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Are you searching for reliable and cost-effective long-distance movers in California? Look no further—American National Movers is a professional moving company with good reviews.

Pro Tip:


Your long-distance movers are not just about cost, it's about the value your California movers provide.


Don't be afraid to invest in professional moving services, some of the better experiences come from spending money. 

Flat Rate Long Distance Movers

Contact us for a moving estimate and let us know your requirements. Unlike many other California long distance movers, we guarantee your moving costs—no last-minute price changes.

This sets us apart in an industry where transparent pricing is often lacking.

Affordable Exclusive Moving Truck

Some people turn to share load moving companies because a exlusive truck are too expensive for the average consumer.

But heres how we do it:

American National Movers operates in multiple states, allowing us to offer affordable exclusive trucks for your move.

Expidited Delivery

Just because our moving services are affordable does not mean our long distance movers in California lack in quality. Our national movers can deliver your furniture within 3 to 5 days.

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Cross Country Movers California 

Moving across country can be expensive because of the distance of your move. But our cross country movers in California have a average cost of $5,000.00.

Areas We Serve

As a national moving company, we are in all of California. So, if you need long distance movers in the Bay Area like San Francisco or Los Angeles, we got you covered. 

Here is a list of our locations in California:

When people need movers in California, they go on Google and type " affordable long-distance movers" or "best long-distance movers."


Did you know that the best long-distance movers in California come from national moving companies?


Think about it, a national moving company offers more reliable and affordable moving services because they have more trucks and resources.


We only do long distance moves and the more you do something the better you are at it (practice makes perfect.)

Affordable Moving Options in California 

Consumers in California are moving to more affordable states like Oregon, Texas, and Tennessee.

The main reason people are leaving California is the customer's budget. Therefore, the last thing people want to do is spend upwards of $10,000.00 Long distance movers in California.

CEO of American National Movers says:

"Hiring expensive movers defeats the purpose of moving to an affordable state to save money. People need affordable moving services in 2023, and that's how our brand will grow."

Happy Young Couple Moving Into New Apartment, Carrying Cardboard Boxes with Stuff and Pose

National Moving Services 

Don't overpay for moving services in California. American National Movers holds the #1 rating as the most cost-effective long-distance moving company in California.


With us, you can work with a budget-friendly California moving company without worrying about hidden fees and scams.

Imagine storage options in every state, now that's luxury. With American National Movers you get national moving and storage at a lower price.

If you're moving on a tight budget in California, we understand. Use our shared load-moving services so that you can move between states at a cheaper cost. 

Imagine storage options in every state, now that's luxury. With American National Movers you get national moving and storage at a lower price.

If you're moving on a tight budget in California, we understand. Use our shared load-moving services so that you can move between states at a cheaper cost. 

Our seniors already played their role in life. This is why American National Movers offers 35% off on all long-distance movers for seniors. Enjoy your discounts!

Why Choose American National Movers



Hiring a cheap moving company comes with some risks. But, moving with a nationwide company is affordable and they can reduce costs while ensuring a positive moving experience.


Having to pay $10,000.00 to move a 1-3 bedroom between states is unreasonable. Our national movers are here to reduce those costs, so you're not overpaying for long-distance movers in California. 


Many professional movers charge a lot of money for their moving services it's not affordable for many people. - That's why American National Movers is a reliable long distance moving company for consumers in California

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Where Are Californians Moving To? 

40% of Californians want to move to cheaper states and our affordable California movers are here to assist. according to ABC7: "In the span of two years, California's population has dropped by more than half a million people." Why? Simple answer, COVID-19. People need affordable housing options, affordable moving options, and a lower cost of living, that's the bottom line. 

PODS says Californians are moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and warm South for scenery and weather. Dallas, Nashville, Portland, Seattle, and Boise are the most popular cities for people leaving California.

How Much Do Long-Distance Movers Cost in California?

The average cost to hire long-distance movers in CA is from $5,000.00 to $7,000.00. Remember, these are just average costs for long-distance moving companies.


The total cost depends on the company, distance, and the amount of furniture you have. Hiring American National Movers in CA will lower your long-distance moving expenses compared to other long distance movers. 

What is The Cheapest Way to Move out of California?

The best way to leave California is by using movers who share the load with others going the same way. If you prefer not to share a load, try contacting smaller long-distance moving companies with good reviews. Smaller companies cost less than larger brands.


How Much Does it Cost to Move From New York to California?​

Individuals who used American National Movers reported paying an average of $4,500.00 to ship their furniture from New York to California.


National moving companies, like American National Movers, are cheaper than state-to-state movers as they don't charge for unnecessary mileage. After all, national movers have locations in almost every state (They're local.)


Why are Long-Distance Movers so Expensive in California?

Almost everything is expensive in California, including long-distance movers, which is one of the primary reasons people leave. Some long-distance moving companies are more expensive than others.​

However, here are some reasons long-distance movers can be pricey:


  1. State you live in: The state you live in plays a role in the cost of your movers. In an expensive state like California, you can expect your moving services to be pricey.

  2. shipping anything over 700 miles is far and your long-distance movers will charge you for it. (Diesel is expensive in California)

  3. Your furniture amount - If you hire movers to provide full packing services, your movers may cost more. If you are moving on a budget, consider packing some items yourself for a lower cost on your move.

  4. The Movers You Hire - Some long-distance movers in California charge more money than others. Long distance moving companies have different price structures and some movers are cheaper. If you hire the wrong long-distance moving company, you can spend a lot more money than you need to.


How much does it cost to move furniture to Texas from California?

Many Americans tired of California's high living costs want to move to a cheaper state, such as Texas.


The cost to move from California to Texas can range anywhere between $2,000.00 to $7,000.00.


To save money on moving between states, sell some of your furniture and do the packing yourself. Only take what you need because long-distance movers calculate costs by the amount of furniture you have.


Simply put, the more labor required of your movers, the more expensive your California movers will be.


Who is the Cheapest Long-Distance Moving Company in California?

American National Movers is a cheap option for long-distance moves in California. They have many warehouses and movers all over the country to make your move more efficient and cost-effective. Our movers are affordable but we do not compromise on quality.


What is the Cheapest Time of the Year to Move Long-Distance in California?

Moving long-distance in California is cheapest from October to April, which is the off-peak season for moving. During these months, demand for state-to-state movers is lower, and long-distance moving companies often offer more competitive rates.


Weekdays and the middle of the month are cheaper times to hire movers since it's less busy. The start and end of the month, as well as weekends, are busier because of lease changes and personal preferences. But it's smart to contact long-distance movers directly for the most accurate pricing information.


If you are moving on a tight budget and have limited options, contact 1800-245-7967 for assistance

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