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Affordable Salt Lake City Long Distance Movers Utah

American National Movers stands out as a leading affordable nationwide long distance moving company that prioritizes your needs. We recognize that moving can be expensive and emotionally draining. That's why we offer affordable and reliable long-distance moving services across Utah, including Salt Lake City, Provo-Orem, and beyond.

In Utah, consumers' primary concerns are budget-friendly options and finding the best long distance movers. At American National Movers, we are not just a cheaper moving company in Utah. But a partner committed to meeting your out of state moving needs in a reliable and satisfactory manner.


The Cost Of Long Distance Movers in Utah Matters

People who moved out of state and hired a moving company before know hiring the cheapest long distance movers in Utah isn't worth it. When you hire a cheap moving company in Utah, you often sacrifice peace of Mind.

- Cheap moving options in Utah often come with damaged furniture, and pickup and delivery delays. This could cost you more stress and money down the line. We're not saying you have to spend a fortune. But unless you have a small move, hiring long-distance movers in Utah for less than $5,000 is generally not advisable. 

-While it's true that some moving companies in Utah can be expensive. Hiring the best long-distance movers in Salt Lake City or Provo-Orem requires a reasonable investment. However, you can still find affordable moving companies in Utah. The key is to thoroughly vet your Utah long distance movers to ensure their legitimacy and quality of service.

American National Movers: Your Utah Long Distance Movers

  • Utah has moving companies, but they don't have enough good, affordable ones. That's where American National Movers comes in: our prices are reasonable, and our moving crews are professional.

  • Whether moving from Layton, Logan, SLC, or St George, Utah, our long distance movers are available and reliable.

  • In Utah, our American National movers move you out of state at a reasonable price and quicker delivery. Our moving costs in Utah are 20% cheaper than those of other long-distance moving companies - without the lack of quality.

Factors Affecting Long Distance Moving Costs in Utah

Long distance moving companies in Salt Lake City, Provo-Orem, and nearby Utah areas calculate costs based on the size of your shipment. For instance, if you're moving from a 3-4 bedroom home in UT, you can expect to pay an average cost of $6,500 for a long-distance move.

Paying a moving company thousands for an out of state move from Utah is a tough pill to swallow. Here is why the costs for a long distance move are higher:

  • Distance: Long moves from Utah require a lot of travel time. This increases labor costs as the driver and helpers get paid daily—regardless of the number of hours worked.

  • Fuel: A long distance move from Utah to Florida is much different than a move within the same state. Fuel costs can range from $500 to $1500, depending on the distance of your long move.

  • Delivery Expectations: Some people want to hire their long distance movers in Salt Lake City or Provo-Orem and want their items delivered quickly. If you need your items delivered quickly or by a specific date, the moving service cost will be higher. This is especially true for long-distance deliveries.

  • Storage: At times, our Utah long distance movers might deliver quicker than a person wants. Other times, people request storage for 7 to 60 days. Long term moving and storage services in Utah charges range from $200 to $700 per month.

  • Service States: Utah, North Dakota, Denver, and Idaho have limited labor. This significantly increases your long distance moving costs, as movers' costs also depend on supply and demand.

Average Cost Of Long Distance Movers From Utah

Here are the average costs of long distance movers based on popular moves in states:

Moving From Utah to California:

The average cost to move from Utah to California with American National Movers is $5,700. The size of your move and the time of year you're relocating can increase or decrease your costs.

Moving From Utah to Florida

If you have a small long distance move, you can move from Utah to Florida for as little as $4,000. However, larger shipments from Utah to Florida have an average cost of $6,500.

Moving From Utah To Texas

A popular long distance route from UT to TX with an average cost of $6,500. This move is approximately 1000 miles, increasing overall costs due to operational expenses.

American National Movers: Long Distance Moving & Out Of State Solution in Utah

We are a top long distance moving company in Utah that offers affordable services. Our reviews show that you can trust us. Choose American National Movers and work with trustworthy long distance movers in Utah at a fair price.

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