! Long distance moving companies charge more for packing services; avoid this by doing it yourself.

  • Minimize: For long distance moves, last minute movers charge by the volume of your items. So, declutter your items to keep your moving costs budget-friendly.

  • Smaller Movers for Fast Moves: Independent carriers often have more flexibility for last minute long distance moves. This can mean quicker pickup times than larger companies.

  • More Quotes: Before choosing the first last minute movers you can find, take a deep breath, relax, and call another moving company. Getting multiple quotes ensures you get the best price and a accurate one too!

Last Minute Movers Long Distance Moves Calculate Costs 

Moving companies like American National Movers and Bellhop have an average of $3,500 for a last minute long distance move. These numbers are just estimates, and we base your actual costs on:

  • Distance: The longer the haul, the higher the cost of your relocation. The longer the distance of your last minute move, the higher the costs for fuel. 

  • Season: Getting long distance movers at short notice is extremely hard in the summer. This is because of limited availability. However, if you manage to find one, expect much higher costs. 

  • Weight: Are you moving quickly with a heavy load? Please note that last minute long-distance movers calculate costs based on the size of your move.

How Our Last Minute Movers Can Help

Emergency move? Need 24/7 moving services? Moving long distances at the last minute? Here is how we can help:

  • Fair Rate: Because we have several trucks, warehouses, and movers, we won't overcharge you for a last-minute or same-day move.

  • Emergency Moving: Family emergency? Unexpected divorce? American National Movers is available for you 24/7.

  • Storage: If you need emergency moving services or are moving long distances in a hurry, you can get 30 days of free storage. 

  • Affordable Moving: Our long distance moving costs are reasonable even with your long distance move being last minute. 

Reliable Options for Last Minute Moves

When looking for movers for a last minute relocation, you want to ensure your movers are professional and trustworthy. Here Short notice movers you can trust:

  • AlliedAs a large national company, Allied sometimes has the capacity for last-minute long distance moves. However, their availability is limited, especially during peak moving seasons.

Last Minute Moving FAQ'S

Here are some frequently asked questions consumers have when inquiring about same day and last minute moving services:

Can I Find Reputable Movers With Only A Day's Notice?

You can, but finding a reliable mover at the last minute is not ideal. Check their reviews and verify their DOT information here to ensure they are legit. 

What's The Average Cost Increase For A Last Minute Move Vs. Booking in Advanced?

Booking your move in advance can save you up to $2,000 compared to booking at the last minute. 

Do Last Minute Movers Offer Packing Help?

Short haul and last minute long distance moving companies indeed offer packing services at an additional cost. 

Do Last Minute Movers Offer Packing Help?

No reviews, several complaints, and an inactive DOT number are red flags to watch out for when hiring a moving company at short notice. 

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