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Georgia & Atlanta Long Distance Movers | Affordable Moving

Are you moving long distance from Atlanta? This guide helps you find the perfect out of state and long-distance movers in Georgia for your needs and budget.

How to Find Trustworthy Georgia Long Distance Movers

Before choosing any moving company in Georgia, here's how to ensure your belongings are safe:

  • Reputation: Whether you're moving from Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, never hire long distance movers without reading reviews. Moving companies don't need over 100 reviews to earn trust, but they should have a history of customer satisfaction. 

  • Website: A reliable, long distance Atlanta moving company will have a professional website with photos showing trustworthy services. 

Affordable Out of State Movers Atlanta

Some say that the only good long distance moving companies are larger brands, and smaller movers are not trustworthy. However, this is not true. The truth is, smaller Atlanta movers can be a great option, often offering:

  • Competitive Pricing: Independent carriers and smaller brands are about 30% cheaper than most long distance movers in Atlanta. 

  • Quick delivery: Affordable small moving companies in Atlanta offer flexibility for last-minute moves with faster delivery options. 

Long Distance Moving Recommendations in Atlanta 

The bottom line is moving sucks, and no matter which option you go with, there will always be an element of risk. Here is a list of some reputable long distance moving companies that come highly recommended:

  • Bellhop: This Moving company was founded in 2011. It is not the cheapest long distance movers in Atlanta, but its prices are reasonable. 

  • Two Men And A Truck: These movers have been in business since 198. They offer moderate to high long distance moving costs in Georgia. Two Men and a Truck is a larger brand, and it is best for people who want to work with a larger brand. 

State to State Moving Tips In Georgia 

The overwhelming feeling of finding reliable and affordable long distance moving companies in Atlanta is common. As professional Georgia movers, we understand your exact needs and budget. Here is what to know to ensure the best moving experience in the state of Georgia: 

  • Estimates: Understand how your Georgia long distance movers calculate costs. Is it a guaranteed price or an estimate? Ensure that your movers provide accurate weight or volume when estimating your move.

  • Packing Services Atlanta: People worry about damage when hiring Georgia long distance movers to another state. Consider investing in movers and packers to avoid this. 

  • Insurance: Invest in full coverage if you have high-value items and are concerned about breakage. Packers and movers in Atlanta can offer insurance to protect your items from losing value. 

  • Low Estimates: Dishonest movers may offer a cheaper quote to get your business, then demand much more on moving day. Protect yourself by getting multiple quotes and questioning prices that seem too good to be true.

Moving Out Of State On A Tighter Budget? 

If your budget is under $3,500, full-service movers may not be the best fit

  • PODS: With an average cost of $2,800, PODS is a good cheap long distance moving option in Georgia. However, with PODS, you must pack, load, and unload your household goods. 

  • U-Haul: Renting a truck is cheaper than hiring Atlanta movers for long distance and cross country moves. However, it is not as inexpensive as it used to be because of higher demand and fuel costs. 

  • Sell it: Is it even worth hiring a long distance moving company in Atlanta for tiny moves? Unless your belongings have sentimental value, they are not. Consider selling your things and buying new furniture instead. 

Long Distance Moving Expenses in Atlanta, GA 

Why is long distance moving so expensive? Here is how movers calculate their costs: 

Distance: Moves that exceed 400 miles from Georgia have an average cost of $3,500 because of fuel and travel time costs. 

Volume: For long distance moves, Atlanta and Georgia moving companies calculate costs by the volume or weight of your furniture. The heavier the load, the higher the bill to relocate it. 

Packing Supplies: Full service packers and movers in Atlanta charge additional expenses for packing materials. Investing in full-service packing services is good, but additional costs will apply. 

Availability: Long distance moving companies in Atlanta might be expensive with limited trucks and movers. This is especially true at the end of the month or in the summer months because of higher demand. 

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