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Best Budget Friendly Long Distance Movers Dallas, TX

American National Mover stands out as a reliable and affordable long distance moving company in Dallas. We specialize in relocating furniture across state lines at a price within your budget. We're not advocating being the cheapest long distance movers servicing Dallas, but our prices are reasonable.

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Affordable & Reliable Long Distance Moving in Dallas  

At American National Movers, our ideal client is a budget-conscious consumer who values quality and reliable moving services. We understand that if we were to offer a long-distance moving cost that is too cheap in Dallas, we would not be able to maintain the high level of reliability that our clients expect from us. 

How Much Do Our Long Distance Movers Cost in Dallas? 

Our prices are not exactly cheap, but we're considered affordable for many seeking state-to-state moving services. We want to earn your business, but not if it involves a budget of less than $3,800 for smaller long distance loads and $6,000 for larger moves. At times, we may negotiate if we have a truck already heading toward the state you are moving to from Dallas. 

Here is a mention of our average cost of long distance movers from Dallas in some of the popular move-in states from Texas: 

Best Moving Companies in Dallas For Long Distance Moves

North American Van Lines, Two Men & A Truck, and Black Tie Moving are among Dallas's better long distance moving companies. However, they are also costly because of their limited availability. If you are moving on a budget, consider a reliable mid-sized brand such as Bellhop and American National Movers

Here's what you can expect to pay if you contact one of the moving companies in Dallas mentioned above: 

Key Considerations:

  • Prices are estimates and may vary based on long move size, distance, and additional services.

  • Large national van lines may be more expensive but offer a wider range of services and a reputation for reliability.

Why Is Long Distance Moving So Expensive In Dallas?

The term "expensive" depends on the consumer's needs and budget. However, moving long distances is expensive because of operational expenses such as fuel, labor, insurance, and the materials needed to pack your furniture to prevent damage. 

See the chart below for the long distance moving costs involved with relocating from Dallas, Texas:

Description Of the Estimated Costs Mentioned In The Chart Above 

  • Minimum Cost: This is the starting price for a long distance move from Dallas, covering basic labor, transportation, and fuel for a small move (studio or one-bedroom apartment).

  • Additional Costs: These are estimated ranges for packing materials (boxes, tape, etc.) and can vary depending on the size of your long distance move in Dallas. Packing services are optional and would be an additional expense.

  • Notes: These notes explain the distance, move size, and additional services that can influence the final cost of your move.

  • Remember: These are just estimates. The cost of your long distance move from Dallas will depend on your specific needs and the moving company you choose. We highly recommend getting a personalized quote from American National Movers for an accurate move price.

Long Distance Moving Tips in Dallas

Finding a cost-effective way to move furniture out of the Lone Star State, Texas, is overwhelming. We understand your budget and concerns. Here are some tips you can use to keep your long distance moving costs down:



  • While saving money might influence your choice of Dallas long distance movers, remember that you get what you pay for. Try not to prioritize budget as this will affect the overall quality of your moving service.




Packing Services:

  • American National Movers can pack and move your fragile items and artwork in Texas. However, this will add between $500 and $2,000 to your long distance moving expenses. If you're moving on a tight budget, consider packing your items for a cheaper price.




  • When hiring long distance movers in Dallas, don't just shop price. Instead, vet your moving company and ensure they can provide a reliable moving experience. The best long distance moving companies in Dallas are usually more expensive, but if your budget allows it, it's worth it.




  • Even if you hire the best mover in Dallas when moving long distances, damage can happen. That's why it's important to consider purchasing full coverage. Otherwise, you're stuck with 60 cents per pound, which is insufficient.




  • Your long distance moving costs in Dallas are based on availability. If your mover has a full schedule, specifically in the summer, expect to pay a premium rate. To remedy this problem, consider contacting a family-owned business or a smaller moving company.

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