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Long Distance Movers California 

Cross country and long distance moving companies in California are expensive. That's why American National Movers offers affordable yet professional moving as an added incentive to hiring us. We can discount our rates for long distance moves if you are moving to another state or within California. Our nationwide moving coverage allows us to provide this benefit.

Photo of smiling truck driver in California  entering his semi truck long vehicle.

Costs For Local & Long Distance Movers California

Prices vary, and it's important to know that the cost of your move greatly affects your overall moving experience:


Local Moves: According to consumer quotes, movers within California average $1800. Moving a short distance will cost at least $1500 for California professional movers, even for a small move.


State to State Moves: On average, professional long distance movers in California charge $5,000 to $8,000. Prices for an interstate move in California vary based on the weight and distance of your relocation.


Cross Country Moves: Because of the distance involved, cross country movers in California are the most expensive in the industry on average. Expect to pay a minimum of $5,700 and a maximum of $12,000.


Please note that additional charges for services not included in your original written proposal may apply.




Tips For The Best California Moving Experience

The anxiety of finding a cheaper and reliable long distance moving company in California is real. We understand your budget and your concerns. Here are the best practices you can take for the best moving experience:



Understand what you're being charged for and how your movers determined that price. People often feel misled by how Californian long distance movers calculate costs. So, ask questions and understand your surcharges before signing a contract.


Packing Services: 

California packers and movers can package artwork, glassware, linen, and TVs. However, the cost to package and handle fragile items will increase your moving costs. If you're moving on a budget, consider packing your things to keep your costs down.



Some long distance moving companies in California take about 14 days to deliver your items. This is because some movers share your truck with other loads. If you're not okay with this, ask for a dedicated truck and a guaranteed delivery date.



Legitimate moving companies are registered with the Department of Transportation. Protect your move and check for complaints registered against the Californian moving company here.



Large moving companies are generally more expensive than smaller independent long distance moving companies. For the lowest price, consider hiring a family-owned carrier or an independent California long distance mover.



You don't need the largest moving company in California for a good experience, but read their reviews. Weed out the movers with an overwhelming number of negative reviews. Researching the business before hiring them can avoid a bad experience. 



No moving company can guarantee a damage-free relocation (especially for long distance moves), no matter which California movers you choose. Consider getting full coverage to protect your items from damage in transit. 




Long Distance Moving Expenses California

Why is long-distance moving in California so expensive? State to state relocations are more expensive because fuel and labor costs are higher when the haul exceeds 400 miles.


Here's a breakdown of average moving expenses based on mileage within California:


  • 100 to 400 miles (e.g., Los Angeles to San Francisco): $3,000.00


  • California to Texas: ~$5,700 (This cost is an estimate and may vary depending on the weight of your items.


  • California to Arizona: ~$3,500 (Cheaper price because it's is a shorter distance compared to movers from California to Texas.


  • California to Florida: ~$5,500 (This is another popular destination from California, and the average cost reflects the longer distance.)


Understanding the average moving costs can help you budget for your move. Your final price may vary depending on any additional packing services required and the weight of your items.




Most Cost-Effective Way to Move Furniture From California

Many people in California are unhappy with the price of short and long distance moves. They want a price that fits their needs and budget better.

Here are the most cost-effective ways to relocate furniture:


Affordable Movers:

 Look for Californian moving companies that offer budget friendly moving services. There are several companies to get quotes from, and some are willing to negotiate to win your business.



If you're on a tight budget and want a trustworthy, affordable moving option for a state to state move, contact PODS. With PODS, you pack and load your items before a driver arrives to relocate your belongings.


Small Movers:

Independent long distance movers in California are cheaper than major brands because they have lower overhead



Renting a truck is one of the cheapest moving options, but it may not be practical for seniors or busy professionals.

California Moving Company Reviews 

Hiring a reliable moving company to relocate your valuable possessions is important. At American National Movers, we commit to earning your trust through our strong online reputation.


  • The top California moving companies sometimes receive bad reviews. However, American National Movers stands out with a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and Google


  • The best-moving companies in California may be more expensive, so don't expect the lowest price if you want professional movers. 


  • Several California movers claim to be the best, but it's important to read online reviews to verify their credibility. 

Best California Movers For Long Distance Moves 

We would love for you to hire us for your relocating, but to be fair, here are the three best California Long Distance movers:


Bellhop: Bellhop Movers is a reputable California moving company that has been in business for 13 years. An out-of-state move with Bellhop will average $7,000.


Allied: Allied has been in business for 95 years and is an affordable state moving company in California. Allied's average long distance moving costs are $4,000 for small moves and $9,000 for heavy shipments.


North Star MoversFounded in 1994, North Star has completed thousands of long-distance moves to and from California. However, North Star is one of the most expensive options, with an average cost of $8,000 for out-of-state moves.




Your Trusted Long Distance Movers in California 

-At American National Movers, our local and long distance moving services are reliable and cost effective. We are dedicated to providing professional moving services in California at a reasonable rate. 


-Whether you're moving within California or to another state, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our experienced team can handle all your moving needs, guaranteeing your belongings safe and efficient transportation.

-For personalized moving solutions that cater to your specific needs and budget, contact American National Movers at 1800-245-7967.

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