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Average Cost Of Short & Long Distance Movers in NYC

Updated: Apr 2

movers from New York driving a 18-wheeler

Moving companies in NYC is expensive! Whether you're relocating a short distance within Manhattan or are long moving to another state, finding affordable movers can be a challenge. But does it have to cost a fortune to relocate within the city?

 This guide will break down the average costs of NYC movers and provide tips for finding reliable moving companies that are not too expensive. 

Important: If you're concerned by the high moving costs you've received in New York, don't worry. Check out our list of affordable NYC movers [link] for budget-friendly options.

We researched the average cost of movers in the city and want to help you choose the best movers for your needs and budget:

How Much Do Movers In NYC Cost

Oz Moving: Oz Moving quoted us $1500 to move a 1-bedroom apartment from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Their moving costs include 1 hour of travel time and 5 hours of labor. 

Roadway Movers: Roadway moving claims to be cheap, but they are not; they are expensive. They quoted me $1921.04 to relocate a 1-bedroom from NYC to Brooklyn. 

Dumbo Moving: Dumbo is affordable! They quoted me a flat rate of $1345 to move a large 2-bedroom from Manhattan to Brooklyn. 

Peace Of Cake: This company is one of the cheapest movers in NYC. They quoted me $875 for a small move from NYC to New Jersey. How could these guys be so cheap? I don't know.

American National Movers: Unfortunately, we are not the cheapest option for moves within NYC. Our minimum cost for a move within Manhattan is $1,000. However, we have the best prices for long-distance moves from New York.

Flat Rate: On their website, Flat Rate Movers claims an average cost of $500 to $1000 for a small move and $1500 for a large, 1-2-bedroom apartment.

What to Know About Finding The Cheapest Movers in NYC

It's evident that customers searching for packing and moving services in Manhattan want the best deal, but keep this in mind: 

Insurance: Cheap NYC movers lack the certificate of insurance requirements that many large buildings require. 

Cost: Want professional NYC movers? Expect to pay a minimum of $900 for moving services for a job well done

Quality: For the best moving experience, try to focus on value rather than the cost of your NYC movers. Agreeing to a cheaper mover can sometimes be an expensive mistake. 

Brand: Large brands like Oz and Roadway are more expensive than mid-sized moving companies like ours. 

Average Long Distance Moving Costs From NYC 

Long distance moving companies such as OZ, Roadway, and Flat Rate have an average cost of $6,500. However, we have written an article on the best cheap long-distance moving options here

  • The average cost of your long distance move will vary based on how much stuff you have and the distance of your relocation. However, here are some examples to keep in mind: 

Moving From NYC to California

Here are two quotes we have for a NY to CA move:

Oz Moving: Oz is reputable, but their long distance moving costs from New York to California are $7,000. That's a little bit too excessive. 

American National Movers: Although a smaller mover, American National Movers is still a reputable option. Our average cost to move to California from NYC is reasonable: $4,800. 

PODSThe cheapest option for small cross country moves from NYC. However, be prepared to pack and load your furniture (they don't provide that service).

long distance movers in NYC unloading truck

Average Cost To Move From New York To Florida

For transparency, here is another list of average costs for a NY to Florida move: 

Roadway: ~ $5,200. ( This is considered to be expensive for a move from New York to Florida.)

Shleppers: ~ $4,400 ( Shleppers moving quoted a reasonable rate from New York to Miami, but their reviews are questionable). 

American National Movers: ~ $4,500 Our long distance moving costs are cheap. However, we do not compete with reputable moving companies. 

Why is Long Distance Moving in New York Expensive?

Some NYC long distance movers will blame the high cost of moving on fuel and labor. However, it's more than just gas and labor costs:

Overhead: Major long distance moving brands in New York have high overheads, which are passed on to the customer. 

Distance: Long distance moves that exceed 1000 miles from NYC are more expensive due to travel time. 

Demand: Long distance moving from NYC is in high demand, which allows moving companies to charge more for their services. 

Weight: Larger moves will require more men and sometimes additional trucks, leaving you with a high average cost of $8,000.  

Who We Are

American National Movers is a national moving company based in every major city and state. We stand out because we complete affordable short—and long-distance moves nationwide. We started as a family business. Now, our friends and family manage operations in New York, Texas, Florida, California, and other locations.  

Our business model is straightforward: be cheaper, reliable, and professional. The demand for moving services in New York City is high, but it means nothing when their costs are beyond reach. 

At American National Movers, you get the same service level without paying close to $2,000 for packers and movers within NYC. 

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