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 Affordable Interstate & Long Distance Movers Bay Area

People in the Bay Area need advice on the best long distance moving companies. They are unsure which option to choose. 


People are struggling to pick the best long distance movers in the Bay Area. This is because of conflicting reviews and prices. The variety of opinions and costs make the decision difficult. 


At American National Movers, we are among California's best companies at affordable prices. However, we did some research to help you find the best movers for your needs and budget. 

Affordable Movers Bay Area 

Affordable moving in the Bay area exists, but make sure they are reliable movers before hiring them. The fuel, professional movers, and packing services are reasonably expensive. You may be able to find a cheaper long distance moving company in the Bay Area, but within reason. 

If your main concern is hiring professional movers in California, try not to focus too much on the cost. The best company for moving interstate or long distance in the Bay Area depends on the individual. However, when choosing a company, focus on quality over a cheaper price to ensure a stress-free move. 

Best Bay Area Long Distance Movers 

  1. North Star Movers

  • North Star moving has been in the long distance moving industry for 30 years. They successfully relocate 8000 residents to a new state each year. 



  • $9,000 to relocate from the Bay Area to Florida is expensive. However, a cross-country move has a higher fuel surcharge. Additionally, North Star Movers is a larger brand, and they charge premium moving rates. 

   2. American National Movers 


  • American National Movers has an average cost of $3,000 to haul a one-bedroom 400 miles away. 


  • American National Movers quoted $6,500 to move 7000 pounds of household goods from California to Florida. 


  • American National Movers is a medium-sized moving company. They offer dependable and budget-friendly long-distance moving services from the Bay Area. 


    3. Pure Moving 

People who used Pure Movers in the Bay Area have good things to say about their long distance moving services. However, no one answered the phone when we called, which could be a potential red flag. 


- After 2-hour Pure Moving decided to call us back for an estimate finally:

  • Pure Moving quoted us $9,000 to move 7,000 pounds of furniture from California to Florida. Seven grand to move furniture 900 miles away is expensive. However, like most people say, you get what you pay for.  


  • Although Pure Moving may be slightly expensive, they boast about their expertise and promise a smooth transition. 


  • Before considering Pure Movers, I would ensure they can provide a good customer service experience. As mentioned above, it took them 2-hours to respond to our quote request after missing three phone calls. 

Bay Area inerstate movers, moving a sofa.

Know Your Estimate 

When negotiating with Bay Area long distance movers, please remember that a moving estimate cost can change on move day. A lower price means nothing if the estimate is inaccurate and guaranteed. 

Alternatively, you can use Bay area interstate movers for a flat rate on long distance relocation. A flat rate guarantees you won't incur any hidden fees during relocation. 

Affordable Long Distance Movers 

The best long distance movers in the Bay Area often tell people that their high costs reflect their expertise. But American National Movers proves you can still be cheap and reliable. Our theory makes us a popular choice for moving, with a 97% satisfaction rating.


We are proud to say that we have successfully relocated over 100,000 Americans to a new state. See our ratings on Trustpilot and Google to hear what people say about our services. 


No move is too easy or hard to transport, regardless of the size or distance of your shipment. For large moves, small moves, moving a short distance, or relocating across the country, give us a call for a free quote. 

Our Bay Area  Long Distance Moving Services Include

  • Packing Services Bay Area: We pack and move your furniture and provide loading and unloading as part of our costs. 

  • Storage Services: We offer 30 days of storage free of cost for hiring our Bay Area long distance movers. 

  • Disassembly and Reassembly: As a full service moving company, we disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture. 

  • Expedited Delivery: We do not make any extra stops while transporting your valuable possessions. Our average wait time for delivery is 2 to 3 days for long distance and interstate moves. 

  • Flat Rate Long Distance Movers: We don't charge hidden fees— we prefer good reviews over extra cash. Our long distance movers in the Bay Area provide a flat rate to give you peace of mind. 

Moving and storage trailer with strapped moving blankets and packed boxes on floor_.jpg


Moving doesn't go without questions, especially if you're hiring long distance movers in California for the first time.


​Here are the most frequently asked questions people ask before hiring movers in the Bay Area:

What Do Bay Area Movers Consider Long Distance

Professional long distance movers in the Bay Area consider a haul that exceeds 400 miles a long distance move. However, if you're relocating between states from the Bay Area, the correct term for this is an interstate move. 

Bay Area interstate movers must have a DOT number and insurance to transport household goods to another state. 


The Department of Transportation requires Bay Area interstate movers to obtain a DOT number. Without a DOT number, a moving company cannot cross state lines with household goods. Are your interstate movers in the Bay Area licensed and insured? The FMCSA has created a database of movers here

How Long Distance Movers Calculate Costs 

Quick Answer: We calculate your long distance moving costs based on weight or cubic feet and the distance of your relocation.

  • A Cross country move from California to Florida will be more expensive than relocating from California to Idaho. 


  • The larger the distance of your haul, the more you can expect to pay. Additionally, larger shipments will cost more because of the expenses for additional labor and packing materials. 

Do Long Distance Movers Charge By Weight?

Bay Area interstate and long distance movers can charge by volume or weight. 

Which option is better, weight or cubic feet? 

 Some people find weight better because it's more verifiable through weight tickets. Calculating estimates by weight eliminates the risk of a potential bait-and-switch moving scam. 

Why Is Moving So Expensive in California? 

Living costs in California are rising, along with fuel, labor, and packing material costs. As a result, the cost of moving services is higher than ever. Professional long distance moving companies in the Bay Area charge high rates because of their level of expertise. You may be able to find cheaper moving options like PODS, U-PACK, and U-Haul, but you won't get the same level of service. 


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