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Cheap Long Distance Moving Options in New York

NYC Long distance movers are notorious for their high prices. The average NYC to LA move costs around $6,000! But if you're on a budget, don't despair. There are legitimate ways to lower your costs without sacrificing everything.

Unfortunately, some long distance movers in New York offer "too good to be true" deals, which are questionable. This guide will help you identify the red flags and find affordable long distance moving options in New York that won't end in disaster.

Long Distance Moving From NYC? What To Know 

Several moving companies offer long-haul moving services; some movers are cheap, and others expensive. Here are some things to keep in mind when requesting quotes:


1. How NYC Long Distance Movers Calculate Costs 

Finding your New York movers too expensive for your long distance move? Here is how they calculate costs:


Volume: Long distance moves in New York are calculated by cubic feet or the weight of your household goods. Moving on a budget? Downsize and only take what you need.


Distance: Cross country moving from New York? Expect higher costs. Movers calculate long hauls by the distance of your move. 


Availability: This statement is especially true for larger brands; NYC long distance movers with limited availability will charge more for their moving services. 


Packing Services: Fragile items like Fine art, pianos, glassware, etc., will add to the costs of your long distance move. 


2. Brand

Larger brands like OZ Moving, Roadway, and Morgan Manhattan are very expensive compared to smaller moving companies. 


Some people prefer working with some of the largest moving companies in New York, while others are okay with a smaller, legitimate business. Call us and let us, American National Movers, know what you think. 


3. Are Your Cheap Movers Scammy?

 Moving fraud is real, especially when hiring New York movers for an out of-state move. So, did your long distance movers give you a good deal, or are they luring you in with a cheap moving scam? 


Perhaps your long distance moving quote is cheaper because your movers underestimated your move. Then, they plan on raising the price at the last minute. 



Did you find a cheap long distance moving company in NYC that you're happy with? Wait! Before hiring your movers, check that they are licensed and insured here


Your movers are not authorized for across-state line relocations without a DOT number and insurance.

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Professional cheaper long distance movers in New York

American National Movers has researched for you and found some legitimate, cheaper moving options in NYC:



Dumbo Moving is a cheaper long distance moving company in New York, and they are professional. However, upon research, we did find some alarming negative reviews. This does not disqualify them from being a legitimate business. Just proceed with caution. 




PODS is a nationwide long distance mover that services New York City and is the cheapest. However, you must pack and load your furniture with PODS, which does not provide insurance. 



3. American National Movers

American National Movers is a mid-sized, reliable, long-distance moving company in NYC. Our affordable average cost for a move from NYC to Denver is $3,500. The cost of your long distance move is based on the size of your load and the distance of your relocation. 




4. Shleppers 

We called Shlepper Moving for long distance movers from New York to Florida, and they quoted us $4,150.00 for a one-bedroom apartment. 


Shlepper Moving is one of the cheapest long distance moving options in NYC. However, it has several negative reviews about hidden fees and damages. Should you hire Shlepper, ensure that their costs are guaranteed and that you opt into additional insurance. 



5. U-Haul 

Yep. U-Haul is considered a long distance moving company with the cheapest prices. However, it requires a lot of work. To make long distance moving with U-Haul easier, you can hire loaders and unloaders for about $150 per person. 

Is Your NYC Long Distance Move Too Cheap? 

Budget hunters, be weary; sometimes, the cheapest moving option isn't the best for you or your furniture. Here is what I mean:


Too Cheap: Long distance moves that exceed 1000 miles and are below $3,500 are way too cheap. Many customers who had horrible moving experiences were quoted unrealistically lower prices. 


Reasonable Rate: New York's reasonably priced long distance moving companies have an average cost of $3,500 to $4,500. 


Too Expensive: NYC Long distance moves with a cost that exceeds $7,000 are considered premium rates. Major Van Lines and movers like Morgan Manhattan are within that price range. 

Get A Free Quote 

American National Movers may not be the biggest brand, but we still provide high-quality moving services. Our NYC long-distance movers are not only cheaper, but we are trustworthy and have a track record of legitimacy. Give us a call for a free moving quote today!

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