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American National Movers has several trucks in Cambria California

Best Long Distance Movers Near Cambria California

Are you searching for top-rated long-distance movers in Cambria, California? American National Movers is a nationwide brand known for its professionalism and long-distance moving resources across the United States.

Top Rated Long Distance Movers in Cambria 

In Cambria, where residents deeply value their possessions, choosing reliable movers is key. Fortunately, American National Movers is a reliable choice for local and long-distance moves within Cambria.

Our Reputation in California Speaks for Itself

Our customer reviews reflect our commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on our high ratings on Trustpilot and Google, setting us apart from other long-distance movers in Cambria. 


Some California moving companies are around to make a quick dollar, but we're here for today and tomorrow. We need your satisfaction for our success. If you're unhappy with our moving services, we refund you for the labor. 

No Hidden Fees

American National Movers is different from other long-distance movers in Cambria. I'm sure you've heard about movers being infamous for hidden fees, but we are honest and upfront about our moving costs.  


Call us at 1-800-245-7967 and ask for a virtual or in-home estimate to get a flat rate on your long-distance move. 

Were Budget Friendly

While our long distance movers near Cambria offer affordable rates, we have a team of professional movers. Customers often find our quotes the most reasonable, but our quality defines us. We're about 20% cheaper than other Californian movers, offering long-distance moving services, yet our service quality remains professional.


However, we don't want others to call us the cheapest option, even though we might be, here is why: 

truckload of furniture long distance moving from Cambria

Invest in The Best Long Distance Move in Cambria 

Although people consider us affordable, we still believe a successful move requires more than a low price. Yes, we are cheaper than some reputable long distance movers near Cambria, but we only compete with legitimate businesses. 


Should another moving company quote you a cheaper price, but they have a lot of negative reviews, we will not compete with their offer. However, if you get a lower price from reliable movers, we will beat their price by 20%. 

Local Long Distance Movers Cambria, CA

The best local long distance movers in Cambria are Meathead Movers and American National Movers. 


Meathead Movers was founded in 1997 and has remained a reliable choice for long-distance moves in Cambria. However, the average cost to move between states is over $7,000 if your mileage exceeds 1,000. 


This is a significant difference from American National Mover's average cost of $4,000 to move furniture out of state. Our brand's founding in 2014 is the only takeaway, so Meathead Movers has been in business longer. 

How To Find The Best Movers Near Cambria

The term "best Cambria movers" depends on your needs and budget. Reputable long distance movers register with the FMCSATo protect your move, put your Cambria, CA, long-distance movers' names in their database to verify insurance. 


Even the most reliable moving company will generate complaints from their previous customers. Unfortunately, moving your furniture out of state comes with risks, but if we make a mistake, we always make it right. 

Best Long Distance Movers in California 

American National Movers is the best option for short-distance relocations and moving to a new state moves. The high cost of moving has people looking for another option, so look no further. Welcome to the best movers for your needs and budget. We aim to provide you with a great moving experience so that we can continue to grow.

Frequently asked questions in regards to long distance movers in Cambria


Moving doesn't go without questions, especially if you're hiring long distance movers in California for the first time.


Here are the most frequently asked questions people ask before hiring long distance movers in California:

Why Do Movers Charge So Much?

There aren't many moving choices in Cambria, CA. According to Yelp, the nearest mover is 18.6 miles away. Fewer moving choices mean fewer options are available, affecting your move's cost. 


Another thing to consider is fuel, packing materials, and the cost of labor, which are all not as cheap as they once were. 

How Much Do Cambria CA Long Distance Movers Cost 

As mentioned before, long distance movers in Cambria have an average cost of $7,000 to move furniture far away. However, American National Movers averages $4,000, a big difference in savings. 


Overall, moving companies have different pricing structures based on the level of service required and availability. For an accurate quote, it is best to contact a local moving company in Cambria. 

Do Long Distance Movers Charge By Weight? 

Long distance movers in Cambria may charge based on weight, making it hard to estimate accurately. Instead, we charge by cubic feet so that we can provide an accurate estimate based on the size of your shipment. 

Do Long Distance Movers Charge By Weight? 

Professional moving companies consider a haul that exceeds 400 miles a long distance move. Small moving companies with limited trucks and movers may consider a haul that exceeds 50 miles a long distance move. So, the answer to this question depends on the company you choose to hire. 

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