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packing services for a long distance move

Our Long Distance Moving Costs Are Similiar to U-Haul

Is it Cheaper to Rent Uhaul or Hire Movers?

long distance movers and packers

Renting a Uhaul for a long move is affordable but it's not as cheap as it may seem. The cost of fuel, labor, and materials can add $2,000 to your moving costs making it similar to the price of some companies.

Pro Tip:

Major vanlines like Two Men And A Truck, Allied, and May Flower will always cost more than renting a truck. However, slightly smaller moving companies offer a much better rate that most people can afford.

The Hidden Costs of DIY Moving

While DIY options like U-Haul seem a lot cheaper, hidden expenses often add quickly. For example, fuel costs can skyrocket, especially for cross-country moves.

Additionally, packing, loading, and unloading take time and can cause injuries or damage to your belongings. The truck rental, purchasing materials, and motel stays will also add to the costs of a DIY move.

American National Movers vs. DIY Options

Here’s a breakdown comparing the costs and services of American National Movers with DIY options:


  • American National Movers: Our moving services include professional packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. We also handle disassembly and reassembly of furniture. Our average cost is around $4,000, which covers all these services without hidden fees.

  • DIY Moving: The rental fee is lower at around $3,300 sometimes more for larger hauls. However, once you add other DIY expenses the costs are comparable.

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Move Better Move Cheaper

Most people moving far away immediately consider a moving company. The problem is haulers that provide these services are too expensive for the average American.​ When shopping around for the best deal you would get a wide spread of quotes ranging from cheap to as high as $15,000. It's not exactly reasonable to front that much cash for labor,  we understand.


​That's where American National Movers comes into play. We provide high-quality services for long distance and interstate moves at a reasonable price tag.​ Now, I'm not saying it would cost you as little as $2,000 to move to another state: you can't even get that at U-Haul. However, our costs are competitive and are similar to the price of a truck rental.

Affordable Moving Services

Moving long distances is not easy. Most people dont own a truck and dont have the experience to pack and move without professional help.

Professional moving companies provide you with the convenience many people need to have a positive relocation experience.

Many people prefer movers, especially older adults and busy professionals, but some still choose to use U-Haul. But why?

The Problem?

DIY options like U-Hual, PODS, and U-Pack are popular because many reliable companies overcharge for their services. People prefer to do some of the work themselves to avoid long distance moving companies with quotes that are too expensive.


Sure, some movers might offer the cheapest rate but is it a company that you trust with your furniture? Sometimes the businesses that are cheaper have some of the worst reviews.

That's Why We're Here

If you have $5,000 saved, you can hire a reliable cost-effective moving option. Contrary to what other people discuss online, not every company is expensive for out-of-state moves.

For Example:

American National Movers is gaining a reputation as one of the most reasonably priced moving companies in the U.S.

We aim to provide moving services at rates comparable to U-Haul. 

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The Most Affordable Long Distance Movers

 What most don't know yet is that American National Movers is a viable and competitive alternative. Our average cost for a long-distance move is around $4,000, compared to U-Haul's $3,300.

Is Hiring Professional Movers Worth It?

Those who say hiring full service moving companies isn't worth it are likely on a tight budget. If you can afford it, investing in movers for convenience and time savings is advisable. The moving industry is in high demand, and most people prefer professional movers, especially when the price is reasonable.

Why Choose American National Movers

1. Hire Movers And Save Money

Not everyone can say they saved money by hiring a moving company but we're 35% cheaper than most long haulers.


2. Long Distance Movers And Packers

We do everything: loading, unloading, disassembly, reassembly, packing and unpacking. When you hire professionals, you can expect a full white glove door to door moving service.


3. National Moving Company

National moving companies are more experienced with out of state moves because we prioritize it and do it more. We also have several options you can choose from to cater to your needs and budget.


4. Binding Estimate

What you see is what you pay, no questions asked. We provide you with a flat rate on your move so you don't have to worry about extra charges.


5. Good Customer Service Reviews

Aside from saving money, another important factor when hiring movers is reputation. What good is a cheaper option if they aren't reliable? Dont worry. American National Movers has good reviews.


6. Expedited Delivery Services

cheaper rates, quicker delivery, professional movers, good reviews, what else do you need in a long distance moving company?


7. National Moving and Storage

When you need movers and storage, the good thing is, that moving companies like ours provide a free month of storage for hiring us. 


8. Licensed And Insured

When you hire licensed and insured haulers, they take care of your belongings. Our responsibility is to ensure your belongings reach your new home safely.


Moving truck moving from state to state

Movers or U-Haul

Uhaul is great for small moves with a few items going a shorter distance. Otherwise, you're better off hiring American National Movers. We created our brand to give everyone a chance to afford professional movers.

Prefer Movers Over U-Haul But on a Budget?

Consider these options:


Shared Load Moving Companies

Let's face it, if you're considering a truck rental, it's because you haven't found a company with a price that's feasible. Well, there's a shared load-moving option that can be just as cheap as U-Haul. We put your things in a shared truck, add insurance, and will arrive in a week.


Smaller Moving Companies

As mentioned before, Major Van Lines cost more. To avoid this, work with smaller moving companies. We're affordable because of lower overhead, we do this so that we can do moves fast and effectively.


State to State Movers

State to state movers specialize in long hauls, making them your ideal choice for relocating across state lines. We focus on long-distance moving and offer savings compared to short-distance movers.

Moving companies that specialize in short distances charge higher rates for long-distance moves. This is because they have limited resources for out-of-state relocations.

Reasonable Movers Reliable Services

Moving too cheap often stems from shady companies that partake in deceptive business practices. That's why I created American National Movers, our prices are fair and upfront. We focus on long-term success and that starts by ensuring your customer satisfaction.

You can contact us 7 days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern Standard Time for a free moving quote at 1800-245-7967 EXT 0.

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