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Read This Before Hiring Movers In California

Moving company in California with several trucks

Embark on a stress-free moving journey in California with the expertise of American National Movers, known for reliability.

This guide is your key to unlocking a smooth relocation experience in the Golden State:

The BHG Regulates In-State Movers in California

  • Movers can obtain a license and permit from California's Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make moves within California. 

  • Unlicenced movers are more likely to scam you and hold your belongings, hostage, in exchange for more money. 

  • A moving company must see your furniture in person or on video chat before giving you a written estimate. This ensures that you do not get charged more on moving days.

  • If the movers gave you a quote without seeing your furniture, it cannot be enforced in California. Imagine the worry of getting a bigger bill than expected, possibly delaying your move or causing financial problems.

The FMCSA Regulates Interstate Movers In California 

  • The FMCSA makes sure your things get to your new home safely by enforcing safety rules for commercial vehicles. 

Long distance movers in California packing furniture

Long Distance Movers California 

  • Some movers consider 50-400 mile moves a "long distance move," others consider it a short distance relocation. 

  • Movers in California calculate your long distance moving costs based on the volume and distance of your relocation. 

How Long Long Distance Movers In California Take

  • The FMCSA wants long distance movers to deliver furniture promptly, but some people have waited months for their furniture.

  • By law, long distance moving companies can take 21 business days to deliver your furniture. 

  • Twenty-one days is a lot, even for a cross-country move, but this is the longest a mover can take to deliver furniture. 

  • For faster delivery times, ask your moving company to expedite your move, and they may or may not have a surcharge for this. 

Hiring A Reputable Moving Company

  • Reputable movers and brokers have reviews online from the Better Business Burea, TrustPilot, and Google

  • Companies with limited feedback online about their business are an indication that they are not a good choice. 

  • Avoid hiring businesses with an overwhelming number of negative reviews from previous customers. 

Understanding Reviews 

California movers reviews
  • Every company has some negative reviews, and American National Movers is no exception. However, what's important is seeing how the business handles their complaints. 

  • Some moving companies may even have fake reviews online. To spot fake reviews, you should check the timeline of when the reviews were published. 

  • Moving companies with nothing but 5-star reviews are also another indication that the reviews are fake. 

Hiring Professional Movers 

  • For the best moving experience, avoid looking for the cheapest price. Many cheap movers are not as reliable as movers that cost more. 

  • Hiring Professional moving companies in California is worth it if you have a lot of stuff. Otherwise, consider doing the move yourself to save money. 

Your Responsibilities 

  • Your main responsibility is to make sure that you hire a reputable household goods moving company in California. 

  • Your second responsibility is to make sure your local or long-distance moving costs are being estimated correctly. 

  • Your third responsibility is to understand standard liability insurance vs. full coverage. For complete coverage on your household goods, you must pay a deductible. 

Non Binding Estimates

  • Out-of-state movers from California can present you with a non-binding estimate. A non-binding agreement is not a guaranteed price and is likely to change. 

  • The transportation department wants movers to give accurate quotes to residents, but that doesn't always happen. 

Binding Estimates 

  • A binding estimate is a flat rate; if you have a flat rate, the movers cannot legally charge you extra. 

  • If you don't share your complete inventory, your California movers can discuss and change the price of your move. 

  • As a customer, you must ensure your inventory list is correct when discussing a fixed price. 

Best movers in California

We Are One Of The Best Movers in California 

American National Movers dedicates itself to providing people with reliable moving services across the United States. 

Whether you have a local move or you are moving from California to Texas. American National Movers will ensure that your move is stress-free.

Take this article as a testament to our transparency and commitment to building trust. With moving trucks in every state, our movers in California can do any type of move.

Regardless of your moving budget, we can negotiate a deal that works with your wants and needs. 

Contact American National Movers today for a free quote, and let us be your peace of mind: 1-800-245-7967. 

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