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How Much Movers Cost NYC


Welcome to American National Movers, an affordable NYC mover. We researched the average cost of movers in the city and want to help you choose the best movers for your needs and budget.

Who We Are

American National Movers is a national moving company based in every major city and state. We stand out because we completed local and out-of-state moves nationwide. We started as a family business. Now, our friends and family manage operations in New York, Texas, Florida, California, and other locations.  

Our business model is straightforward: be cheaper, reliable, and professional. The demand for moving services in New York City is high, but it means nothing when their costs are beyond reach. 

With us, you get the same level of service without telling someone you paid $2,000 to move a few miles away. 

Problem With Movers in The City 

Short-distance and interstate movers in New York have no problem proving they're legit. However, most of their moving costs are beyond the average consumer's reach. 

Being reliable is important, but charging a customer $2,000 to move furniture to another borough is expensive. This leaves people scrambling for a trustworthy option that is not as expensive as these mainstream movers in Manhattan. 

Cheap NYC Movers 

Before we get into the average cost of hiring movers, you can find cheap NYC movers. Of course, cheaper moving options exist; you must ensure the movers are professional before hiring them. 

Expensive brands always say you get what you pay for, but that's not always true. Sometimes, you can get more from a cheaper company than a luxury brand. 

How Much Do Movers In NYC Cost

We called Five Movers in Manhattan and asked for a quote to move a small 2-bedroom apartment from NYC to Brooklyn.

1. Oz Moving

On their website, Oz Moving claims to have been in Business since 1993 and quoted $1900 to pack and move a 2-bedroom from New York to Brooklyn.

Oz Moving also claims to be an affordable mover in NYC, but their average cost for a local move is $1200.

Do you consider that affordable? You be the judge.

Oz Moving Reviews

Oz Moving Reviews

Oz Moving has a 3.5-star rating on Yelp and a 4.5-star rating on Google. Oz has a good reputation overall, but they have some extremely concerning negative reviews on Yelp.

Most customers who used Oz before the COVID-19 pandemic left positive reviews about their services. However, as the years have passed, customers have been leaving negative reviews about damaged furniture and hidden fees.

OZ claims to be one of the best movers in NYC - while this might not be entirely accurate, they are a trusted brand in Manhattan.

To be fair, movers with a high sales volume are more likely to get negative reviews than smaller moving companies.

2. Roadway Moving

Roadway Moving charges $145 per hour per man for '2 men and a truck NYC.' They also charge a three-hour minimum and travel time to pick up and drop off. Roadway charges a minimum of $600 for small moves and an average of $1500 to move from a 2-bedroom apartment.

Some New Yorkers find the costs mentioned above expensive; others are okay with it. How do you feel about it?

Roadway Moving Reviews

Roadway Moving reviews

Roadway Moving in NYC has a 4.9-star rating on Google and a 4.6-star rating on Yelp. Roadway handles complaints better than movers like Oz, and they are cheaper.

Roadway Moving is good for someone with a midsized move for a cheaper price. However, larger moves with Roadway can cost up to $6,000 to move within the state of New York.

3. Flat Rate Movers

Flat Rate Movers quoted us 1300 to move from New York to Brooklyn, which was cheaper than Oz and Roadway's quote. 

On their website, Flat Rate Movers claims an average cost of $500 to $1000 for a small move. Then, there is an average cost of $1000 to $1500 for a large, 1-2-bedroom apartment.

Flat Rate Movers Reviews

Flat Rate Moving Reviews

Flat Rate started its reputation by promising a guaranteed price instead of charging per hour. Their business model was to earn trust by fixing the customer's Rate. Things have gone well for a flat rate, but as of 2024, Flat Rate averages a 2.7-star rating on Yelp.

A customer who used a Flat Rate left a review: 'I paid $1500 to move around the corner, and it was a bad experience. The movers arrived late and were paid to break my furniture.'

Flat Rate was a great choice five years ago, but they have proven to be shady at times as the years went by.

4. Morgan Manhattan

Morgan Manhattan has an average cost of $2,100 to move from a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC.

Morgan Manhattan charges a premium for its services and is ideal for consumers with several fragile items.

The problem with Morgan Manhattan is their moving costs are among the highest in NYC. Some of their quotes for short-distance moves to NYC would exceed $7,000.

Morgan Manhattan specializes in moving fine art and fragile items like Pianos. They pride themselves in proving a white glove door-to-door professional move.

Morgan Manhattan Reviews

Morgan Manhattan Reviews

Morgan Manhattan has been In Business longer than most of us have been alive. However, when you go online and type "Morgan Manhattan reviews," nothing significant comes up.

Morgan Manhattan has been in Business long enough not to worry about online reviews for trust. Most of their sales are from repeat business or referrals from previous customers.

Aside from Morgan Manhattan's 1-star rating on Yelp— We could only find a handful of complaints registered against Morgan Manhattan online. Morgan Manhattan has about 35 positive reviews from happy customers.

What's concerning is, why does Morgan Manhattan only have 35 reviews if they've been in Business for over fifty years?

While Morgan Manhattan is professional, their moving costs are too expensive for the average New Yorker.

5. Piece of Cake Moving And Storage

On their website, Piece Of Cake Movers says they charge a minimum of 1,000 for local moves. However, their costs can easily exceed 2,000 for two bedrooms and up.

Piece of Cake started as an affordable mover in NYC. However, as their reputation improved, they charged more for their services.

Piece Of Cake Moving Reviews

piece of cake moving reviews

Piece Of Cake Moving has a 4.8-star rating on Google and a 4.7-star rating on Yelp. Overall, they have a solid reputation with good reviews online from customers.

Piece Of Cake Moving is a great moving company. They are just a little more on the expensive side.

Long Distance Movers NYC

New Yorkers are overpaying for long-distance movers in NYC. The average cost to move from New York to Florida is $7,500.00 sometimes, even more if you have a 3- to 4-bedroom apartment.

Why is Long Distance Moving in New York Expensive?

NYC long-distance movers calculate your costs by the size and distance of your shipment. However, if they don't have a base in the new state you're moving to, they must charge you a fee to get back to NYC.

Alternatively, it would help if you looked into hiring a one-way moving company or national movers like ours. We have trucks and movers in almost every state, making your out-of-state relocation cheaper.

Short Distance Movers NYC 

Everyone has a different definition of a short-distance move in NYC. Some people say a short-haul is a move going across the street. Others will say that a short-distance relocation is beyond the local city, traveling 50-200 miles. 

As a consumer, all you need to know is the longer the distance, the more your movers will cost. 

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