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The Best Affordable Long Distance Movers NJ

American National Movers receives a high volume of long distance moving requests from NJ. We noticed that customers are seeking the cheapest relocation option. However, you must proceed cautiously—New Jersey is home to some of the worst long distance moving companies in the United States. But with the right approach, you can still find reliable and affordable movers in New Jersey. 

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Avoid Hiring The Cheapest Long Distance Movers in New Jersey

While seeking an affordable moving company in New Jersey is understandable, it's crucial to steer clear of the cheapest long distance movers. Remember, the price you pay often reflects the quality of service you receive, especially when dealing with reputable NJ long distance moving companies. Prioritizing quality over cost is the key to a successful move.


Here are some of the things you can expect from the cheapest long distance moving company in NJ:


  • Hidden Fees: we're talking about moving companies doubling and tripling the cost of your movers.

  • Delays: A lower price often comes at the expense of excessive long-distance delivery windows (up to 21 days.)

  • Poor Communication: Cheaper NJ moving companies tend to suck when it comes to communicating the ETA of your belongings.

Hiring Affordable Long Distance Movers in NJ Tips 

Follow these tips to ensure the best relocation experience when searching for a mover for your needs and budget:


1. NJ Long Distance Movers Calculate Costs By Volume

A lower price for NJ long distance moving doesn't matter if the amount of furniture you have doesn't match the estimate. New Jersey moving companies calculate your costs by weight or cubic feet. Be sure that the estimated weight or cubic feet is reasonably accurate for the best long distance moving experience.


2. Provide A Thorough Inventory to Your Movers

Now that you know that movers primarily calculate your long distance moving costs by volume. Be sure to give an accurate inventory list to your moving company in New Jersey.  This step is crucial to avoid being charged more than anticipated on the day of your move.



3. Ensure That The New Jersey Based Long Distance Movers Can Provide A High-Quality Moving Experience

With all the moving companies based in New Jersey, how do you know which mover is the best? Reviews. You can't just take the moving company's word for it; any long distance mover in NJ can claim to be the "best." But, reviews can help you choose a moving company you can trust. 


Simply put, before hiring a moving company, ensure they have a high satisfactory rating for the best chance of having a reliable experience.



4. Better Business Bureau Long Distance Movers NJ

Based on negative reviews from the best long distance movers from moving companies like Unite National Van Lines, it's evident that no mover is perfect. However, the BBB rates movers from A to F so that you can gauge the moving companies' trustworthiness.




5. Check If Your Mover Has Complaints

Many New Jersey low-cost, long distance moving companies have been reported for hidden fees. As a consumer, it's your responsibility to ensure the legitimacy of your mover. Checking for complaints is a crucial step in this process.



6. Accurate Relocation Costs  

A cheaper long distance mover quote in NJ means nothing if your estimated volume is inaccurate. You'll eventually pay the price on the day of your move. Often, that price is 2 to 3 times more than your original estimate, so tread lightly.


7. Read Your Contract

A trustworthy NJ long distance moving company will have a contract that is easy to read and understand. You will also sense a sign of legitimacy and authenticity when reading through the terms and conditions of your moving contract.



8. Avoid Booking Your Long Distance Move Last Minute

Hiring a last-minute, long-distance moving company is possible in New Jersey. But, it will come at the expense of a higher bill and not having enough time to research your moving company. Booking your move 30 to 45 days in advance can save up to 2,000 on your out of state move.



9. Ask For A Flat Rate or A Binding Estimate

Negotiating a flat rate with your NJ long distance moving company can guarantee your price and help you budget better for your move. American National Mover binds your estimated costs so that you don't have to worry about added costs at the last minute.

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Best Long Distance Movers in New Jersey

If you are more concerned about quality over budget and the price of your long distance movers, here are some of the better moving companies in NJ:

Harrington Moving & Storage: Harrington is one of the best long-distance movers in New Jersey. They have been in business since 1996 with moderate pricing. Upon researching Harrington Movers, we cannot find any reports of hidden fees or deceptive business practices.


Allied Van Lines: A trusted nationwide moving company offering moving services in New Jersey. Allied has affordable options for small moves but can be pricey for larger hauls.



American National Movers: Our long distance movers stand out because of our affordable long distance mover pricing in NJ, with good reviews online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Frequently asked questions on interstate and long distance movers in New Jersey

Moving doesn't go without questions, especially if you're hiring long distance movers in NJ for the first time.


​Here are the two most frequently asked questions people ask before hiring long distance movers in New Jersey:


What Do Movers Consider Long Distance in New Jersey

Most moving companies consider a haul exceeding 100 miles a long distance move, especially if the relocation involves moving furniture across state lines.




Why Is Moving Long Distance So Expensive?

Longer moves involve higher operational expenses such as fuel, travel time, and labor. Expect a minimum cost of $3,000 for small, and $5,000 for large long distance moves from NJ.

Is PODS Moving Expensive?

No. PODS is one of the cheapest long distance moving companies in New Jersey. However, they also offer a lower level of service, and people have registered many complaints against PODS, so use them with caution.




What is the Most Cost Effective Way To Move From NJ?

*Each cheaper moving option has its pros and cons. Be sure to compare and go with the option that is best for your needs and budget*


PODS: Best for small long distance moves in NJ with an average cost of $4,000.


Shared Load Moving: If you prefer to hire full-service movers in NJ, a shared load move is available at the same price point as PODS. With a shard load move, you get movers that combine your shipment with someone else's furniture.


U-Haul: The last best and cheapest moving option in New Jersey is renting a small truck and driving the long distance yourself.

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