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Affordable California Movers | Californian Moving Company

American National Movers is a professional moving company in California, and our relocation costs are fair and reasonable.

California Moving Company
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California Movers Reviews

No Californian moving company is perfect, but at American National Movers we strive for excellence. If anything goes wrong during your local or interstate shipment, we make it right.

- Finding an affordable movers in California might seem challenging, but our 4.7-star California review rating on TrustPilot speaks volumes.


- We understand the importance of being able to trust your California moving company. That's why we have verified our listing on Google, further establishing our reliability.

-​Follow us on Facebook and see how we relocate customers across the United States from and to California. 

Professional Movers California

 It would help if you aimed to hire California professional movers; the safety of your furniture is worth more than saving money. While saving money is important, hiring professional California movers is more crucial than the total cost. With us, you can expect a reliable moving services at a fair price that is hard to refuse.

Our professional Californian moving company has a license and insurance to haul local and interstate moves. A DOT number assures you that legitimate California movers are relocating your items. 

Movers And Packers California 

We don't just put a blanket on your furniture and load it on a moving truck. Our packers and movers movers in California professionally package and handle your household goods with the utmost care. 

Our Californian moving company trains its staff to pack and move fragile items, antiques, pianos, fine art, and more. We don't just package your valuable possessions in a box; we have high-quality packing materials, including custom crate

Investing in packing services to cover your items from breakage is wise. If you pack your belongings yourself and something breaks, the California movers will not be responsible for the damage. 

Three Men And A Truck Movers  

Moving between houses is thrilling, but hiring a California company can be costly. That's why we offer a service with three men and a truck to keep your costs down. Our affordable moving services include three guys, a 26-foot truck, loading and unloading, California packers, and movers.


If you're moving from a 1 to 2-bedroom house, you qualify for our three-person one-truck moving service. Instate and out-of-state relocations qualify for our three men and truck movers if the load is small. 

Interstate Movers California 

Interstate moving companies in California are licensed relocation professionals. Some people refer to interstate movers as long distance moving or state to state movers in California. The process usually involves moving furniture long distances, often to a different state. 

What We Consider A Long Distance Move

  • Household goods relocating upwards of 400 miles is a long distance move. Moving long distance can be an intrastate or interstate move from California. 

  • In California, our prices for moving long distances range from $3,500 for a small move to $6,000 for a 26-foot truck. Please note that the time of year you decide to move also affects your moving costs. 

  • Our California movers have several moving options to cater to your needs and budget for local and long distance moves.  

Cheaper Better Californian Moving Company 

Moving businesses in the Golden State are asking for a lot of money for their services. Californian moving companies charge up to $2,000 for small moves, even if they are just a few blocks away. 

That's why American National Movers is among the best moving companies in California. Our movers are professional, and we don't charge too much for our services. 

Contact one of our relocation specialists and get a free, no-obligation quote today. 


Top Moving Companies in California?

Meat Head Moving Company, Allied, North Star, and American National Movers are the best Californian moving companies near you. 

Please note that California's top local and long distance movers have higher moving costs. But that's okay—often, it's best to pay the extra money to a professional moving service. 

Do California Movers Need A License to Operate?

According to the Bureau of Household Goods, Californian moving companies need a household mover permit to relocate household goods within California. 

Average Cost of A Californian Moving Company?

The cost of California movers will vary based on the distance and weight of your household goods. However, expect to pay an average cost of $1500 for a local move and $4,000 for a long distance move. 

What's The Average Cost to Move From California to Florida?

Hiring professional movers to move you from California to Florida is expensive because it's a cross country relocation. Moving from California to Florida can cost around $4,000 for a small move and $6,500 for a heavier shipment. 

How Much Should You Save For Moving Costs in California?

Local moves: California movers charge an average cost of $1500 for small moves for hauls within the state. If you have a lot of stuff, save at least $5,000 to hire a Californian moving company comfortably. 


Long Distance Moves: Saving $8,000 for an out of state move is a good number. With that amount, you can cover the expense of your long distance movers in California and any other miscellaneous expenses. 

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